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Curren$y, Weekend at Burnies

Though Curren$y has become a household name in only the past few years, the New Orleans native has paid his dues in the game for longer than that. He’s also worn many hats. Originally coming up under Master P’s No Limit Records, he made the move to Cash Money in 2004. Though Spitta’s career didn’t quite take off there either, he’s recently found his niche. Having cultivated a fan base on his own, and now signed to Warner Bros., Spitta has lived up to the hype that got him these big name co-signs to begin with. Fresh off the success of his Covert Coup collaboration with the Alchemist, the former XXL Freshman continues to experiment with different producers, linking up with Monsta Beatz for Weekend at Burnies.

Inspired by the iconic 1980’s flick of the same name, the album has more of a low-key summer weekend feel to it than the chaotic weekend of corpse chaperoning featured in the film. Spitta doesn’t stray from his element, cruising through Monsta Beatz’s spacey, woozy production in his signature Louisiana drawl. While his delivery comes out sounding effortless, his rhymes are in fact riddled with descriptive lines and obscure, comical references.

Spun into a trance by Curren$y’s mellow rhymes over Monsta’s production, focusing on what is actually being said becomes secondary during early listens. But lending a true ear to the bars reveals the joint puffing rapper’s distinct approach. On “Money Machine,” Curren$y’s kicks off his verse spitting, “Tony said Frank wouldn’t last/Now Frank’s woman upstairs, packing bags/Survival of the fittest.” While Scarface has been mentioned countless times in lyrics, the 504 native might be the first to reference such a seemingly insignificant moment as Michelle Pfeifer packing up her suitcase. Curren$y appreciates the small details, and that’s what makes him stand out. The album’s content is what Curren$y’s devoted fans have come to expect, with tales of living the Jet Life throughout. “She Don’t Want A Man” displays an oft-overlooked ability to weave together a story.

At just over 40 minutes, Weekend at Burnies is over before you know it. But, alas, isn’t that how a great weekend usually goes? This prolific rhymer has added yet another project to a continuously growing catalog, and it’s one sure to please anyone who flies those Jets. —Neil Martinez-Belkin

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  • fuckoofff

    spittas origionality has never been questioned thats bull shit he started everything you hear in “weed rap” bullshit he is the reason lil wayne is lilwayne listen before spitta and after and see if he dont copy currensy… your a lier if you say no…

    • jimmmyjam

      currensy is not thereason waynes is waynes tht bullshit. and why u even bringin wayne into it his name wasnt fucking mentioned onc. thts ur types go to line aint it “ooo lil wayne sucks”. sitta aint original, u think he was the first person to rap about weed.

      • $yk

        Currensy used to roll with Cash Money thus the Wayne name drop

      • http://datpiff.com unknown

        iigh i had to reply to this kid…wayne is who he is cause of currensy…wayne brought currensy up and that where wayne got his publicity and after that happened currensy left cash money records..now if u have a problem with that theres a pres conference in ny coming up currensy and i would be attending so youll get to ask

  • You’re Stupid

    Im pretty sure that they made each other better but he isn’t the reason lil wayne is lil wayne.

  • alderman j

    NIGGA DIDNT KEEP HIS PROMISE, he said he would never go back to the majors, then he goes to the 2nd biggest record company in the WORLD!!! still my nigga tho!! JETS FOOL!!!

    • G3

      youre a fucking loser.. straight up.

    • AGoNY

      The reason he signed with Warner is because Warner is letting spitta do HIM… He has full creative control, and he is very adamant about being able to do what HE wants to do. He learned from his years with NL & CM, and he would never put himself int hat position again. The story is in his lyrics… Listen…

      Nothing has changed, except now he has a label and money behind him. Didn’t you get the point of Covert Coup? The concept for that was taken from “Coup d’etat” which means to overthrow the government… His interpretation was now with warner behind him, he is in the power position to overthrow the “wack shit” covertly, or from the underground. His words, not mine.

      I know you didnt think it meant COUPE as in a car…

      • tey

        @508a63bfefd8542271a41ae990b8ed21:disqus speaking the truth just reading his comment and thinking he made a hella sense..spitta keep it real for u fuck niggas..jetlife

    • Ben

      its a distribution deal idiot, learn your shit. It means he does what he wants and they produce and distribute the albums. Nobody breathing down your back saying “no, you have to do a pop verse in here”

      • jimmmyjam

        but whats wrong with doing a pop verse once in a while. the point of doing pop rap or radio songs is to sell records, therey are called singles, 2 or three singles on an album is good for buisness they are a good thing, selling lots of albums should be the goal cos you want to reach as wide an audience as possible.

