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Southeast Slim: The Medium

I’m at the point in this game where if any rapper comes into the game with a moniker that includes words like “Lil,’’ “Big,” ‘Young,” “The,” or “Slim,’ I’m extremely cautious about wasting my time listening to their music. To date the only MCs that can get away with having those words in their name has been Young Jeezy, The Game and Soulja Slim (R.I.P.). Now we have Southeast Slim. While I applaud the D.C. representative for starting his own label and getting his hood Trump on, I can’t give him too much props for this mixtape.

Son is a little too simplistic with his rhymes and style for my taste. It’s hard for me to think of heads as MCs when they spit lines like, “They ain’t built like me, my bones adamantium/Wolverine of the city, I lay them down to rest man/don’t be the next to get X’d, man!” (“My City”). Aside from the rhymes being that simple and elementary (my man had that “X’d man” metaphor in 5th grade), his lines sound cliché and tired at times. Like on “My Way” when he said, “It’s a gangsta’s paradise, I’m so Coolio/yeah! I’m takin’ shots of Don Julio/I’m making the soundtrack and my life is the movie though.” Who doesn’t claim to have a movie for a life nowadays? (I’ll tell y’all right now, my life ain’t a movie. My life is an Opera. A bunch of women screaming soprano and dudes singing like birds).

Then son tried to get a little too “artistic” with “Blame Single Divas” where he freestyled over a blend of “Blame It (On The Alcohol),” “Single Ladies,” and “Divas” instrumentals. I swear I think he was sending a hidden message to Brüno or Perez Hilton with this one. By the time the beat got to the “Divas” joint my homies looked at me like, “You brought this canned fruit to our cipher?” I felt like Nick Anderson after game one of the ’95 NBA Finals. I had to listen to the rest of this mixtape at home after that, dunn.

I will say that Slim can flow on whatever track he’s giving. Whether the beat requires a slow paced go (“My Life”) or a tongue twisting onslaught (“Sweet Dreams”), SS can definitely keep up. Unfortunately he ends up saying a lot of nothing. His rhymes go nowhere at times and leaves me scratching my dome wondering, “who’s telling him that he’s killing it? His grandmamma? Larry Johnson? What’s going on, Marvin?!” As long as his metaphors go something like, “We’re like role models cause these haters wanna be us,” I just don’t see South ascending past the level of a Bow Wow or Tyga. But hey, look on the bright side, from where he’s at right now he can only go up, right? Well, hopefully…The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: “So Sick”

Weakest Joint: “Blame Single Divas”

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  • Pierzy

    “I’m at the point in this game where if any rapper comes into the game with a moniker that includes words like “Lil,’’ “Big,” ‘Young,” “The,” or “Slim,’ I’m extremely cautious about wasting my time listening to their music.”

    I could not agree more. That is a part of the game that is out of control…

    • O

      Word up, the creativity just isn’t where it used to be anymore…

      • http://www.myspace.com/httpwwwmyspacecommrmitchell mitch from dc

        yo i feel yall on the creativity i got that tho im from dc and i just need people to hear my lyrics so if yall can lend me a ear please


    and I can’t get my music reviewed why?

  • DragonflyJonez

    HOLLA MANN says:

    and I can’t get my music reviewed why?

    ^^^Cuz ya name is Holla Mann…FAIL

    • DetroitDraper

      That is pretty much an automatic fail

      • Pierzy

        The only thing to make it worse is if his name were Lil’ Holla Mann or Yung Holla Mann


      this from the guy who’s name is dragonfly?…kill ya self and ya’ moms for havin you.

      • O

        LOLOLOLOL. Y’all hella funny, man…


    a ill nigga by any other name would still best ya’ top 5. HOLLA MANN = makes ya’ best rapper look bummy.

  • BeerGangsta

    The cover don’t look worth a dam. Biting the names. That shit don’t look good. I will spend my money on a Case of Beer.


    oh yeah and since y’all blogboys wanna givr a nuca free promotion l.I.V.E Thru Me for free download on Datpiff.com. Go there, be critical, then talk to me.

    • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

      why would you Holla Mann? I dunno know sounds kinda supsect. try Mc Holla at some broads or sumin! naw fuckin wit’ you dunny! the mixtape was kinda nice tho’ you got potential.

  • http://www.dalockerroom.com Deez Nutz

    Nukkas don’t have to rap nowadays…Southeast Slim has a presence. Master P couldnt rap but he sold a whole lot of records. Keep hustling Slim.

  • Say Something

    Really do even know who this nigga is? He has produce some of Wale top tracks, he is on John Madden 09 and signed Dj Alizay management company Capitolville Ent…Do you research dump ass NY nigga this is the first bad review, so it must be your ears….No wonder why NY hip hop is dead “Son”!!!!!!!!!!!Oh, listen to the message in Sweet Dreams..He msut be spitting to fast for your brain..Holla

    • Corea

      Say Something, LOL you are so right… dis fool is way off in left field some where. He starts off talking about his name… couldn’t come up with nothing better than talking about the slim in his name. The key here is to critique his work… which you did just barely, by the way. I notice that now a days that people that don’t understand someone or their work, they tend to talk sh*t about them. Im sorry who died and made you guru of names and who can be named what and that determines their level of rhyming. If you didnt understand Slim all you had to do was request that it be broken down in elementary terms for ya… XXL please give us someone that has an education and english level above 5th grade. Just not fair. ;)


    Infamous O , thanks to you I will never by a XXL mag again, don’t you guys have Souljah Boy on the cover right now, you need to be fired

  • http://myspace.com/ktfirehouse KT

    i seriously doubt that MOST of these niggaz even listened to the damn tape!!! The joint is hot!

