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Lil Wayne, Sorry 4 The Wait

There really has been quite a wait. A two-year one, in fact. That’s how long its been since we’ve gotten a full body of work of other worldly flows, creative life threats, inventive pussy-eating tales, and timely sports references from Lil Wayne.

This certainly doesn’t feel like the case. In fact, since the release of Tha Carter III in early June 2008, Lil Wayne has remained unavoidable in both hip-hop and mainstream worlds, and has since seen his popularity snowball, bolstered by appearances as a featured guest on more than a handful of singles. But in that time frame, his only quintessentially Weezy-esque release was No Ceillings, in late 2009. We Are Young Money was a crew compilation, and neither the rock experiment Rebirth nor the guest heavy I Am Not a Human Being were what Wayne enthusiasts were truly looking for. Enter Sorry 4 The Wait, a No Ceilings, Da Drought 3 style hijacking of beats from the current crop of hit-songs, offered with a fresh Young Money Presidential twist.

The project starts off fittingly, with XXL’s July/August cover subject claiming the most recent “it” beat as his own. The opener finds Weezy bullying the popular Mike Will “Tupac Back” instrumental, proclaiming “Tunechi’s Back,” and trying to prove it by delivering boasts like, “Young wild mothafucka, pop you and a pill/Boy, instead of writin’ raps, you should be writing a will.” Listen to any of the dozens of remixes to the original and it’s clear that it’s actually a task for a rapper to churn out something sub-par over the anthemic production. And while Wayne is certainly not lacking, reinforcing this truth, nor is he able to separate himself as the author of the song’s ultimate remix.

Later, Weezy F’s “Gucci Gucci” is a superior take on Kreayshawn’s surprising original. And in a matter of just a few bars, he sums up the majority of subjects he broaches on Sorry 4 The Wait: “My life is a movie, I got a leading lady/My rooftop drop back like Tom Brady/I got the world in my hands/Skateboard and my Vans/And all my boys stay strapped like we live in Iran.” And there you have it. Women, guns, sports and Wayne being the shit. Add in some partying, and you’re good to go.

And herein lies the primary issue with the mixtape: at times, it gets boring. It’s much of what we’ve come to expect from Mr. Long Hair Don’t Care, in its disjointed, stream-of-consciousness style content and industry favorite beat selection, but it’s just a bit unmoving this time around, as compared to second cousins No Ceilings or Da Drought 3.

That said, most cuts are in fact stellar, and there are limited complete misses on the release. “Marvin’s Room” seems like a failed attempt at recreating the success of “Single.” Couple that with the fact that the versions that have been done already are so strong—from Drake to Chris Brown to JoJo—and the shortcomings of Wayne’s attempt are accentuated. Later, Lil B’s off-kilter flow is particularly unacceptable on an otherwise superb “Grove St. Party.”

On the opposite end of the spectrum, mixtape standouts are the slow-building title track, “Sorry 4 The Wait,” and the ominous “Rollin,” on which Weezy flaunts the breadth of his abilities, from his uncanny capacity to ride a beat to his inspired and energetic approach on a track. This is when rap’s biggest rock star is at his finest: dismantling aggressive beats with purpose and flair. The majority of Sorry 4 The Wait reinforces that he’s still capable of doing this, even if it doesn’t exactly live up to classic mixtapes in his catalog. The wait for expected opus Tha Carter IV is still on, but it’ll be a bit easier to pass the time thanks to Sorry 4 The Wait. —Adam Fleischer

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  • Will

    do yins ever take the time to actualy listen to what the fuck your rating about? this shit is pure trash and so are the ratings yins hand out anymore. I bet all of you are wayne dick riders so of course your gonna give him a XL, the dude is garbage anymore and needs to retire the mic… along with the people who give out the rating in your headquarters

    • juice


    • Rap Fan

      Man, I gotta agree with that.

    • Chris

      Yaa’ll Talk reckless, yall aint makin money like wayne and workin as hard as him so stfu and enjoy the fucking music if you dont like what he’s puttin go elsewhere

  • jfl11

    Man this got an XL? I think it’s a pretty safe bet to assume Carter IV is going to get an XL as well because well let’s face it XL is like the generic rating for any album that comes out that is halfway decent. So it looks like both his weak thrown together mixtape will recieve the same grade as his album, struggling to find the sense in that.

  • jimmmyjam

    i believe carter 4 will defe deserve an xl ating, but from a wyane fan this mixtape was fucking wack. even lyrically for wayne it was below par, and his choice of beats just kiled it, rolling in the deep was good and maybe marvins room but thts it. this was a thrown together thing and honestly dnt dseserve xl, i think its safe to say tht ur scared to give the bigger artists bad reviews.

    • getpayed

      so true

  • jimmmyjam

    i honestly think it was his choice of beats tht killed itmost.

  • Royce59SIC

    so Hell: the sequel and this both get an XL for lyrics… there is no way in hell this BS is on the same level lyrically as Bad Meets Evil and this should have an S for originality cuz its exactly the same subject matters nd ideas that waynes been bringin the last 5 years nd its all on overplayed beats that no1 really cares bout no more this deserves a M if u wanna be generous maybe a L… nd why is a 12 track mixtape the longest review ive seen on here recently? yall must be on waynes dick hardbody cuz thats the only reason i can think of as to why this would get such a long article nd a rating it really doesnt deserve

    • jfl11

      cosign all day fam, and I don’t even dig the Bad Meets Evil that much.

    • heep hop


  • jimmmyjam

    honestly man the amount of em dickriders on this site are ridiculous, hell the sequel wasnt even tht good lyrically or musically. em flows the same on every fuckin song now just cos he rhymes fast and ses multis and internal rhymes doesnt mean hes some kind of genious, lyrics are about what u say and as far as tht oes both this mixtape and tht ep served the same purpose, PUNCHLINEs. and as far as tht goes both were fine. em and royce had as many bad punchlines as wayne did.

