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REVIEW: 50 Cent, Forever King

Story goes that at one point in the 1990s Boo Boo told his crew that he was going to stop hustling and become a rapper. No one at that time heard him rap before and were skeptical about how he would fare on the mic. But whatever the cause was for his sudden change of heart, it all happened in the ’90s and the result was the infamous 50 Cent. To many people and myself, that decade was considered hip-hop’s golden era. Success depended on originality and creativity, not dick riding the next man’s formula. Ahh how times have changed.

Anyway, when he’s in his mixtape element, few if anyone can see 50 Cent. Especially when he’s remaking hot shit to his own liking. I mean that’s how he got on, remember? Taking someone else’s hit and making it hotter. But this time he isn’t jacking current hits, he’s taking it back to the era that might have inspired him to add his own layer to the hip-hop culture. Throwing his own verses over classic instrumentals like Wu- Tang’s “Heaterz” (“I’m Paranoid”), Biggie’s “Suicidal Thoughts” (“Suicide Watch”), and Case’s “Touch Me, Tease Me” (“Touch Me”) where he used the classic R&B beat to sweet talk his high heel wearing fan base saying, “She’s so vicious/sweet kisses, taste delicious/maybe this is who I should make the Mrs./let’s conversate a little like the fiddle/play with the middle.”

50 continued to be in rare form when he used a slick and sick flow to spit, “They say I ain’t lyrical/they say I ain’t a miracle/I say some hard shit so they say I ain’t spiritual/they act like they know God better than me/I know God Allah, he used to pump crack up the street,” over the Jackson 5’s “I Wanna Be Where You Are.” 50 and Mike went together like bread and butter on that song. And I’m not talking about that “I can’t believe it’s not butter” bullshit. I mean that real artery clogging butter that put an end to Chris Farley and Elvis. That Manteca, b.

On “90’s & My Heart Is Broken” a bunch of R&B classics were blended with old 50 verses and it came out pretty cool. But this time around we were blessed with fresh 50 verses on classic material, and he created something that reminded me why he was so untouchable a few years back. He was more charismatic with his style (not bragging about being rich and not trying so hard to be, well, hard), the flow was impeccable on every joint he did and he was just having fun with the music. That’s how 50 took over the game the first time around. With fun/gangsta joints like “Niggas” and “Wanksta.” Though joints like “Dreaming” and “Get The Money” were a little too dance-ish for me, he still got it in. He took it back to his mixtape essence where he adapted his sound so spot on to popular tracks that it sounded as if these were official remixes. All I can say is, everyone better watch out, 50’s back around…-The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: “Touch Me”

Weakest Joint: “London Girl Pt 2”

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  • ee bubble

    I like war angel too but this one right here hasnt left the cd player,
    joints are dope.

    • Mr.Boss

      GroDT= Classic 10/10
      Massacre=Masterpiece 10/10(Better Than GRODT in my opinion)
      Curtis=Uhh…Ok Not Bad 7/10
      Beg For Mercy= Alrite 7/10
      T.O.S.= Amazing 8/10
      War Angel= Brilliant 9/10 (for a mixtape it was almost perfect)
      Forever King= Not Too Shabby= 7/10
      Carter 3= uhh… y do i have to skip so many tracks? 6/10(JUST FOR REFERENCE FOR WAYNE COCK RIDERS)
      Drought 3= Amazing 8/10

      • http://www.eminembase.com EminemBase

        LMAO are you serious man. The Massacre a masterpiecE? LMFAO your fucking taste is awful.

        It’s as useful as a coaster. That album is trash.

    • http://www.myspace.com/AOMinc EREK56

      Yo on the real, this mixtape is wack man. I aint no 50 fan, but i respect his hustle and track record. But this is to me…is sub-par 50. He still hasnt given me that “Get Rich…” feeling. That was the best music he ever made, except for the first wave of mixtapes.


    This is gettin a download but still 50 better have an album as good as his mixtapes yo!!

  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    I just DL’d this other day and have been waiting to get a chance to listen to it…

  • yoprince

    war angel was cool.

    he killed that michael jackson shit, so I might have to DL this too..

  • BeerGangsta

    First name speak for itself forever Bitch! This Bitch can’t Rap worth a dam. Ugly face is overratted! I have never heard any of his CDS. I’m glad I never heard any of the Wack Shit. For as I concern your music is in the GraveYard.

    • m tizzy

      this comment is the definition of hate….

      “this bitch cant rap worth a damn……”I have never heard any of his cds”

      constant contradiction

      how do you know if he can rap if you never listened?

    • bullcrap

      wait what? u have never heard any of 50′s songs??? which part of the world do u live again??? China?? Iran?? somewhere in Australia??? I love how haterz jus exagerate facts so much it dont make sense no more… no matter how much i hate souljaboy there’s always an occasion where I heard one of his tracks… dont push the truth too much fuck tard

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    how much 50 pay ya’ll to lie like this?

  • epinz

    i dnt listen to the nigga like that, but yall niggaz is crazy if u dont like this shit or war angel. how yall niggaz gunna hate but aint even listen to one of his albums? what does his looks have to do wit anything beergangsta? u niggaz r lame!!!! gunna waste ur time hatin on another nigga u aparently know nuthin about!

