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DJ Scream & Rich Boy: Kool Aid Kush & Convertibles

I’ma keep it a thou with everyone right now. A few years ago I couldn’t tell the difference between a Rich Boy joint and a Soulja Boy jam. They were both burning up the airwaves with that “Superman” bullshit and “Throw Some D’s” crap that I ended up feeling cause it was constantly played during Entourage previews (hottest show out right now). But upon closer analysis I realized that RB actually has something to say. I mean he’s not spitting gospels like Rakim or Pac, but he’s saying something… sometimes. While it’s obvious that his vocab is as limited as those Eminem Jordan 4’s (Can I live, Em?) and his metaphors were probably wrestled away from the homeless before they could take them to the Recycling center for those 10 pennies, he’s still way more listenable than 98% of whatever Soulja Boy can muster.

“Supermodels give me superhead in lingerie’s/I’m bustin’ back-to-back/bitch, why you acting fake? Your man be hatin’ too much, hoe, I don’t need problems/I fuck a single bitch cause I don’t need drama/no baby mama, I’m single as a Pringle/I’m hoppin’ out of cars that make the women wanna mingle.” He got cha open like Buckshot in the early ’90s right? Ok, maybe not. And yes that rhyme could’ve been penned by B-Rad himself, but that pretty much sums up his content throughout Kool Aid Kush (Anyone know where I can get some of that Kush?). Maybe his hook on “Drop Top” where he repeats “Apple Sour Amaretto—pint, I’m on another level/money make her pussy wetter/college make her head better,” will help distinguish him from your everyday common rapper because he’s on his own level, right? I mean it was a fuckin’ lyrical barrage between him and OJ Da Juice Man on “Count Dem 100s!” You got one fool saying “Aye!” like there’s no tomorrow while the other sayin, “Mama keep sayin’ it’s too many blunts.” Word to everything it was like listening to Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas rapping on a record.

The majority of these joints had the same bouncy rhythm complete with the trademark southern rapid drums that helped blow some of hip-hop’s greatest one-year wonders. From “Kool Aid Kush” to “Where It’s At” it was all about the bounce. Though the production was pretty decent, it was at the same time sounding real repetitive. So the creativity space for someone who’s already limited was very small. Give this man a bouncy beat and he’s gonna talk about bouncing booties and titties and money and everything else that anyone who’s ever had money rapped about before. Or in this case, everything that comes with having one hit single of a career. Funny enough the beats are what made this listenable, but only if you’re preoccupied with a conversation or sex or a videogame or taking a shit. I don’t know? If you were a fan of “Throw Some D’s” then you might like this joint. If not then listen at your own expense.

Have a good weekend y’all. Stay up and stay strapped both ways. Uno.—The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: “Put Me In The Game”

Weakest Joint: “Count Dem 100s”

Rating: BAD

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  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    What up O…I could’ve predicted this before your review. I’ve never seen the appeal of this dude…

    • Avenger XL

      Pierzy, Rich Boy is actually a talented rapper when he decides to do more than the typical southern hip-hop stereotype music. But you are correct since he continues to play himself trying to get some more of that “throw some D’s” love. He is all but finished just waiting for the fall out. Hell he could join Young Buck and a few other hit chasing cats who fell the hell off and form a super group of wahed up southern rappers.

      • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

        What up…I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know enough of his catalog to make that determination, so I’ll take your word for it. However, as you implicitly stated, the music that you put out there for main consumption is the music by which you will be judged…

        To an extent, it was the same thing with Joe Budden. He is still trying to prove to scores of people that he’s more than the “Pump It Up” dude.

    • http://XXLMAG.COM Twills

      Man non of yall dnt know what u talkin bout im from Pascagoula Ms which is bout 45 mins from mobile alabama. I like richboy’s music and im gonna ride wit em to the end. I do admit he should widen his subject matter a bit more but other than that im feeling his music, production team and his whole camp.

  • Avenger XL

    Throw some dirt on that bitch his career is dead.

  • O

    Co-sign everything y’all done said. And word up, P, I ain’t understand why heads was checking for RB, but you never know in hip-hop. Flavor of the month heads get that kind of attention sometimes. And word up, AXL, his career is a wrap.

