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The Jacka: Tear Gas

The Jacka
Tear Gas
(Artist Records/SMC)

Gangster imagery and sex-filled rhetoric are not new to hip-hop, but few can blend them like The Jacka on his third solo album, Tear Gas.

It’s been nearly four years since the Pittsburg, California, native released his last official album, The Jack Artist, and this time out he wastes little time, jumping off with heat on the somber “Summer.” Over the track’s steadily paced drums, Jacka exhibits how the hottest season can be so cold, reminiscing on lost friends. He is best when he touches on the realities of street life, and on “They Don’t Know,” featuring Freeway, The Jacka continues to expound on the perils of the hood, when he raps, “Gangsta from the M-O-B, but in Allah we trust/I try to purify my heart ’cause I’m a slave to my thoughts/I’m a monster out here ’cause I change when it’s dark.”

Surprisingly, Jacka is able to multitask. With introspective block anthems already in tow, the rapper turns his attention to the fairer sex. “Girls,” produced by Traxamillion, is a definite standout with its kinetic drum pattern and childlike melody on the hook. But it’s the Devin the Dude–assisted ode to freaks “Keep Callin’” that ultimately wins, while “What’s Your Sign” and the previously released “All Over Me” provide a much-needed balance to an otherwise hardcore disc.

The gift and curse of the album is its plethora of features (Jacka is the sole rapper on only four of 19 tracks). Sometimes they work great, as is the case with Mistah F.A.B.’s scene-stealing performance on “Callin’ Me Back,” and other times they become a distraction, like on the out of place “Get It In,” with Paul Wall. It’s the disc’s duality and Jacka’s penchant for both prose and pop that, in the end, make Tear Gas the best of both worlds. –BRANDEN J. PETERS

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  • Pierzy

    Never heard of this dude. I’m slippin’…

  • BeerGangsta

    You right Pierzy never heard of him either. Anything got to do with the West Coast count me in. June 20th everybody need to be at the Birthday Bash in Atlanta. Get your ticket. It’s at Phillips Arena. Be there ya’ll. It’s going to be so many Heffers with fat azz! Take them home with you. At least one. I know I will!

  • $ykotic

    3x. Never heard of dude. Even on the left coast.

  • corlione39


  • http://www.resurrectedmuzik.com Luby562

    Jacka is the real deal. 1/2 of the Mob Figgaz C-Bo put them on. Huslah the other 1/2 spit that fire too!!
    This is coming from a SoCal G! They rep the Bay and the whole state of Cali to the fullest.
    Jacka and Dre Dog got some fire songs as well.

  • E.S.O. Boy

    @Luby562 The Jacka is NOT 1/2 of the Figaz, he’s 1/5th. The Jacka, Hus, Ap.9, Rydah, Fed X.

  • Casey

    So you guys think this guy’s album delivered as well as BO2 did?

  • sinceda90′s

    Yep you guys are sleepin. The jacka is one of the realist an most unique rappers in the game. Its good to see the jacka getting the recognition he deserves

  • the87man


  • Bay All Day

    Yall claiming to be from the West and havent heard of The Jacka!?!?!? Anyways Jacka is the truth and will not dissapoint with any material he puts out. For those of you who havent heard anything hes done go ahead and listen to his album “The JAck Artist” Classic album that most yall never heard. But well Worth any price you pay for it!!! 1half of Mob Figgaz…Dont talk about something that you know nothing about!!All the Figgaz been doing there thang…Free Huss

    • Miss Miri

      FREE HUSALAH – music isn’t the same without him. Murder On My Mind and Shine, I can’t believe people dont know about these dudes – they missing out!!

  • Dretti


    Jacka is a real nigga representin Cali. Hes got potenial to blow up and put cali on the map like Mac Dre, R.I.P, could have done. He’s a real nigga who appeals to niggas from every hood.

    If you havent heard of the Jacka go listen to his album “The Jack Artist”, its a classic. no lie The Jack Artist album has to be the top 10 albums of all time coming out of the west.


