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Tech N9ne, All 6′s and 7′s

True, Tech N9ne has had the sort of longevity and success that most rappers only dream about: more than a decade in the game, more than ten albums under his belt, hundreds of live shows a year, a dedicated fan base, and an independent empire. But, still, only in the last year or so has the Strange Music general started to garner the recognition from mainstream hip-hop that his movement has deserved for years. His latest offering, All 6’s and 7’s, is the KCMO spitter’s first drop since catching the ear of artists like Lil Wayne and fan bases like XXL’s. The album is the first test of Tech’s ability to balance his new industry connections with the distinct style that his Technicians have become accustomed to over the years. Luckily, he reaches that marker without any real stumbles along the way.

Through the years, Tech N9ne has become a heralded lyricist for his rapid-fire wordplay and, while this surely shines through All 6’s and 7’s, an added strength is the album’s range of content. In what is sure to make long-time fans happy, Tech attacks tracks like “The Boogieman,” single “Mental Giant,” and “Am I A Psycho?,” (which features a ferocious verse from B.o.B, again reminding fans of his credentials) with a dark and twisted approach. Things get personal on the slowed down “Mama Nem,” a true album standout.

Later, sexual explicitness is the name of the game on “Fuck Food” (featuring Lil Wayne and T-Pain), “Overtime,” and “Pornographic” (featuring Snoop Dogg, E-40 and Krizz Kaliko). Unfortunately, these three tracks follow one another, and the subject gets tired.

Still, “Fuck Food,” which many thought would be deemed blasphemous by Tech’s die-hards, is not a shot at radio, but rather a light-hearted, sexually boastful lyrical display. This is the key to the balance that Tech N9ne strikes on the album: He enlists rap (pop?) stars like Lil Wayne, T-Pain, B.o.B, and Snoop Dogg, but doesn’t force radio hits with them. On the contrary, he’s almost steering away from a mainstream look—especially on “Fuck Food”—almost issuing a challenge: Are you going to play this raunchy song of mine, simply because it features Weezy and T-Pain? Whether or not they do play it, he wins.

Though there’s undeniable chopping throughout (“Worldwide Choppers” is a clinic), the sonic backdrop falls short. Some beats are a bit boring (“Cult Leader”), while others seem an unnecessary stretch for a hip-hop sound (“Pornographic”). The album also drags on, with 24 tracks (including five skits) on the hour-plus disc.

Tech begins to bring things to a close on track 22, the somber “Love Me Tomorrow,” where he addresses “fair-weather” fans who may question the direction of his career. “Said I’m a sellout cause I work with Wayne/First your brain needs work, you hurt the game,” he spits. As the verse closes, he intersperses a clip of himself talking: “I told my fans that—I told them this years ago. I said that Tech will never go mainstream, mainstream will go Tech.”

With All 6’s and 7’s, it seems that’s bound to happen. Everyone will probably be a little stranger for it, and that’s probably for the better. —Adam Fleischer

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  • Jen

    I have to disagree with the fact that the CD is too long. I appreciate the fact that Tech gives his fans a FULL CD for the price. I have paid 15$ for a CD with 10 tracks.

  • tucanshady

    goez so hard been listenin to hit straight since i got. FUCK FOOD.

  • 3tch3r

    only 3 for beats POO ass reviewer!!! BEATS ARE SICK ON THERE!

  • landon816

    disagree beats are bigger thean ever! this cd is fuckin epic realize it!!!

  • natedogg

    3 on the beats is silly but 4 on lyrics is straight bullshit… who’s better XXL? fuck yall

  • T-RO

    Hell yeah! Got it @ Best Buy. Got tha pendant. Bomb album! *STRANGE*ALL DAY*ALL NIGHT*

  • Justin Roller

    TECH N9NE ALL 6′s AND 7′s is just another piece of GREAT TALENT that nobody or any other RaPPeR can handLe or beat. Say IT THR33 TimEs TECH, TECH, TECH, – N9NE !!!

  • christine

    i aint even got the cd yet and i already know its epic….. come on now its tech9!!!

  • D09

    not his best album… i was disappointed to be honest

    • RG

      hard to top anghellic, absolute power, and killer, but its pretty epic


    This shit needed a motha fucking XXL.

    • DJ XXX

      for reals

  • d67

    hey you guys gotta know that the who ever wrote this isnt like us and hasnt been a tech fan as long as most of us have i started listen to tech 11 years ago… i will never ever question any song any calbo or anything he does because theres always a bigger picture behind it and it always works out.. its just pure amazing anything he does or touchs.


    this is the hip-hop album of the year !!! its a shame eminem couldn’t be on it ,, I love tech n9ne, he’s the best rapper IMO ,,, SEE U IN ORLANDO TECH !!DWAAAAMMMM



  • Tarek

    XXL, you are ridiculous! 3 on beats? 4 on lyrics and originality? Who is more original and lyrically diverse than this album?

  • Ricky

    This cd is the shit right there with K.O.D. And Eveready the religion. Keep it up tech. Technician till the day i die. STRANGE MUSIC All Day All Night

  • Nate

    WTF!! all XXL!! get outta here!!!

  • Connor Wharton

    the beats were ill and its tight he gives us fans are moneys worth by throwing 24 tracks on the album

  • Technician757412

    D09, not his best album? You’re right, it’s his second best. Nothing will ever top K.O.D.

