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David Dallas, The Rose Tint

After reaching number one on New Zealand’s iTunes chart with his 2009 album Something Awesome, kiwi emcee David Dallas looks to expand his fan base overseas with the free release of The Rose Tint. With soulful production and introspective lyrics throughout, Dallas shows that his 8,800 mile relocation to the Big Apple has paid off.

There’s nothing too flashy about The Rose Tint’s production and Dallas is not the kind of rapper to drop punch lines that will have you hitting the rewind button. But, in a way, it’s this minimalism that makes The Rose Tint such an enjoyable listen. Whether it’s discussing his joy in finally being over an ex in “Nothing To Do (With You)” or his farewell to his family on “Postcard,” there’s an honesty in Dallas’ lyrics that’s so genuine it’s refreshing. Another album standout is his collaboration with Freddie Gibbs on “Caught in a Daze,” where Dallas proves he can hang with hip-hop’s other up and comers—and a lyrically gifted on in Gangsta Gibbs, at that.

The album may lack the big hit that will garner Dallas mainstream attention, but that kind of song likely would have detracted from the overall laid-back feel of the project. Now signed with Duck Down Records, it’s likely only a matter of time before we see him link up with some of the label’s big guns. After hitting his mark with The Rose Tint, it should be exciting to see what other shades David Dallas has to offer up in the future. —Neil Martinez-Belkin

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  • Letitia

    Nice Review Guys!!!!. Big Ups Dave!

  • Bert

    learn this word americans, you’ll be hearing it more and more with the rise of this brilliant artist: “chur”

  • http://twitter.com/alexmvito Lino

    Good to see D.Dallas up on XXL!!! TINTSQUAD

  • Tim Rider Kiwi

    Caught in a daze is a mean track on this..

    I dont know though – there is somethin a little off about David Dallas..

    He comes off as a silver spoon rich boy – thats it…

    He looks like hes faking it

    • John Proctor

      @Tim Rider Kiwi

      Faking what?

      David Dallas is as real as they come. Awesome album. Awesome artist.

    • J Broughton

      lol never heard of a silver spoon rich kid growing up iin papatoetoe unless the silver spoons were stolen

    • yeah buddy

      pshhh he’s a half samoan boy from papatoitoi south auckland, dont see too many rich people there

  • http://esoligh.bandcamp.com David Patterson

    Phatness! Super mean, since hanging out in Barry’s Skate shop One and seeing a very young David in there hanging with Nick ’41′ McClaren and everyone he’s come a long way. Definitely not a fake dude. Anyway, keep ripping it up and we’ll all see what the future holds for this dope artist.

  • The Esp.

    Silver spoon rich boy? Hardly….get over yourself. Big ups Dave!

  • faz

    silverspoon rich boy? get off the dick tim rider. shits real man, he putting kiwi hiphop on the map. all day david!

  • Bdiddy

    1stly Tim Rider Kiwi can get the phuck back…Not only does D Dot Shred the mic HARD but its finially an album New Zealand Hip Hop can be truly proud of. TiNT SqUAD UPP! On a new wave of confidence! And secondly what have you done Tim??? Nothing thats right. Jack. So get get back and keep it real by posting from behind your screen.

  • ESR

    “Dallas is not the kind of rapper to drop punch lines that will have you hitting the rewind button”

    HAHA, not now maybe, but rewind 8 years or so to when Frontline dropped “”What you expect?”, or anyone heard “the enigma part 1″? He’s a capable punchline emcee, just switched up his style since

    • Billy

      He was killer wit the punches and songs he has featured on show he can still bring it. But yea hes on a different wavelength now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/listentomcbeau MC Beau

    Big ups David Dallas, P Money, Duck Down and Tint Squad movement!! Doing it real big. CHUR!!!

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/smokeybeatzmusik Smokey Got Beatz

    Oush, This is fucking mean to see Ddot in here. Randomly stumlbed upon this! Fucking nice.

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  • will_nz

    Chur to the Chur

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    Kia Ora cuzzy. Reppin nz hard.

  • Myss LayDee

    Big ups to ESR for your comment, I was gonna say sumthin’ bout *not the kind of rapper to drop punchlines…
    “Its your ego, got your world going balls up like a free-throw
    Probably got you playing f*** you by cee low” hahaha the whole song has my ipod on replay but thats my fave part ;)
    Lovin’ this Album down here in Welly.

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