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Skyzoo: The Salvation

The Salvation
(Jamla/Duck Down)

Over the past few years, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, MC Skyzoo has made quite a name for himself, thanks to his 2006 9th Wonder–collaborative album, Cloud 9: The 3 Day High, and well-conceived mixtapes like 2007’s Corner Store Classic. Now he finally unveils his proper debut, The Salvation, where the nimble lyricist employs metaphor-driven verses to exhibit music’s saving graces.

On “For What It’s Worth,” Skyzoo contemplates working a day job in lieu of falling for the streets’ allure, spittin’, “There’s too much money in cocaine for me to be playin’ the broke game/Or at a 9 to 5 with no-names.” Then he briefly turns to hustling on “The Necessary Evils,” before culminating his journey from the block to the top on “Maintain.” Undoubtedly, lyrics remain Sky’s calling card, but he wisely enlists a balanced set of producers, like Just Blaze (“Return of the Real”), Illmind (“Dear Whoever”) and 9th Wonder (“Under Pressure”), for the album’s standout selections.

Not every moment is praiseworthy, however. On “Easy to Fly,” he succumbs to cliché: “Let me Birkin your bag, Giuseppe your Nikes/And G4 you for the rest of your life,” while the wordy “Bottom Line” ultimately becomes indigestible. Still, overall, Skyzoo’s first official effort is a good look for fans in need of a little salvation. —JAEKI CHO

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  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    Skyzoo is one of the future leaders of the game. Waiting on this one…

  • http://callmephlip.blogspot.com/ Phlip

    I been listening to this since Wednesday, I feel it is better than they’re claiming here.
    Again, that is my opinion.

  • hate

    co-sign philp

    14 out of 16 tracks bang.

    “easy to fly” as mentioned in the review above,actually has a sick soulful beat but the lyrics are unoriginal and cliche.
    so they was onpoint there.

    They trippin on “bottom line” cuz that shit bang crazy.

    the only wack song besides “easy to fly” is “popularity”.

    he got no love when he put that in the bangers section a few weeks ago.
    so you alraedy know the deal with that.

    i’m sayin tho, i’d rather listen to all 16 tracks than bp3 or ob4cl2.

    maybe i’m crazy, but this shit really shouldnt be slept on

  • 619

    Good album by Skyzoo. I think New York hip-hop is comin’ back to life, with everything Rae and Ghost, Jay, and Skyzoo are doin’, and Jada murderin’ every guest appearance I’ve heard him on.

  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    Dude can blog let’s hope his album is worthy of purchashing & sum radio-spin.

  • Stephen

    This album will be fire i hope it gets radio play

  • Nehemiah

    The album is XXL to me. If u looking for some lyricism this is the album to get. Beautiful Decay is my favorite song off the album.

  • pal

    i think it is better than they said

  • john wormwood

    shout out to Mario,foul,nizz,dallas,kymak,
    bombastik and bullet. skyzoo is the best

  • jean g.

    propz.. great album