  • BeerGangsta

    I love the name Rich! Everybody won’ts to be Rich and go to Heaven at the same time. Rich Boy is wack. Country Alabama shit. Learn how 2 make music for everybody.

  • Koncept

    Im a fan of Richboy myself, but you saying that hes god awful is mean. i kno hes got sum suckish shit here and there (who doesnt? dont you dare say wayne…) but the rest is still listenable. The rest, yea, is homicide on the ears. Plus that shit was fucked up OJ and richboy

  • http://dollahdae.com Dollah Da

    Yo RichBoy is from Mobile,AL which is 45 minutes from Biloxi where I live and NOBODY feels his music the beats are ok… but dam where is POLOW THE DON???? SHIT sounding real low budget Rich BOY step ur game up…lol

  • http://myspace.com/thelabelrecords Sammy P

    I agree wit most of this I didn’t like him until my mans was playin that “Ghetto Rich” song with him, john legend, wayne, and nas. & I havn’t really listened to him since but that song made me respect him more.

  • http://www.myspace.com/crockerishiphop Crocker

    Try “Let’s Get This Paper.” Shit gives me chills and for the life of me I couldn’t tell you why. God, I’m actually defending Rich Boy. And Pierzy, any true *cough* internet soldier *cough* will tell you dude is far more than the Pump It Up guy. I can’t remember Hammer hitting me without a “Dumb Out” quality track.

  • *BLOCK*


  • Zaviator

    To be honest ya’ll just cant relate to dude and if you did then you’d wouldnt be hatin so hard. Rich Boy definatly got skills probably got more talent on his finger nail than most yall fuckboi’s will ever have an a lifetime. Stop hatin on good music, XXL get off that bullshit before yall end up like VIBE and check ya writers cause they definatly BIAS!

    • Hanch

      Key Word being Good Music which Rich Boy is NOT!!!!!!!! In most States what he does is not even considered music!!!

  • Lito

    Wow! Sounds like Bill O’Reilly reviewed this shit… Instead of rating music and blogging about it, some of you mufuckaz should be doing taxes or grading term papers instead. Personally, I think some of you mufuckaz are lame as hell. I don’t every post, but I had to this time. Some of yall are crazy. You’re too critical for no reason. I guess yall don’t go out and have fun like the rest of the normal world. If you did’t you’d enjoy and understand Southern Music. How many rappers give you their deepest material on a mixtape (RB does give you a sample of that ghetto gospel on “Come Get Me”)? Not many! Mixtapes are used to keep you in rotation and to entertain. My nigga did the job to me and to many more. I fuck with Rich Boy hard and most of you niggas are hating. Sounds like he’s talking about the same shit everyone else does. Maybe it is the Alabama thing… Its sad though, b/c he is still hotter than a lot of your favorite rappres.

    Hottest Song – Come Get Me
    Weakest Song – Drop Top Remix (The original is better)

  • bama nigga

    lito im wit u on dat..deez nigas really hatin on dis nigga cuz he is better den alotta deez niggas.cd wuz way diffrent den alotta deez albums from niggas in da south and 2 be real his cd wuz aight 2 me cuz it didnt really represent dat bama shit but alotta my niggas and people outside da south liked it cuz it wuznt da same southern shit…2 me his best shit of all is da BIGGER THEN THE MAYOR mixtape..and u crazy if u think da regular drop top betta cuz da remix beat is killin da old one…niggas just heard dat throw sum ds and just thought he wuz a typical southern rapper but i know niggas in new york who fuck wit him

  • http://hotmail.com ghettoboi

    I agree wit da last two niggas yall upnorth niggas have a hard time wit southern rappers.it might because yall been listening to da same shit sense 93′LOL. i fucks wit rickboy and dat mixtape bumpin so either take it or leave it got damnit!!

  • alfred

    this scapio i wa raised if u dont have nothin good to say dont say nothing at all dats real shit. my nigga is 100 real and he fucks wit everybody. not 1 hate bone in my nigga. samething here wit me. so stop hating on alabama n rich. i got my nigga back like a book bag. so to yall haters yall 14 days 2 weak fuck boys. pa inc d boy squad bama stand up.koolaid kush what else