  • O

    BeerGangsta, no racist comments? i’m shocked and appalled. And come on, Vhingrhames, my opinion can’t be bought, dunn. This mixtape was official tissue. Vintage 50. Shit was hot…

  • murK

    i think war angel was much better than this. but i just saw today that the forever king mixtape came out with no dj whoo kid on it. POW!

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    okay, war angel on point mos’ def. forever king is ass paper i agree.naw fuckin wit’ you but after hearin war angel i ain’t feelin 50 usin old methods for hot records, he been there done that(no Dre first aftermath single by the way).

  • O

    I feels you. War Angel was pretty cool, but i’m an 80′s baby, thus the 90′s was my era. So i’m pretty bias when it comes to shit like this…

    • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

      Same here…

  • http://colby-sempek.com Ghost

    Damien Hearst fashioned a diamond encrusted skull and passed it off as fine art…I always thought appropriating that somehow would be money as shit…and there we go…Imagine how gangsta you would be if you could afford that and throw it on a chain…holy shit…

    • http://colby-sempek.com Ghost

      Hirst…my bad

  • m tizzy

    Cd is dope….50 actually spitting again….

    i think people that say 50 cant rapp have never listened to anything but his dumbed down singles….

    Go download his mixtapes from before his aftermath deal and then tell me 50 cant spit…

  • http://www.psbrn@verizon.net brand-new

    this joint is arguably 50′s best mixtape since the 02-03 era!

  • http://-- gaddic

    Good mixtape but in my opinion War angel was better
    I don’t know maybe I’ll just need to listen more Dope as hell so far though
    All you haters FUCK OFF!!!!
    FIFTY is a mixtape legend

  • loscrila

    these kats gotta be sick to think 50 cant spit/betta check my batting avg i always make hits. LOL! 187

  • King Joffy Joe

    All I know is, that War Angel was straight crack. Looking forward to downloading this one too.

  • harmen

    yeah war angel was hype this one seems like it’s gonna be hot too
    i dont know why everyone hates 50 man grodt=classic
    the massacre=misunderstood/slept on
    curtis=not very good kinda tryin too hard
    beg for mercy=near classic
    t.o.s.=near classic
    this guys rhymes tight.. when he wants to
    listen to the song creep by him n mobb deep he literally makes havoc and prodigy’s parts boring and rapes them on their own track

  • ImaculatePrince





    Beg for mercy-Very gd at the time

    T.O.S–U kiddin me?..shit wackkk

    • lucifa

      yoo is u on crack
      t.o.s was a gd album fuk outta heya wat the fuk u wanna hear fuking lollipop go here lil wayne faget azz go hear garbage

  • CHillin

    dog massacre was trash

  • Philip

    GRODT= Classic 10/10
    Massacre= Brilliant (Better Than GrODT in my opinion) 10/10
    Curtis= Shakey 7/10
    Beg For Mercy= Alrite 7/10
    T.O.S.=Great 8/10
    War Angel= AMAZING 9/10
    Forever KIng= Alrite 7/10

    (Carter 3 Just For Reference was not that good,, After 3Peat only a few good songs) I could listen to all 50 cent albums without skipping a track. 50 cent September 2009 BISD!!!!!

  • Nate

    Both this and War Angel serve a different purpose. The thing is 50 can make hits or use em to fit the mood you are in. War Angel was that new original shit that came hard. 50 comes hard on the first couple songs on this and then brings the smooth songs with tight verses. I was able to listen to this 2-3 times today no problem.

  • beaver

    dat war angel was da shit..i listened 2 dat over 10 times..i never get bored wit it..great mixtape..

    an 4 forever king..i haven’tm heard it yet..i didn’t know it kame out yet..i still don’t know if it did..

    but i only heard dat song wit mj..
    dat verse is so fuckin good..i wish he did at least another verse..though..but its a still a dope track..

  • realBOSTON

    respect it or check it – best track on this. check that shit out, shoulda been a street single

  • Brooklynallday

    Listen im tired of all u 50 haters son u gettin me tite cuz u on lil waynes dick nd wen 50 drops sumthin hot u always be like that shit is whack so hop of that niggas dick.anyways back to forever king this shit is hot i think war angel is better but im gonna put this on a cd nd blast that shit in my car

  • dObBleDeE

    yoo respect to war angel dat shit is the best mixtape ever but the forever king is bomb!!
    i can’t wait for the new almighty album **BISD** FIFTY don’t stop

  • RotterdamSoldier

    Cosign RealBOSTON

    That respect it or check it track is my favorit on FK.
    Fo’real tho why can’t he make more of his albums like his mixtapes?

  • Kanyeezille

    50s weak. He is one of the worst lyricist. He spits trash. Hez lucky he has dre supplying the beatz

  • http://www.myspace.com/milwaukeelateef MILWAUKEE LATEEF



  • siriusharm

    These mixtapes give testament to 50 cents return to the no frills street shit but I can’t be mad at him for trying to invert R&B in to the curtis albulm because at the time thats the movement everyone was on so to stay relevant and sell records he tried to do more guest spots. But War angel and Forever king is him saying okay fuck the main stream media fans and just lets stay on some gangsta shit. people who say he isn’t back to The Get rich or die trying days need to let it go because for them he’ll never be back at that position. Thats like saying jay-z needs to go back to the Reasonable doubt days. Move on and eiter listen or don’t.

  • Luke

    lol @ bullcrap – “which part of the world do u live again??? China?? Iran?? somewhere in Australia???”
    Very ignorant, we Australians have a very Americanised culture.