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Big Sean, Finally Famous

Big Sean opens Finally Famous with his “Intro,” an updated version of fan favorite “Memories,” from the August 2010 mixtape Finally Famous Vol. 3: BIG. Rapping over the same beat that his last project ended on, to begin this one, the Detroit native spits, “I’m still dreaming bigger than I’m living.” If that’s the case, Sean’s dreams must be unabashedly ambitious, as he spends the next hour detailing how big his life has become.

At its core, Finally Famous is the genuine story of the spoils that the Def Jam signee from Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music has been tasting since earning true fame during the last year or so, and what it took to get there. As a result, the disc follows a continuous narrative thread. It’s predictable but true: Let’s toast to the good life that we’re finally living, and let’s toast again, to all the people who didn’t think we’d make it. While the premise is unimaginative, it’s hard to fault the 2010 XXL Freshman for spitting what he’s living. Sean freshens any stale content, though, with an ability to attack an overindulged subject with creativity. “People who talk shit is feeling like dickheads/Saw me on the Web like I had an extra six legs,” he raps on the standout Wiz Khalifa and Chiddy Bang collaboration “High.”

The high-charting, Chris Brown–assisted single “My Last” sets this theme early, and it’s continued often, on cuts like “Get It (DT),” “High,” “Live This Life” (featuring The-Dream) and the party anthem “Marvin & Chardonnay” (featuring Kanye West and Roscoe Dash). And although Mr. West doesn’t get any tracks on his artist’s debut LP, the soundscape of Finally Famous is still strong.

Bestowing his golden touch on more than half of the album’s songs, No I.D. provides Big Sean with an ideal sonic backdrop to infuse his offering with a decidedly summer fun feel, and the 23-year-old MC’s typically innovative flow and delivery come off as ideal complements to No I.D.’s upbeat, soulful production. Whether it’s his constant changes in inflection or his ability to effortlessly switch the tempo of his flow, Sean’s unique vocal approach is key.

Although Sean doesn’t hit his lyrical pinnacle on FF, the Motown-bred upstart still displays the deft way with words that has solidified his position as next up on the G.O.O.D. Music roster. On the whole, the album is too radio ready—lacking risk—but when Sean flexes, on tracks like “I Do It,” his skill is evident. Later, the typically boastful MC especially shines when he lets his guard down. “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” is a candid recounting of a roller-coaster relationship, while “Memories (Part II)” provides a moment of sincerity that adds a level of depth to the album and hints at the breadth of the MC’s potential.

Big Sean is justifiably basking in his moment on Finally Famous, oozing lyrically dexterous flamboyance over lighthearted production. And as it turns out, even for those who aren’t living the life, Sean makes it easy to feel like they are. —Adam Fleischer

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  • nibs

    fuck off with this whack shit. XL my ass

    • I’m a hater too

      Ultimatley being a fan of anything is not cool. iBar’s got the antidote to fagdom, I mean fandom.

      iBar – iFan
      iBar – Smashing Skit



    • thelonius

      Big Sean doesn’t suck too bad….but this album did. Shoulda got a ‘M’ at best. Yall were far too kind with this rating.

  • JP

    ^u a hater maan.. straight up

    • http://SoundCloud.Com/SpringzTheGrinch Corey

      Riight, Ol Hatin Ass Dude

  • Boise Idaho

    This album is a XXL by me

    • 614

      Fuck outta here with that shit, just like all theses fucking rappers they put in work on the mixtape and the albums be wack as fuck, you give this shit XXL smh i fuck with finally famous 3 but his album is straight garbage i hope he does good the next album

      • 614

        and im not a hater because his album is garbage ,just for the people that might say that i hope this nigga does good because he got talent but he did the same shit wiz did, i hope j.cole ,kendirck lamar or jay electronica doesnt do the same shit

        • http://SoundCloud.Com/SpringzTheGrinch Springz The Grinch

          But Understand, Your Albums Need To Sell.. And Mostly Radio Shit Sells.. Thas Why Wiz Shit Sound Like That.. And Big Sean’s Album Is Waaay Better Than His Too. You Can’t Say Songs Like Don’t Tell Me You Love Me And So Much More Aren’t Great Songs.. He Has Many Good Songs On There….. I Do Like The Mixtapes Better Tho lol

          • calvin

            i jus heard the 1st 3tracks & its banging—its simple 2me radio friendly songs make money period—why wldnt u want 2sell.its a fine line these days how u hav 2market yourself anyway i like the album so far BUY it

        • jaystrick

          dude you are so wrong BiG Sean album was amazing and it should get a XXL you just don’t know G.O.O.D. Music boi

          • Wuduptno01

            @jaystrick Remember what Kanye said on Late Registration on “Bring Me Down”? “There always be haters thats the way it is hater niggaz marry hater bitches and have hater kids.”