  • O

    Y’all right, Master P’s best rhyme was a fuckin’ grunt. But he was that dude back then cause he grinded.I’m not knocking Southeast’s resume. I said I give him props for his Trumping in the game. But I wasn’t feeling the mixtape. I’m not gonna sugar coat my opinion for no one, kiko…

  • anon

    Southeast Slim reviews Infamous O’s Review @ southeastcentral.com

  • I am Hip Hop

    O, I think you need to listen to the cd again. I’m from DC and I think Southeast Slim is a breath of fresh air to the Hip Hop game. When I downloaded the CD I noticed that he was not talking about how many bricks he move nor how many people he has shot. I believe this is important to the Hip Hop culture because Hip Hop is on a broader stage now. In today’s climate Hip Hop old heads need to step there game up and excepet the change that is taking place. If we don’t change our way of thinking then we will be stuck in the gangster rap years, and that’s not cool. Shout out to Kid Cudi, Lupe, Wale and Mr.West for breaking the trend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HQ Sandman

    So, your “homies” wasn’t feeling the joint so you took it home to listen to the rest??? Not only does that tell me that you are too easily influenced but it also sounds like you gonna be the one to jump on the bandwagon when it’s all said and done.

    “This the same dude I was telling yall about.” Says the d!ck hoppin XXL Mixtape reviewer.

  • http://www.hitterquitter.com HQ Sandman

    So your “homies” wasn’t feeling the CD so you had to take it home to listen to it??? So you not biased, you’re just easily influenced. You’re gonna make a great example of a bandwagon fan soon.

    “This is the dude I was telling y’all about.” Says the d!ck-hoppin XXL mixtape reviewer. (LOL)

  • http://www.southeastcentral.com Anon

    Southeast Slim responds to Infamous O’s Review @ southeastcentral.com.

    Download the mixtape here to see if there’s any validity in Omar’s critique.


  • The Truth

    If you began listening to this with a preconceived notion about a name or a title (Slim, Lil, Young, etc). I can’t believe you really listened to it. To call it elementary is ridiculous. This has to be the most intelligent rapper in the game, up there with Luda IMHO! If people “really” listened to what he’s saying he’d easily be a force in the game. It’s just like the people in D.C. They hear Southeast and think Gangsta, You hear Slim and never gave him a chance. FAIL!

  • Young Joe Jackson

    O, it’s obvious you weren’t listening to the same album that I was listening to, bro. I found myself rewinding joints because he had metaphors that I didn’t catch the first time. And putting him on the level of Bow Wow and Tyga is just an insult…not knocking Tyga, but at least SS writes his own rhymes and he’s killing it. I really think you saw the “Slim” in his name and gave him a slim chance of a good review. Then again, you’re one person and entitled to your opinion. Is it the best joint in the whole wide world, or even in the DMV? Not really. But did he deserve more than a “BAD” rating? Absolutely.

  • O

    To each his own, Joe. I’m a fan of rappers that heads think are trash and I hate on today’s “hottest” rappers. It is what it is. If everyone agreed on everything, how boring would this world be? Southeast can flow his ass off, but sometimes it just sounded like he was rhyming just to rhyme. If I thought he was trash I would’ve gave son an Ugly rating… And to Anon, The Truth, Sandman – I appreciate the hate. Keep ‘em comin’…

  • HQ Sandman

    no hate over here. Just reviewing your review.

  • http://cbsradio.com Cherokee West

    DC is homegrown for music on many levels ~ EU, Chuck Brown, Trouble Funk in the go-go vain; Osiris The Band competing with George Clinton’s multitude of bands; The Nighthawks in blues and the Speaks in Indie; Southeast Slim is an artist all his own ~ showing pride in his roots and taking his style and his own creative in a path never before ventured. Just like those who came before him, Southeast Slim is breaking ground in Chocolate City.

  • The Truth

    O – You wrote “I’m a fan of rappers that heads think are trash, and I hate on today’s “hottest” rappers.”
    This is probably confusing to your readers.

    I’m trying to understand the logic behind the “Name Hate” now. You say for Young Jeezy it’s cool. Does this mean you think he’s trash? Yet Lil’ Wayne doesn’t get a pass for Lil’,WTH? Is this because he’s one of Today’s hottest rappers? Or is it the other way around???

    So….Not Bad meaning Bad, but Bad meaning Good? There it is!

  • O

    Sup Truth,

    Lil’ Wayne was straight booty when he was a Hot Boy. Even though he’s come a LONG way and is actually a decent rapper today, he doesn’t count cause he was Lil’ before it became the thing to do. Sidenote: I was putting heads on to The Carter II before anyone was checking for it. Then I was disappointed in Carter III and everyone thought it was the shit. To this day I argue with bandwagon Wayne fans on which was the better album…

  • Voice of Reason

    Interesting how we talk about Hip Hop when I thought it was originally about individuality of style, prescence, flow…names have always been similar (theres nothing new under the sun). Thats what made it hot a one time thats cats would have the same names sim but how they repp’d it was the focus. Aside from the superficial name issue..this cat is not a swagger/jacker, reppn His city, producing/writing, delivering a message(if your listening not hearing)and still growing


  • ECDC

    Pretty hot mixtape …. you gotta be on the slow side not to feel this

  • ECDC

    You need to listen to this mixtape like 3 more times what is wrong with you? lol wth…..wow.

  • Voice Of Reason

    Now look the young boss releases his next single with a video and its mad original and creating mad buzz..like I said fan base is growing as the new young breed re-educate those on Hip Hop

  • http://www.thetruth.com the truth

    regardless of how you feel about this one mixtape, he got flow. taking shots at his name tho? that has nothing to do with the music. he has a track on madden and basically is one of the artists who put Wale on. do more research man. your lost.

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