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Big Mike & Max B Present Public Domain 6: Walking The Plank

Well, it’s official. Max Biggaveli has been found guilty of all types of counts and is looking at the kind of time that got Remy Ma saying, “Dayum! I’m glad I’m not that nigga.” But before going away on the iron vacation, the Harlemite is giving his fans one last going away present. Something to remember him by: Public Domain 6: Walking The Plank. A mixtape with slowed down samples from some of your favorite hip-hop classics, Max is going all in with that Wavy style that’s made him a household name… in like a few projects and a couple of ghettos… on the East Coast… in New York… mainly in Harlem.

Made famous by his off key melodies and mumbling manner of spitting his rhymes, Max keeps true to his style. And while I’m not the biggest fan of his “wavy” steez, I will say that he sounds like he’s finally mastering his unique style and is learning how to ride the beats with his off key melodies and notes. “Cake” Remix and “I Never Wanna Go Back” was pretty damn listenable to be honest with you. The latter of the two was actually pretty hot. But that was about it. Every other time he sang out of tune you’d find yourself wondering about the years and how savage they’ve been to you.

And as long as everyone’s writing letters to rappers that passed away over Kiss’ “Letter To Big” instrumental, Max took the time to speak to the spirit of Stack Bundles. Max continues to take shots at his foes even during this ghetto eulogy saying, “You’re turning over in your grave listening to flows that nigga’s spit/that me and you helped develop/and oh, I fucked that nigga bitch/reminisce the days we was in the studio making hits/can I roll with you crunch time? Hooks, no punchlines/crooks, no one time/we was all wave/look it now/Jim only sold ten thou/put his men down.”

When he’s spitting using that mumbling style, it’s pretty original and actually interesting. Simply because you’re trying your best to make out what the man is saying in his sometimes very mediocre rhymes. But when he sings the chorus with that off key melody, he sounds like the epitome of a wannabe “artist.” His verses were pretty decent on “All In One Night,” “Dead Solver,” and “Movin’ On Out The Door” but when he tried to hit those Soprano notes, he ended up wacking his own music. Some heads might be loving his overall technique, but I can only co-sign half his style. That other half of his style that I just can’t feel is featured all over “Porno Muzik,” and “Starz Is Back.” But hey that’s just me. Good luck on the appeal, Max. Keep ya head up and your mind focused.—The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: “I Never Wanna Go Back”

Weakest Joint: “Porno Muzik”

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  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    “you do dirt, you get dirt”.put a nail in this nigga coffin.stupid fuck damn near was out the hood and went right back in like it was pussy or some’n. Go braid some hair fish!

    • marcus panero

      any negative comments are void people.the wave is all postive! unique versatile deep creative …..WAVY!!! he didnt even do da crime,so those comments are SIMPLY IGNORANT,CHILDISH,PATHETIC,AND JUS MAKES U SOUND LIKE U BIN DROWIN IN DAT HATERADE JIM JONES HAS BEEN SELLING….loool boss don in real life,in the music biz and loved by all the real people WORLDWIDE.Dont review a great Artist and state negative oppinions state facts,if u had negative facts we would respect ur view,simple.3max b,he got his appeal,all u hater better buy u columbian waterproof ponchos,max b was talkin bout,caus the wave is gonna be tidal…OWW!

  • AvengerXL

    good riddins this dude was garbage from the jump but he was on that whole swag wave created by wack rappers who can’t rhyme on beat or think of anything worth listening to to say. I hate to see him do time but he needed to ease up on the recording and so does Jimmy “Dirt Angel” Jones his arch enemy.

  • rich

    Max is that nigga. O, you wilin’. I wish someone else had reviewed this tape. This shit is fire. straight up. Max style can be compared to Weezy’s. Half of the time, Weezy rappin’ about some bullshit, but its hot. Max flow is unique. He different. Sometimes he misses and sometimes he’s dead on. PD6 is my shit. Free Max B

  • O

    Max’s style IS unique when he’s rapping. I’m not knocking him for that. But that singing off key shit is not poppin.

  • waavy

    on the wavy tip tho, dame grease ftw

  • http://www.myspace.com/milwaukeelateef MILWAUKEE LATEEF



  • http://xxlmag.com dzodadon

    Max is the shit straight up yo fuck the haters fuck that Drake r&b ne-yo singin shit Maxi he so wavy yo free max b

  • chrondick

    free biggavel max was so hot jim jones’ independent p.o.m.e. wit max all ova it ran circles around pray 4 reign wit the bullshit gang on it. i guess max gotta do it like shyne in 03.21 gun salute to my nigga max tha don!!!!

  • Van Deas

    What realy needs to happen is both these fools need to “Walk the plank” lets be honest Big Mike is a joke of a non mixing non creative DJ and for a good rapper Cadence is everything! Can’t stay on beat? get the F outta here with that garbage. Mumble all the time? who want’s to try and decipher that ish, do your time and improve your rhyme. That mumbling garbage and slurred speech just sounds like your too lazy or too damned high to give a damn about making music. Reminds me of that episode of Family guy where Peter and Loise entered the “Talent Show” but were so wated they just yelled on the mike… hmm that sounds like a description I heard of DJ Big Mike LOL JK or am I?

  • javi

    shutup fool, you are a hater.
    hes the shit, thatts why youre just some weak blog writer and he did something with his creativity. this was a poorly written review at best, this music wasnt made for squares like you