With every passing mixtape coming out of the New West it really seems like they’re bound to put a chokehold on the game. From Glasses Malone to Bishop Lamont, heads is making the kind of music you can cruise to with the top down or just bop to while walking through the cars on the train. My man Jay Rock is keeping the New West movement on track with his Gudda Muzik mixtape.

His freestyles on “Put On” and “I Get It In” show and prove that Jay isn’t your run of the mill rapper who has a one-dimensional flow. This man can ride tracks with the swiftness of Dale Earnhadrt Jr. “Gangsta Shit” has that smooth, laid back, G’d up G-Funk feel to it that hasn’t been heard since Dr. Dre was wearing an iced out electric chair around his neck. Speaking of ice around necks, Rock ripped a page out of 50’s book and made his own version of “How To Rob 2009” where he threatened, “When I see Wayne again I’m paddin’ him down/he was on my first single but I’m passed that now… caught Kanye slippin’ at the Staples Center/need them Air Yeezys and them Louis denims/nigga shot down the streets like a silver bullet/this nigga ran so fast that he dropped his mullet/before T.I. went in I caught up with him/he like “live ya life” I’m like “ya goddamn right!”/I need the ice/you dead and gone if you blink twice/look here, don’t try to Xscape like your wife!” That was just clever as hell right there.

Jay Rock’s style and flow make him a force on the mic. Given he’s not a super lyricist like Nas, but his rhyme patterns and overall style will get him more than his share of ooooo’s and aaahhhh's. The best way to describe his style is a diamond coming out of the rough. On first listen you’d think his style was just pure raw like what me and my crew were bubbling in our old high school, but if you pay attention you’ll see that he’s mastered his steez and can manipulate the flow in anyway he chooses. As long as he doesn’t choose to try to be a rock star like his man, Weezy, Jay’s hip-hop music will definitely make him a ghetto superstar. And not in the Pras way either. His stardom was mediocre and short lived. Poor guy…-The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: ”Gangsta Shit”

Weakest Joint: “Can’t U Tell”