    • Role

      you dead ass dumb, he signed to BluRoc (Dame Dash indy label)…Warner Bros is a Distribution deal fool

    • jetsFOOL NJ

      Are you aware that spitta’s got his own label now? Its a branch of Warner… Jets Life

  • Carmoney

    I agree with fuckoofff that Curren$y deserved an XL for originality but I can see why he received a L grade. But Wayne and Curren$y have similarities because they have rapped together and they’re from the same city. Curren$y’s promised was the he wouldnt change for the majors and he has not. Jets over head monsters under your bed. #Jetsgo

  • jbatcha21

    Go to youtube and type in “young money tour bus curren$y” and watch the first 2 videos from the 5 video set of “On tha Bus” and tell me Curren$y didn’t heavily influence Wayne

  • WTF?

    ondarealtho it never ever explains why he got the marks he did, kinda sketchy, the writer seems to have really like the album, and he raves about how original that scarface line is, so i dont really get it…

  • mosquitofacekilla

    so i looked at the drake album, thank me later, and it gor XLs for both lyrics AND originality, cmon XXL i mean, just, cmon this is ridiculous, curren$y’s album, cleverly named weekend at Burnies, gets lower marks for originality than drake? Drake is on every song WITH SOMEONE ELSE! How’s that for original? like just cmon, J.E.T.S.

  • jetsFOOL NJ

    How are his lyrics only at L? Shit should be XXL ATLEAST

  • Currensy is trash

    Garbage album. Idk how people even think Currensy is even good. Hes just another gimmick rapper that raps about weed. His fan base is full of 18 year olds who are lame as fuck.

    • Chris

      People think Curren$y is good because he raps about everyday living that normal people can relate to. Not everyone wants to hear the ridiculously fake lyrics of artists such as Rick Ross and Lil’ Wayne. “Just another gimmick rapper that raps about weed”? Listen to Animal, Address, The Explanation, etc etc…dude has plenty of songs that don’t focus on weed, you’re just ignorant and spouting off shit you don’t even know about. Curren$y is one of the few people who can say the same story 100 different ways and still make it entertaining to listeners because he is original and knows how to word things in ways other rappers wouldn’t think of. THAT is why he’s original. No, his subject matter isn’t always the deepest, but that’s not why people listen to the guy. We listen to him because he’s a down to earth rapper who we can relate to, and he makes damn good music to sit back and relax to after a hard day’s work (yes, adults such as myself DO listen to Curren$y). Almost any rapper has a predominantly young fan base, just because most adults aren’t listening to hip-hop, and those that do usually listen to those who the artists they grew up listening to (such as Outkast for myself). I can tell you’re not much older than 18 also (if even 18), considering you say “lame as fuck” and can’t even realize how people would like an artist. I hate Lil’ Wayne, but I’m not so stupid that I don’t realize why people like him. Move along now little boy.

      • the guy named “currensy is trash” is a bitch #2


    • The guy named “Currensy is trash” is a bitch.

      My name should say it all.

  • Currensy is trash

    lol @ these mad currensy slurpers.

    No wonder Hip Hop is so garbage these days with trash like Currensy, Dom Kennedy, J.Cole and others.

    Bunch of scrubs who cant rap for jack shit.

  • Currensy is trash

    And the only rappers good rappers out right now are Elzhi, Joe Budden, Blu, and Big K.R.I.T.


    All the currensy haters jusst mad cause currensy the truth and he making mad money while they at home sucking dick just to get by.

    Jetlife to the Nextlife bitch

  • yep


    Agree wit “currensy is trash”. And XXL just fuckin hands out XL’s now for anything man! DId they review the Random Axe cd? Hope they do, prolly get an L cus some 19yr old is writing “reviews”.

  • Curren$yTheGreatest

    How could these lyrics be an “L” ?
    They must not LISTEN to the story that my dude Spitta is tryna tell.. Homie is a mastermind at puttin these words together and keepin his fans interested after all these years.. Ive been on Curren$y since NL & YM & he kept his promise by not going mainstream & keepin it G! Unlike all these other rappers who do whatever the fuck their labels tell them to do. Naw, my man DOES WHAT HE WANTS & he is truly THE OG OF THE RAP GAME.


  • nope

    Don’t agree wit “curensy is trash” wit the only good rappers out are “Elshi, Buddens,Blu and Big K.R.I.T.???? wow

  • Tim

    I don’t even mind that Curren$y raps about weed on most of his songs, shit still sounds better than some fuckin pop song or ballad (how to love).