  • MuneeMIke925

    Jack is one of the best out the bay to me in my opinion 1/4 of the Mob Figaz (Rydah J.Klyde, husalah, ap-9, and fed-x) plus hes reppin my city P-World Ca this cd is going to be a must have if you haven’t heard of him peep his two other cds The Jack Artist and Jack of All Trades guranteee slap,can’t wait for this mob figaz the most underrated group in the west! get with it….Free Husssss! 12/18/2009 the boy boy is out !


    The Jacka been doing his thing for a minute. XXL will reach out to the streets every now and then. If you aint from the bay, you don’t hear the heat.

    -East Bay…HayStack


    its the jack nigga imma dope dealer on top of that imma liar and a stealer!! thats wassup the bay is n this bitch dont sleep on the jacka bra!!! mob figs n this bitch

    free husalah husalah!!

  • dbop

    this is gonna be the best album from the west.. way better then the e40 album.. if you never heard of the jacka then you don’t study underground rap

  • BayAreaGetsPaper




    AP.9, Husalah, Rydah J Klyde, Fed-X

  • JRoX

    Man, Your review of Tear Gas is WHACK..You must not of been listening…and you’re hella Lame for giving it a L..WTF? I guess ya just don’t get it. You didn’t even comment on songs like Storm with Cormega and Dreams with Ampichino and Zion….Glamorous lifestyle with Andre nickatina…Don’t go off this lame review go cop the cd on Tuesday and see for yourself why the jacka is the dopest!!!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,,,

  • 4real

    4 real if u live on the west coast and u never heard of the jack u r a straight square.

  • smoko

    The Jacka is the last of a dying breed. His music isn’t watered down and he is consistent. People that aren’t from the Bay will think that the West Coast is all about that LA gangsta scene. But The Jack definitely has his own flavor. If you’ve never heard of him, do yourself a favor and get your hands on The Jack Artist, The Jack Of All Trades and Shower Posse.

  • Miss Miri

    Jacka has been around for a long time and I can’t get enough of dude, can’t wait to see what Jacka, Ryday and Husalah do when Hus comes home next year, oh, I can’t wait for that! The BAY doesn’t get the attention it deserves, not at all. This is talent that needs to be shared and exposed, its too good to keep all to ourselves. MOB!!

  • youngkcaz

    stand up tha jack bruh…. i been riden wit dood the realest out the bay co sighn alll day the bay my ninja

  • Andrew

    yo jack is gonna bring the west far ma niggs like pac this is the nigga mane get wit it
    real shit fuk all that rap

  • Richmonds finest

    Jacka has been out for a minute. Best song is Glamorous lifestyle. If you never heard of him think of Jadakiss meets the outlaws. 1/3 of the mob figgaz. They (mob figgaz) sold over 100,000 copies of there 1st album (independent) plus back in the late 90’s. Classic bay shit. Jacka is dope. Being from the Bay and having traveled around the country…I know that a lot bay cats may be too bay for other parts of the country. But the Jacka has a national appeal. Best album out right now. Check out some of his shit below.


    not on the album but some of my favorites


  • http://twitter.com/webbbbb web408

    jacka is that dude. this album was good, feelin collabs. street album was more heat though

  • Bay legend

    the jack is the truth this guy go hard.

  • http://www.myspace.com/thacrackden Kilo

    yall slow as hell if yall aint heard of the jacka let alone the mob figas thiss dat real rap nun of dat fake tv shit slap this music if u a treal mob nigga


    This CD slapz for real- tracks 1-19, but the track “GLAMOROUS LIFE” with Andre Nickatina goes super hard!! The Freeway and Mistah Fab collaboz are sick too. Get this shit on t.v. the radio or somethin. The manz an animal, and when Huss gets out pshhhhhh… GAME F@#KIN OVER!!!!!!!!!!!! TRUST ME THIS CD IS WAAY BETTER THAN THE BULLSHIT “L” FROM THIS RADIO EDIT ASS MAGIZINE—-GET IT


    This CD slapz for real- tracks 1-19, but the track “GLAMOROUS LIFE” with Andre Nickatina goes super hard!! The Freeway and Mistah Fab collaboz are sick too. Get this shit on t.v. the radio or somethin. The manz an animal, and when Huss gets out pshhhhhh… GAME F@#KIN OVER!!!!!!!!!!!! TRUST ME THIS CD IS WAAY BETTER THAN THE BULLSHIT “L” FROM THIS RADIO EDIT ASS MAGIZINE—-GET IT!

