Just a little while after dropping his “I Bullshit You Not,” Busta Rhymes came right back with his latest hip-hop offering, Feeding The Streets. Real talk, there couldn’t be a title to a Busta Rhymes project truer than that because he’s been feeding the streets nothing but mouth watering music since “Case of The PTA.” While some of the joints on this mixtape does have songs from “I Bullshit You Not” there’s also some new bangers for the heads who can’t get enough of this man’s insanity.

The god was in rare form throughout the majority of this creation. On the Asher Roth assisted “Lion’s Roar” Busta went vintage with it and went in with his “Gimme Some More” flow and straight bodied the “2nd coming” of Eminem (Sorry Roth, you gotta take the L on that one). Then he went on to speak like a boss amongst bosses on “Maybach Music” while Ross followed suit and Lil Weezy actually rapped without the use of Auto-Tune or a guitar. Even on the southern swagger packing, “I’m The Shit” Bussa Bus caught wreck with a slow flow and simple lyrics.

But it wasn’t until he said, “I got chicks who smuggle in a platoon and f*ck em in the ass so they can cough and shit out my heroin balloons/I ball a nigga up and throw him away/and then I spit and say the foulest shit rappin’ niggas ain’t supposed to say/number 1 public enemy, nigga/the flow is sick like celeb chicks giving herpes to celebrity niggas/in the streets you can tell that I’m shittin’/even probation be confronting me about the shit I be spittin’/and I’m like a blessin’ when I cook in the kitchen/put my hand on a nigga and make him high like God was in the building with him,” on “New Tone In The City” that it was truly evident that Busta really was back on that Brooklyn bullshit (even though he’s from Long Island, but it’s all good).

Feeding The Streets is the perfect set up to his forthcoming album, “Back On My Bullshit.” It demonstrates that Busta Rhymes still rhymes like he’s looking for a deal and is just putting MCs from both past and present—especially those from the past who still presently rap—to shame. He’s already stated that he’s never going to retire (The rap Robert Parish?), and from the sounds of his rhymes, flows and just intensity over these records, Busta has more life left in his mic than Wilt Chamberlain in his heyday.-The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: “Tone In The City”

Weakest Joint: “Boom Boom Pow”s