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Gucci Mane, Writings On The Wall 2

Legal troubles and jail time have proven unfortunately inescapable road blocks in Gucci Mane’s career of late, but his work ethic while not locked up has ensured his name remains on fans’ minds. Though he was just released from prison earlier this month, the Alabama born rhymer dropped Writings On The Wall 2 alongside DJ Holiday while still inside. And while the tape may not win Gucci many new listeners, it should satisfy his already established fanbase.

Early on comes “Lil Friends,” an anthemic gun-toting boast on which the the Brick Squad CEO quickly acknowledges and dismisses what is often his biggest knock: “Don’t talk to me ’bout lyrical/I prophesize/I’m biblical,” he raps, before later kicking the oft-replicated mantra “Don’t call me a rap artist/Nigga, I’m a trap artist.” Whether it’s a desired label or not, Gucc is indeed a rapper, and his skills as one—not as a trap star—are what’s reflected on the tape. And even if he neither aims for nor provides rewind-button-jamming bars, the Ice Cream Man does a respectable job on wax.

“Psycho,” in its hook, feels like a “Weirdo” 2.0, and proves to be a surprise showing lyrically, as Gucci offers a rapid-fire flow. The Yelawolf collab “Too Turnt Up” is equally explosive, as the two again flaunt the stylistically juxtaposing chemistry that first showed up on 2010′s “Wanna Party.” With Lex Luger (“Lil Friends), Drumma Boy (“Too Turnt Up”) and Shawty Redd supplying the majority of production on the 19-track release, the soundscape is percussion heavy, with hard drums and rambunctious basslines throughout.

Though Writings On The Wall 2 may not fully reestablish the Gucci Mane to where he once was, this, coupled with the Ferrari Boyz release alongside Waka Flocka, is sure to launch the recently release rap star back on the radar. —Adam Fleischer

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    Should have gotten an S , You know this shit is garbage and people keep buyin this shit from him Rick Ross and Waka, which is helping contribute to the garbage thats bringing rap down.This dude cant rap for shit and the only reason he sells records is because of his street credibility. Sad that thats the only reason why.

  • Matt.

    hold up… Sorry 4 The Wait got a better rating than this? oh no, no, no. this… this is unacceptable.

  • Los Angelez Angelz

    This should have gotten an “ES” (Extra Small)-Gucci is that HOT GABAGE! Atlanta should be ashamed of themselves for endorsing this trash! The “A” in Atlanta is for ass!

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Ch*l*z

    L = Loser…………..enuff said!

    • Tha Tron

      H = Hater…………………enuff said!

      • Aaron Genesis

        F= faggot enuff said

  • http://Xxlmag LouisBoi1017

    Best Rapper Alive! Wayne, Jeezy, Kanye West, Wiz, Jay Z, Eminem, and Mac Miller Fell Off! With Jay Z, Eminem, Kanye, and Lil Wayne they just lost there originality! The Mainstream took them over! Maybe they might make a comeback? Idk? But The Reason Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka have A Gigantic Fan base is because they go outside there box, but when they feel there going to mainstream the go back to the basic and keep it real! A lot of these rappers go pop but can’t go back to rap! But with Gucci & Flocka they have the power to do both so they get my RESPECT! Now the people above just bash Gucci, Flocka or any southern Rappers because they listen to commercialized Hip Hop! Gucci & Flocka are just Hip Hop! So just because y’all hate doesn’t mean there gonna stop! Lil Wayne Sorry for the Wait < Gucci Mane Writing on the Wall 2! Wayne Is Wack Simply because he jacks every other rappers beats and kills it! Not in a good way! Get back to the DEDICATION AND THE DROUGHT WEEZY! COME ON! Maybe Wayne can Learn From Gucci!

    • http://centrica.com Matshipi

      one word describes you….eeeuw!!!!!

  • alderman j

    he aint going no where clowns!!!get used to it!!! RICH NIGGA WIT A MOUTH FULL OF GOLD!!!!! BRRRRR

    • mav

      r u serious? u right though he aint goin nowhere…hes reached his peak and its downhill from here… nobody but ignorant young thugs listen to this dude…to me young jeezy and even yo gotti is the logical choices of who u should listen to if u wanna hear some real shit… gucci dont rap about shit but himself if you aint got everything he got how could u possibly relate to it… lame ass street dreamers aint never gon touch a brick or see a million… yall kill me wit corny “he real” shit…wakas mom is more gangsta than the whole brick squad but hey, least nobody likes oj…

  • http://www.facebook.com/L.Q.ENT L.Q.

    Deserved an S. Shouldn’t be on the same level as Los and Ace Hood

  • otaner

    Sorry 4 The Wait got a better rating than this? hahahahahaha XXL are joking Gucci here. At least, this mixtape is XL.