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New Boyz: Skinny Jeans & a Mic

Skinny Jeans & a Mic

The New Boyz are just having fun. Fresh out of high school, the California duo, consisting of Legacy and Ben J, made their mark with the chart-topping dance single “You’re a Jerk” in the spring of 2009. Produced by Legacy, the song was inspired by the old-school dance craze jerkin’, formerly associated with the West Coast’s notorious gang culture. But on their debut album, Skinny Jeans & a Mic, the New Boyz keep it light.

The party starts with the laugh-out-loud “Way 2 Many Chickz,” where Legacy clowns his less-than-desirable female conquests (“Every time it got loud she would sneak a little fart/She passed so much gas she could make a car start”). The comedy continues on songs like the booty ode “Bunz” and “Cashmere,” where the two friends battle for a single girl’s affection, but the Boyz get a bit more serious on the fashion-conscious “Colorz.” On it, Ben J does take a swipe at Chicago’s The Cool Kids, when he spits, “Everyone wanna rock the New Boyz style/Even The Cool Kids wanna be the New Boyz now.”

Surprisingly, the LP highlights some unexpected lyrical talent, but it lacks sonic variety. The disc is split into two types of songs: drum-heavy, 808-driven dance tracks and slow, sultry R&B joints, like “No More.” While “New Girl” and “One Night” give the youngsters a chance to showcase their softer sides, the Ray J–assisted “Tie Me Down” draws from the oft-used Auto-Tune well yet still manages to give off an enjoyable, summery vibe.

Sure, purists can hate on the YouTube-ready dance moves and kiddie approach, but an alternative to all of the game’s meanmugging isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Skinny Jeans & A Mic is no hip-hop classic, but rather the breath of fresh air rap needs. ——JONNY ALVAREZ

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  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    “Sure, purists can hate on the YouTube-ready dance moves and kiddie approach…”

    Okay, thanks I will.

  • caino

    l will leave this to my 12 yr old nephew thanks!

  • Sleepy Wonder

    Where Can I Vomit?

  • Avenger XL

    I actually liked the song your a jerk and I am a purist. But I still think most dance rappers only need EP’s not albums and they should double as DJ’s and party hosts. I am not a stan I understand the whole culture of hip-hop and I know their is a time to dance and we all want to dance to different stuff. This joint speaks more to Nick/Disney crowed and it is something for the tween female crowd(sans Robert Kelly). But your a Jerk reminded me of when hip-hop actually didn’t take it self so serious

  • maccadon

    Dem Niggaz gay as fuck skinny jeans 4real dats some real fag shit yo somebody need 2 beat dem niggaz ass 4real pussy ass niggaz dat shit aint hip hop thats some drag queen shit u fuckin homos

    • http://xxlmag newboyzlover

      u fuckiin rasist bastered y u callin dem nigga 4 ur a gay basteredur self pussy hole cun and a half r u poeple so blind u cant see there sooooooooooooooo fuckin pff and im following dem on twitter

  • latino heat

    damn it i didn’t know these dudes are from Cali. stop making us look bad you fuckin faggots!

  • gbj

    Ya’ll gave these new bitches an “L”. XXL go fuck yourselves for this review. These niggaz need to get the fuck outta here with this fuck boy faggot azz gay shit.

    I quote from Rhymefest- “Hip Hopain’t made for bitch ass niggaz.”

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    “but rather the breath of fresh air rap needs.”

    If this is a breath of fresh air, I need a gas mask.

  • PRBoi1229

    I aint gonna lie, they aint all that good. But some of these songs do got some lyrical content. And im a dude that dont be on that stuff. I prefer nas, lupe, common, kanye, jay-z, slaughterhouse. but some tracks show some potential. cricketz is a good example. and why ppl trippin on their skinny jeans? when does clothing affect someone’s rap skills? kanye be wearing tight jeans sometimes, but do u guys diss his music? weezy be wearing tight jeans, but u guys blast his tracks in ur cars. i aint supporting them cuz they are kinda wack, but all this about they gay skinny tight jeans so they wack is hypocritical. and I agree with AvengerXL

  • hate

    being from ny you guys know i don’t ever listen to no shit like this but……………

    it’s better these young kids out in cali is “jerkin” (gayest fuckin dance i ever heard) then shootin each other.

  • Gkid12345

    If by L they mean Low As Fluck cuz this album deserves an S rating

  • RD

    These are some of the weakest lyrics ive ever heard How much yall wanna bet these guys are gonne remain one hit wonders

  • HU

    Funny that XXL is reviewing an album they also promote through a bullshit contest no one will enter. This reviewer was clearly holding back vomit while writing this nonsense. “A breath of fresh air” LMFAO!!! You fuckers are responsible for this shit rap continuing to fester.

  • http://myspace.com kearra

    yall need to stop hatin and there not gay muda fucka yur gay for thnkn theyre gay you just mad cuz you cnt ance like them and you probably mad cuz they famous and you not dont hate cuz dey get pussy an yu dnt

  • berry

    knew yall was gonna talk shit lols

  • http://rweyeyh dumb

    bitch fuck shit ass whole

  • Del

    I dont listen to their music, dont care about their dancin or their sound. I’m too grown up and old for it (30y/o) and quite frankly, their music is not SUPPOSED to appeal to me. With that said, y’all “real hip-hop heads” and “real niggas” downing these young brothers for what they do is counter-productive. Calling them gay and all that other destructive talk IS gay. Do your research and understand fashion trends. Niggas who sag were called gay too, thinking they were purposely showin their poopholes!! Men wearing earrings, men with long hair (braids), all that shyt was once considered “gay”. So fall back. It just aint for you and thats OK.

  • Jazzie Lee

    Well, see this kind of stuff is what helped to speculate that the New Boyz and The Cool Kids were beefing when they weren’t. Legacy even said that they respect The Cool Kids and their style and The Cool Kids even said that the New Boyz are the next generation of the movement that they helped to build up. But what really strikes me as humorous and appalling, is how people are MORE INTO the NEW BOYZ SKINNY JEANS, THAN THEY ARE THEIR MUSIC. In almost every comment on their videos, the only real subject being brought up is the fact that they wear skinny jeans.. Okay SO?!?!

    It’s a style they feel comfortable in and if you know how to rock the jeans you should be able to wear them. I think they are going to become a lot more in the industry than Soulja Boy.. because people compared them to him a lot, but when it comes down to lyrical skills the New Boyz have talent to back up the dancing. Where like Soulja Boy just had the dancing to keep himself on the tv screen.

    But I think the New Boyz are gonna do good, can’t wait to see what else they have coming out.

  • Naomi

    New Boyz r asom and i agree with kearra ppl who hate new boyz r just jelous cause thy rnt famous i think New Boyz r the best u rock New Boyz

    • naomi

      latino heat quit hatin on New Boyz

  • bl1ndy

    that song is a total rip off of the cool kids song of the same name