  • Bins

    Got my haters lookin lonely in this mothafucka woah!

  • D90

    i been havin to hear this damn album in my boys car 4 a min now nd aint nuthin special bout it… shit deserved a M or L if u wanna be mad generous

  • JD

    G.O.O.D. Music run this bitch!

    • High-C

      All this hype about a rapper who’s trying to be original but says the same shit every other rapper is. Sounds too much like Drake all cocky and arrogant with nothing important to say. We need more intelligent rappers if we want to reach the next level in hip hop. Today it’s all about image and moving units by any means necessary, even it means compromising the music.

  • j

    It’s a real solid L in my opinion, anyone willing to say this is an XXL is simply being a prisoner of the moment and/or has extremely low standards. XXL means perfect, future classic, timeless material. They don’t come around very often and this certainly isn’t an exception. Decent debut though, credit to Sean.

    • swype-matic

      Yea, this album embodies the very defnition of an “L” — nothing really stands out, the lyrics are pretty good but standard, just like the beats are. What brings this album down further for me is that He sounds just likeDrake, and even J.Cole on every track.

      • SoulFood

        “Got the whole rap game tryna sound like me” -Big Sean (What Goes Around)

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

      anyone willing to say this is an XXL is simply being a prisoner of the moment

      ^ this right here

      and yes I heard it today…one of the homies bought it…like swype said there’s no tracks that stand out. Clearly an “L” rating…but I’ll let y’all stan it up until I see the #s and see how much y’all support your faves when their music costs $…

  • Q

    Hoody over my head, Jedi, Anakin
    Looking like a BBC Louis V mannequin – BIG SEAN

  • phree

    XXL! #hatergonehate

  • Flykidd773

    Man XL Is Wat My Nig Big Sean Got!!If U Dnt Like It Dnt Comment Swagg!!!

    • SKILLZ

      that’s what wrong with you kid rappers. Too much “swag” not enough “SKILLS” …this shit is bout as Medium as the shirt on kid’s back. gtfoh.

      • JedifromRioDeJanero

        This album deserves an XL because of how different Sean is from these other rappers. He flaunts his wealth like the rest of them but he talks about the transition, and he’s not a gangster or hustler. A XXL would be way to much because this album is not timeless. An L is not enough because it doesnt capture the right now factor he has

        • http://SoundCloud.Com/SpringzTheGrinch Springz The Grinch


  • Yung Wiz

    This is the Best Album of this year! Congrats Big Sean I do IT BOI!

  • Bossplaya253


    • Z412



    • mikkkey

      definitely better than ‘Rolling papers’ and also better than ‘Lasers’ in my opinion (even though both Wiz and lupe killed their verses on this album)….This is on the same level as drakes ‘Thank me later’ debut

  • Irie

    Classic… Always hatin’ on someone who made it! Come on, grow the fuck up! #FinallyFamous

  • Yogi

    yeah this is a good album. to 614 this album was much better than wiz’s album in my opinion it stuck to his style. I think that his album would be much more popular without so many of his songs being released like on hdmixtapes and stuff like that

  • Leon

    Been a Big Sean fan Since the 1st finally famous…….dis shyt deserved an XL no more no less……. FFOE

  • @tblevyy

    How can you honestly say its bad. Big sean has started his own flow, his own style, his own persona. You don’t see any rappers out there starting something new… Big sean is years ahead of the game with his Flow, Lyrics, Beats, etc. He started from the ground up knowing what he was up against and he took that and did something know one had even imagined. He put it in the “optical” When you have a relatively good response to this then i will acknowledge the hate.