    • http://xxl.com HipHop

      if u sayin bad meets evil was not good lyrically datz just plain up dumb datz shit was way better den diz piece of shit and wayne had recycled and weak punchlines atleast em and royce came with some good ones and naw im not dickriding datz just the truth plus dey wer jus having fun wayne knew he was gunna release bullshit

    • fuck xxl

      Have you even listened to recovery or hell: the sequel or any of eminem’s newest stuff cuz i’ve listened to all of it and he manages to have practically a different flow on each one, maybe one or two are the same out of his last like 30 songs. Eminem is a fucking lyrical god, his punchlines hit hard, make you laugh, make points, eminem actually manages to tell stories unlike wayne truely did on at all on this mixtape, wayne has been shit for a while now, no ceilings was hot, pretty much everything after was wack, he isnt even trying anymore cuz of people who dont respect good hip hop and good lyrics. Im not trying to sound like an eminem dick rider, but his shit is hot, even on eminem’s so-so songs, he manages to kill other artists in the game, start dissing eminem or start dick-riding the current wayne and your opinion in hip-hop becomes irrelevant, sorry

  • jimmmyjam

    and again if xxl is on anyone dick its ems, theyve been riding his dick for years anbd every rapper says the same thing all the fucking time no ones original by there own standards so thts bultoo

    • bobclap

      are u stupid eminem is a living legend in rap and hip hop your opinion is worth shit u bitch lil w is shit and hell was like the shitthe way they spit is on real jave u herd fast lane thats all i have to say

  • fuckyall

    get that random axe sean p kills that shit. and simpson anit bad either . o yea as always FUCK WAYNE AND DRINKS ON ME IF THIS PICE SHIT EVER DIES PEACE


    XXL just lost all credibility. U give Kool G Rap an L, and u give this horrible, gay, dumb ass, waste of wax mixtape an XL? UR A FUCKEN IDIOT EDITOR!!!

  • Steve

    This tape was not not great. For two reasons:

    1. The beats were… straight whack.

    2. The tracklist was abnormally short.

    Boss Of All Bosses 3 is dropping soon so real Hip-Hop still has a chance.


  • swype-matic

    No way in hell should any Lil’ Wayne affiliated tracks deserve anything above an L. Shitty mainstream beats + random lyrics w/ a shitty delivery/flow = XL????? You gotta be kiddin me

  • stephen`


  • kelvin kulta kandyboy

    yeh we all waitin for the mixtape

  • check it

    this is definitely not an XL. Maybe an L at best. Check out what I had to say about this tape.


  • Stranger

    ok listenin to this entire album had me..to say confused would be an understatement…I am in no way shape or form gonna Say “this was super dope” it wasn’t….Fact is XXL is a Publication, and publicisits are the ones who make up the staff, editors, and all…Alot of ppl Like wayne, this wasn’t that great but defintely was for hearing value I will say mediocre, but Ill say this at least it didnt have waka flock flamer, Guccia Bane, or Soulja boi will blow them on it…

    The Eminem/Royce Album “bad meet evil” was sick, and mostly because of Royce…I liked the album because other than “lighters” the album was aggresive, I like my beats, and my vocals in rap to be aggressive..hence why I like artists Like Tech N9ne, Royce da 5 9, DMX, waynes style on his own shyt isn’t always good but alot of his collabs are (altho there are some that jus suck bawls) but seriously this mixtape just left me confused was ai sposed to like it?

  • boi

    cos xxl cover tunechi so much they have to give him a gd review, if they didn’t this mixtape would be lucky to get a L.



  • chris

    this mixtape was horrible with lines like “i dont fuck with hoe niggas, i cant fuck these hoes neither, wake up early in the mornin eat that pussy like cold pizza”?? whaaat isss that? and “everything happens for a reason, my niggas kill for no reason”?? he put lil B on a track, my friend who doesnt kno what a lil B is ASKED IF IT WAS 50 TYSON……this gets an L in my opinion.

  • L

    tht mixtape was shit lol forreal XL rate? forreal the lyrics were complete awful, there is no originality what so ever, and the beats were used by everyone i think your slippin XXL; Pill deserves a XL rate before sorry 4 the BS mixtape

  • kavon Smith

    It’s all politics if your as popular aw wayne no matter what you put out its gonna get good reviews even though this mixtape is garbage

  • simpleTOM

    sorry xxl, this was the worst waye mixtape ever. each of the orginals songs were MUCH BETTER before wayne touched them. even the gucci gucci song. wayne has really fell off. he used to crush songs a few years ago. hope you guys got a check in the the mail for this:
    That said, most cuts are in fact stellar

    worst wayne mixtape since the 500 degrees wayne

  • Jonas

    Oral sex references=79
    Goon references=86
    Gun references=82
    Money/YMCMB references=64
    Yet this trap beat filled 12 song mixtape of 2 minute freestyles gets an XL?

  • http://www.facebook.com/L.Q.ENT L.Q.

    This mixtape was actually trash. Deserved an M, but I guess since that guys is putting cash in your pocket and Lil B (super lame) was on the mixtape you guys decided to give it a decent rating….XXL is tripping

  • ur.mutha

    dude your fucking retarded. u must be a racist sunofabitch to hate wayne. he has got skill. ur just jealous :)

  • Patrick

    This was a huge dissapointment and waste of time. I mean, c’mon, pretty much all the tracks were shitty freestyles.
    Originality: M
    Lyrics: M
    Beats: XL (Yeah, they were freestyles)
    Overall: L