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The Undergods (Keith Murray & Canibus), In Gods We Trust, Crush Microphone To Dust

East Coast stalwarts Keith Murray and Canibus follow last year’s EP with In Gods We Trust, Crush Microphone To Dust, their first album as The Undergods. The duo are undoubtedly both talented wordsmiths, but their lyrical intensity often exceeds the feeble production on the album.

Though they’re talented spitters, ‘Bis and Keith’s relentless verbal assault grows tiresome at some points over the album’s hour-plus runtime. Keith Murray’s dense piles of words still entertain, but the album suffers most from Canibus’s overblown self-seriousness. Weak choruses are a problem throughout. But when other rappers join Keith and ‘Bis on the mic, things loosen up considerably. The drippy funk of “The Guilty Will Pay” powers energetic guest verses from Erick Sermon and a scene-stealing Crooked I. “Show ‘Em What Crazy Is” brings a frantic Tech N9ne verse over haunted house organs. The Undergods can excel given the right beat: Jake One’s liquid groove on “Undergods Roll” perfectly supports Keith and ‘Bis verbose threats.

In Gods We Trust delivers exactly what fans of Canibus and Keith Murray in 2011 expect: pseudo-intellectual scientific lyrical rap with no concessions to the radio. If you’re looking for Hot 97-ready hooks or a new dance, keep it moving. —Aaron Matthews

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  • D90

    canibitch is wack as fuck

    • Don Gargan

      why click on the article to write that the artist is wack. Obviously a pathetic attempt by another fresh out of puberty Eminem lovin wigger. Man dudes like you woulda caught the Timberland Tree up the ass back in the day.

  • oneblood

    dope album Canibus is a monster keith is nice


    TECH N9NE kill’ed them both on that tack.

    • J

      Tech reused a verse he has done before on ‘freestyles’ on radio. I wasn’t impressed by it.

  • Nehemiah

    Album is dope. Lyricists don’t get enough credit these days. I laugh at Canibus haters. All they can do is call him that weak ass nickname. Not only did he murder the Great white hype on wax but Canibus is a real soldier that went to war for our country. He’d kill M&M for real if he wanted to but the beef has gotten him more fans. I still say he Knocked out TLL Cool J (Trannies and Ladies Love Cool James) lol

  • D

    gffreyeah,,uh….Canibus didn’t kill anybody (Especially uncle L) and has underachieved his entire ‘career’. Big ups to mr. Murray tho!

    • gvg

      Stop dick riding and listen to the music….Canibus and Keith kill this album.

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Ch*l*z

    If these 2 were new artist …………..the review will have been different. Dope lyrics………..all day!!!!

  • mav

    word fuck ll cool j that nigga got eatin alive by bis lyricist do get no respect particulaRLY nowadays..unless your white of course…and i like em but he gets too much credit just because he sold alotta records…i guess vanilla ice was great too…