  • Brenda


  • Kieran_YMCMB_Canada

    K As A HUGE Big Sean fan I love it! but its not XXL worthy. But Haters: Its been out for like 6-7 hours! listen to it a few times (Or because you probably Not have done so already, go and BUY the Album!) and then come back and Comment. Thanks Boi!
    PS and Just because I’m a Fan of an Artist, Doesnt mean I’m “Dick-Riding”

  • Dopeunt

    this album is sweet, High is #dopeunt

  • heep hop

    dope mixtape, L at best though. sounds like it was made for the radio and with the exception ofthe lupe track and “I do it” isnt really what hes been about in the lead up. consistency and lyrical ability is sick .


  • efed

    ehh this album isnt tht special finally famous 3 over this but imma big sean fan so i fucks wit it but the best album to drop today dom kennedy from the westside with love 2 killed sean and curren$y today tht shit is GOOD music

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Ch*l*z

    Lyrics – (decent) = L
    Beats – (dope) = XL
    Originality (fair) = M

    Overall = L

    Just my opinon …no diss.

    • Hip Hop Addict

      You Got Beats Way Up There… They Were Not That Good…. The Exile Beat Was Nice As Fuck!!! And Lupe And Sean Killed It

  • Hnic313

    Heard the album didnt really give it a chance sean is lyrical if its between an l and xl im giving him an xl not because im from the detroit, but for orginality being different talking about growth and real life sitautions that are not fabricated like rick ross and shit.. truthfully I feel sean reps detroit , but I feel as though he doesnt really rep for everybody in the city he doesnt rap about things in michigan like somerset mall or 12 oaks or even northland like even what he wears not everyone in detroit wears Ti$a , there are people in the hood that still wear Marthe francois Girbaud ! Detroit is finally getting its shine outside Eminem so I cant hate #Pow

  • Brock

    For his lyrics to be and XL and for weekend @ burnies to get an L is simply outrageous. SMH!

  • King Oro

    Good music from G.O.O.D Music, Sean is going hard, despite the fact that his mix tape sounds better, the facts are that albums need to sell thus they need to be light and radio friendly, club friendly, look at all the greats, haven’t their mixtapes been doper than their albums?? look at Fabolous for example the same applies, mixtape hard but album more easy on the ears, its marketing and sales strategies, u niggaz need to learn about the actual business side of music before u go disrespecting hard working people, go make some money of your own and be a star then u will know how it feels

  • louie

    big sean is dope and he is from the real big d so tip ur hat off to dude cause he aint playn gangster some of you fools cant relate so he gets an xl cause its really good music



  • cj22

    that rating is bull shit ive been bumpin big seans mixtapes forever and that album didnt evenb sound up to par he pulled a wiz if u ask me and if being diff makes u get a better rating then by ur logic kedrick lamars cd should have a xxl big sean is one of my fav rappers but that cd was garbage

  • what about chip?

    i would like to see a chip tha ripper review on here

  • Hip Hop Addict

    The Album Was Not What I Had Hoped…. Big Sean Could Have Done Way Better… I Only Got Into 1 Song (Wait For Me)… I Hope He Does Better Next Album…. His Mixtape’s are way better than this… A No Buy For Me…. Not Even A Illegal Download =(

  • J-Rock

    I give it an XL. Not because anything, because I like it and can’t stop listening to it. I really like his music. I don’t know why you guys dont like it, I really do. but, if you think this is bad, thats alright, I don’t care. Everyones going to think different.

  • http://www.facebook.com/L.Q.ENT L.Q.

    This deserved a XXL. It was creative all the way through…

  • amblors

    if i go by the rating on this website i’ll be listening to JUNK music.
    this album shout be rated an M.

  • http://canonmarkii.net/ Canon Mark II 5D

    I recently came accross your web site and also have been reading along. I thought I might leave my 1st remark. Nice blog. I am going to keep visiting this web site very frequently.

  • Tre 2010

    first off i like him cause he’s from detroit now he’s a good rapper tho he’s straight this is just the first album who knows whats to come and if you from the d when he rap you know what he talking about all rappers on the label G.O.O.D music is good to me stop hating on the man get you money boo boo cause he fo sho is making his and so is kanye

  • tre 2010

    i like this album and the man who created it (Big Sean)

  • Nat Turner II

    Big Sean is the worst rapper out…he needs his deal revoked…he’s well connected, that’s it…Original my ass…

  • J,C

    the beats was the only good thing lol it should be rated L not hating the truth…