  • snap

    The Truth is THis CD FUCKIN SLAPS just got it 2 days ago and i been slapping it ever since JAcka Go’s hard on every song even on “calling my name” even tho mistah F.A.B takes over the song at the end im from the bay im stay in WEST Pitt and for everyone out her sayin husalah this Husalah that all i got to say is that niggas a snitch

    • http://myspace.com/thacrackden kilo

      how da nigga hus a snitch??

      a wax still aint raw in ma oppinion

  • NorthernCalifoolya

    First of for those who dont know… keep bumpin souljaboy and charles hamilton…. The Jacka and the Mob Figaz are on like shit so u better find out about em!!

  • bayshark707

    This Cd is the truth. Jacka is definitely hardest artist out right now. i dont know how this cd only got a L.

  • Dino

    I challenge anyone to disect any of Jacka’s lyrics and say he aint raw talent. Every CD except mob trial 3 was pure slap. and he’s a REAL as nigga! the shit niggas rap about he does. if you lived in the bay you’ll know wat i mean.



  • FRI$CO

    “this rap shit ill have u in a hole like 300, kick a black nigga down a hole like 300, twist an 8th in a backwood boy and breath on it” – The jacka *callin my name *tear gas

  • daboi415

    if dis shyt dont go platinum n da country don’t hear dis. . .da country iz officially SQUARE! It’s been too many bay classics that have gone unheard. People from the WEST COAST still don’t know who Jack is?!?! A shame.

  • 28gram$am

    “knocc ya teeth down ya thoat, 60 g’s in my raiders coat, all trap money, split the C in my speedboat, i live in the bay a place ya never need dro, i can guarantee the best D ya eva seen befo’” -Jacka ft. Cellski rawest beat on the whole album fo real! and FYI the ORIGINAL figaz was Jack, Hus nd Feddy. Rydah nd AP came later.

  • jackal

    straight up, that jacka and cellski joint is fire…just bumpin ‘our heroes’ right now, probably become my favourite joint on the album. that scared money track goes hard too…much respect to the jacka all the way from australia, best rap album i heard in a long while…

  • Ayche Chotson

    mf’s just aint up to game!!! i went to school in Florida and some of my fellow bay niggas aint no who the jack was!!! but ya know meeeee, i got mf’s from east coast north coast dammit all over knocking the jack, i put as many ppl on as i could, rep for the bay, the jack go

  • haywood

    the jack go

  • David

    the jacka is the truth!

  • keepinitfunky

    Str8 up:
    The Jacka got original style, AUTHENTIC street content, and he comes on hard ass beats that go against the grain (I been tryna tell cats for years that Rob-Lo is THE most underrated west coast producer)…for those of us from the Bay, it’s easy to feel cuz we relate to the slang and the overall culture that comes out in his songs…but not to the average radiohead or squares who only fuck with Top 40 billboard shit.

    The only knock on the Jack is he doesn’t always have the most polished or consistent delivery (to industry standards) but he still says some of the illest shit period:

    “Hard to break like a $1000 bill these hoes on me cuz the homie wetter than a Navy Seal, I ride rallies in the winter but the pigs gon hate me still”

    “It aint checkers its chess, knock you out wit my left, take ya life wit my right, then blend in with the night”

    “Voted for Obama cuz he black but its still war, niggaz got straps but dont know what to kill for”

    Learn about it!!

  • Chris Suanes

    This nigga Jacka is the truth!!!!


    Im From tha bay n this review of tear gas didnt talk about its best tracks like galmourous lifestyle with nicky or Wont b right with Cellski or storm with noriega and my personal favorite our hereos with stalin n Dubb! WTF- XXL

  • sg

    jack is the shit. im writing this from ny, so tired of watchin these toys look past everything we do out west. Fuck the industry, yall are broke. out west we keep our money. oh, and “girls” is far from a standout track…that just means u dont get it