It’s crazy how we sometimes take some rappers for granted. A few years back when State Property was popping off with their music I was feeling them, but at the same time I was like, “Aight. Whatever.” Now with all these subpar rappers and their material, I realize that what we had back then is what we should’ve supported so they could’ve continued to bless us today. Even if we supported them the Nasty Nas way, with gift cards and whatnot, at least it would’ve been a sign of appreciation. Since then Beans has been sidetracked by prison time, Peedi’s been going at “Joe Camel” and Neef’s face been on Soy Milk Cartons (he’s too old to be on your everyday milk carton). But Young Chris’s been keeping his name relevant for the most part. Constantly dropping freestyles and mixtapes, he’s not giving up on his dream or his city of brotherly love. He basically said as much on “Not Gonna Fold.”

But my favorite joints where the ones where he featured his former Roc-A-Fella comrades. The drums on “Free Peedi” were hard enough to hold my man Beans flow something ridiculous. Not to mention his verse on “Last 2” where he got gritty with “I have no morals/just a whole lot of piss and a dick for you/bullets in a clip for you/this is the ignorance/at least it looks that way when you witness it/kill all witnesses/bury the hatchet/matter of fact bury your casket/shoot you up bury the rachet/dig it back up if I have to/I used to bump niggas and knock niggas out for the practice.” Dayum!

Young Chris got his off too —saying lines like, “Another Def Poet, like I can’t let go/you flash you gotta blast/I mean you can’t just show it/if he had to go what he asking for? I’ll make the victim be the shooter like Plaxico,” on “Fresh To Death."  And the flows he showcased on the laid back “Grow Things” and uptempo “Hot Shyt” demonstrates that this kid takes this rap ish seriously.

YC’s always had a respectable flow and above average rhymes to get the job done on a hot track, but his overall style is too reminiscent of Hova to me. I’ve made that argument before and y’all got mad saying Jigga is the one who stole his style. But that’s not to say that he can’t do him. Chris put together an overall solid mixtape and kept it interesting from beginning to end. Though some of the production was a little weak (“Rough Side,” “Rap Money,” “All The Cities”) Chris still came off and showed that with or without the Roc, he’s not gonna give up his ambitions and keep on riding 'til he’s back on 106th and Park. Bring back State Property!!!—The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: “Free Peedi”

Weakest Joint: “Rap Money”