    But forreal, Tech goes all out on this one. Shouldn’t have been named All 6′s and 7′s….it deserves to be called “The Ultimate Mindfuck.”



  • beez

    lol 4 for originality? ok 4 for lyrics is reasonable. Tech’s a dope lyicist but he ain’t Canibus or Chino XL… 3 for beats is questionable. but NO artist is as original as Tech. now GTFO with that nonsense

  • Tony Cruz

    This album was Beautiful and selected few can understand what Tech has brought among us which is another epic masterpiece Strange Music is doing big things

  • N9ne

    Love the album. Best one yet!! The beats deserved more credit imo.


    Great cd! In a time of ep’s and shitty cds, tech is a breath of fresh air!

  • BS

    XXL is ridiculous. U give Cd’s like Young Jeezy’s new mixtape an XL, and then u give this an XL? If young jeezy got and XL then this should be XXXXXXXXXXXL!!! And Kool G Rap gets an L? Wow you guys are slippin! GET SOME NEW REVIEWERS!

  • radio3030

    Seriously, if Tech N9ne cannot get a 5 on lyrics, who can?

    His lyrics were so good that they plastered them all over the cd booklet just for you to appreciate them again. smh

  • Chris

    I completely disagree with the criticism on the beats. The beats are perfect for the tracks. “Cult Leader” has become one of my favorite Tech songs of all time. Listen to what he says and then tell me that beat isn’t perfect for that specific song. Listen to it ONE MORE TIME and pay more attention to the beat. It’s tight! I also disagree on the album dragging out part. I want more and more. Last disagreement, I would have rated the album differently:
    Beats = XXL (maybe even XL, I wouldn’t argue it)
    Lyrics = XL
    Originality = XXL

  • kevin

    TELL ME WHO IS MORE ORIGINAL THEN TECH!?!?! i really wish that people would understand how creative this guy is. add one point to every stat up there … best CD of 2011 hands down.

    • Will

      no its not the best of 2011, sorry Coathanga Strangla by Lynch is the best of 2011 so far.

  • LaDarrius Young

    the beats should have got 5 thats bull crap!

  • ML

    Album is an XXL for sure. Go cop the album peeps, you wont be disappointed.

  • Will

    The album is tight but its def not a classic there r a couple of songs tht prevent it 4rm being a classic. Beats r better then they got credit 4 but I can def agree with an XL overall.

  • Hip Hop Addict

    3 on beats?….. I Guess xxl Only wanna hear lil wayne and gucci mane type beats?…. Lyrics a 4? Come One Now Stop Robbing Tech N9ne

  • MICA3

    I know an overall XL is a pretty sick rating but the biggest shock of this rating is the XL on lyrics. Your talking about arguably the greatest consistent lyricist ever. Who else in the game is spitting bars even comparable to the lines of tracks like “he’s a mental giant”? No one. And no one has been for a long time. If you understand true writing as far as multi-syllable rhyme, internal rhyme, and complex structure then this is easily a XXL. Not to mention the way he ties it in with various flows within one verse. You definitely underrated him with an XL on lyrics. I understand the credibility and history of XXL, but this is really questionable.

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Ch*l*z

    The review would’ve been different if it was’nt 2 long.
    12 – 14 tracks maximum is good fit if u aint making a classic like “All eyes on me”.

  • Anaru Shaw

    this review az a tech n9ncian breaks ma heart its all fukkn shit
    album is the best album ever made kunt

  • bazz

    tech is one of the sickest lyrical rappers, that´s what he always brings… if not the beats..

  • Ya fuckas 4 real ?!

    I cried a little when I read this article

    All 6s And 7s is the best album since OB4CL2

  • random

    one of the best album for sure!!! i herd him and it was crazy!!! im not a real fan of tech n9ne but this album is one of the best album i herd… tech n9ne is one of the greatest in rhyming and lyrics!! he is like a beast!!

  • ethan

    still growing on me but liking it so far. and yeah dont find it to long at all. dont see how it dont have lyrics,why cause its not bunch of punchlines?

  • laurie

    let me just put it this way…..every time Tech puts out an album, it’s better and better!

  • M-Ski

    really just an XL??? This album was far better than anything that’s come out in the past 5 years and considering you gave young jeezy a XL rating for a crappy mixtape, that means I can’t take you guys serious when reading a review to decide whether or not to purchase an album…..you better re-review this one and give it that XXL.



    THE Album is DOPE!! Lyrics are definitely XXL.

    Been down with Tech since Calm Before the Storm..

    NOW TECH is literally on TOP of the GAME!! HELL YEAH!! Strange Music won the Super Bowl!! haha!!

  • ash

    XXl has been doin bad rating lately. the bad meets evil EP and 6′s and 7′s were underated

  • lamar north

    I have to say…the person who wrote this coloum is pretty stipid and does not have an ear for music…this has to be one of the best cd’s of all time for rap….long? how many artist in the game today can pump out as many songs and cds as tech…the fact that big names like lil wayne n snoop stopped by was a nice touch, but by all means not needed….

  • http://plusgigs.com/ google+ hangouts

    OgT80v Really appreciate you sharing this article post. Will read on…

  • MarkVader┌П┐(◣_◢)┌П┐

    clearly xxl is stuck in the past