    Maybe it’s just that I listen to Spitta everytime I roll up. But one things for sure you gotta admit he’s doin him and no one else.

  • Questionable

    XXL needs a better way of rating these projects. I’m a big Curren$y fan, love his work, but he got an L in lyrics and originality. He only got an XL in beats….how does that equal an XL overall? Rapsody’s “Thank H.E.R. Now” (which was great by the way) got XL’s in 2 outta 3 categories and got an overall L rating. It doesnt make any sense. Either you guys owe Curren$y another XL (lyrics maybe?) or you’re being a bit biased to artists that are less established in the game. It’s not about how big the name is, it’s about the body of work they produce. I give you guys credit on the ratings you gave to Skyzoo, Random Axe, and Laws. But that Rapsody review had me heated. She got the same rating as Shawty Lo lol. That’s outrageous. Tighten up on these ratings XXL.

  • jake22

    The Hot Spitta comin up finally. I’m young and I’ve only been a JETS follower since Pilot Talk 2, but I believe Curren$y’s flow is unmatched by that of any mainstream artist. His descriptiveness is mind-blowing and I find myself literally laughing out loud at his innuendo’s and comical pop culture references. I think it will be him who carries the torch and he will surpass Lil Wayne and all these mainstream crappers if people listen closely to his lyrics.

  • bodega

    @currensy is trash who the FUCK you listen too, if you take time out of your day to hate on currensy then I kind of feel bad for you
    maybe you need some pussy ahahha

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Ch*l*z


    U nid 2 check urself up with a mental institution…………………
    Dom Kennedy & J.Cole r the future.

  • Smmfh

    Did you just say J.Cole can’t rap for shit? I was gonna rage at you for hatin’ on Spitta,though he’s not my favorite,he’s a talented individual who does his thing his way,he’s got his lane,and he sticks to it,and people support him,but then I read “Trash like… J.Cole” and i forgave you because if you think Cole is garbage,then you must really not know hip hop.

  • djthc

    I bet the xxl staff who reviewed and scored this album is a bunch of fucking weirdos who dont know shit about hip hop. currensy is the last of a dying breed when it comes to a true “hip hop artist.” I mean who is still telling stories and panting pictures with their lyrics now a days besides currensy? I mean how can his lyrics get an L.. did you dumb fucks not here “money machine.” I think because his music is not radio content, doesnt have lex luger beats on every track, and theres no bouncing ball on his lyrics is why most of you retarded fucks hate on currensy but consider that mainstream bullshit good…



    Wolf Gang.

  • 3lslivelovelife

    Lyrics should be up a lil higher

  • HotttSpitta

    No way can Big Sean have better lyrics than Curren$y…. This is bull XXL this is very disappointing. Big Seans album is a total flop, the beats are whack and the lyrics are mediocre. Jet Life where haven’t we been yet?

  • Currensy is trash

    lol @ mad currensy fans…

    get off his dick…

    im sure he aint paying you to kiss his ass and suck his dick.

    Currensy = Another garbage weed rapper

  • DBoss

    Why are niggas mad that CIT has is own opinion?

    if he think spitta trash than thats his opinion

  • JamPo

    I rarely even post n this shit but I can Honestly say Spitta should recieved atleast an XL for lyrics…….Lyrically dude the best rest now…no shit…..and plus a nigga influence heavy industry……

  • Anonymous

    Rap isn’t dead… but it is in a coma.

  • kasiology

    lames catch feelings we catch flights…. u should know the rest by now, FOOL! #jetLIFE #JETlife @hottstash [twitter]

  • http://www.facebook.com/L.Q.ENT L.Q.

    Got it right. Congrats XXL

  • Everest Robinson

    Look , i’m no one to point fingers or none of that b.s.. I am in a position to say to most people,step it up . its 2011 stop with the hating. their is a young man from the projects. who dose not talk about guns and killing . jet life …to rise above it all !!!!

    Real reconize Real….
    props to xxl for the fire review!!! i got all spittas albums ” claciss”
    @AGoNY Real talk ..

    @xxl Lyrics and Originality should be xxl across the board. but that’s my opinion….
    I love it , just leaves room for improvement!!!

    Jet life …Jets Go !!!!

  • Mike Goodnight

    His music is far past stoner music..If people actually LISTENED to his stories, references and wordplay then he’d be recognized as one of the best to do it. People with that talent only come around every 10 years…Appreciate good music

  • Jetlife

    how many albums did this sell

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  • tey

    i pefer the music spitta does Its Chill kickin it shit i dont really smoke forreal but his creative flow keep me interested project after project he drops…listened to all the monthly tapes he dropped in 08 crazy shit