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Fat Joe: Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E. 2)

Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E. 2)

Fat Joe has consistently dropped albums since his 1993 debut, Represent, but on his ninth solo look, Cook Coke Crack revisits his most successful effort: 2001’s near-platinum Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E.). Back then, it was R. Kelly (“We Thuggin’”) and Ashanti (“What’s Luv?”) who assisted the Fat Gangsta on his mission, but now it’s Ron Browz and T-Pain. Time sure flies, and on his latest, Jealous Ones Still Envy 2 (J.O.S.E. 2), the rapper looks to recapture the magic.

The Bronx Bomber may call Miami home now, but he quickly proves it isn’t all sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, with the sinister “Hey Joe,” where he spits menacing lines like, “Play Superman, fuck around, get your S lit,” over producer Infamous’s rollicking drums. The Don Cartagena maintains his N.Y. state of mind on the Inkredibles-helmed “Okay Okay” and “Ice Cream,” featuring Raekwon. Still, Joe’s M-I-Yayo influence is eventually felt, on the breezy “Congratulations” and the Fabolous collaboration “Here We Go.” Sonically, the latter plays out like a ride down Ocean Drive, with its soulful loop and R&B hook, but the album’s true gem is the boastful “Music.” Here Joe reflects on his underappreciated hip-hop contributions, arguing, “They say, ‘Crack is too selfish, he wouldn’t let us in the door’/I say, ‘What if I would’ve left Pun in front of that store,’” before name-dropping other protégés, like Remy Ma and DJ Khaled.

J.O.S.E. 2 does hit some snags. The repetitive thump of “Winding on Me,” featuring Ron Browz, is a definite low point, and the Jim Jonsin–produced “Porn Star” sounds more like Weezy’s “Lollipop,” with its eerily familiar guitar riffs. And although the chopped-and-screwed hook of “Me and My Bitch” is catchy, it loses points for predictability. Sequels rarely live up to the original, and J.O.S.E. 2 is no exception. But, in the end, with his string of hits, Fat Joe still remains one to envy. —SEAN A. MALCOLM

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  • Pierzy

    I guess he must’ve lost Pun’s rhyme book again…

  • tony

    One thing I like what Fat Joe did. He won’ted to fight 50 for a Million Dollars. Bitch 50 was scared. Fat Joe just not good in selling a lot of records. He only went Platium one time. He got South Rappers helping him. He still can’t go Gold or Platium. Made songs with the Game. Still can’t go Platium. Got in to fight with Papose. Still didn’t go Platium. He just don’t catch people attention. All them years and nobody never heard none of your shit. What that tell you. Do something else.

  • O

    Jealous Ones Envy (the first one) was his best album and really was as close to a street classic as you could get. Don Cartagena was a close 2nd but more commercial.

  • Knowledgable

    Yo, it’s my man Joey Crack!

    Watch out, this dude will spit straight fire, hitting you with thug rap cliche after thug rap cliche! And he comes hard with it too. That shit will knock you out so bad you won’t remember a thing you heard by next week!

  • junior

    HAHA Knowledgable YOU GAY

    • http://www.myspace.com/swisstech swisstech

      @junior hahahahaha dumb Knowledgable aint gay, he pussy fag. hahahahaha

  • Casey

    “Play Superman, fuck around, get your S lit,”

    That’s cited as a high point? And this gets an L?

  • thuga thuga

    papoose pap poose

    that’s why i punched you in your face you fat motherfucker

  • Fat Joe

    Anticipated album this is going to be better than relapse and before I self become ahomo fat joe is the man. Boriquas stand up.

  • Dub

    I hope Maino gets more support from NY than Joe. That’s the f#ckin problem. Yall want to bring NY back but don’t support your rappers that can do it. Instead you support fag as 50 and he roll in the west with Dre producing all his shit. Dumb fu*ks. Joe is hot and I am not even from NY. If I was him, I’d rep Miami too and get help from the south rappers because yall don’t support yall folks up north. Jada should be platinum repeatedly and Joell can’t get off the ground and he is one of the best. Don’t let me ask why Ghostface ain’t platinum over and over. Yall be hatin but you want somebody to bring NY back. Please. WHY!? Because yall hate and be on 50′s dick. Joe keep doing your thing. I know its hard when your own city sells you out and don’t support you but you fire brah. F@ck em.

  • A-Lista

    At least he is more KNOWLEDGEABLE than you queers.

    Joe been making the hits from day one, from “Flow Joe” to “Music”. It’s been a bumpy ride, but Joe is still great and one of the best rappers that everyone loves to hate.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com felipe fernandez

    beat is absolute fire !!!!! like it or not this nigga been doing him for a decade easy, much respect

  • http://xxlmag.com amos west coast

    i really like fat joe frome what love to make it rain he is my best rapper and mentor he is the one who make lil’wyane gain fame so shot up envy ones and let the crack do his thing i really love joe nagga i like your get it popping

  • Thomas

    J.O.S.E. was Joe’s attempt to dethrone Jay-Z. That joint wasn’t that good. Joe’s best album IMO was J.O.E. (Jealous Ones Envy).

  • Me

    blah, blah, blah i liked joe’s elephant in the room best.. and this one is highly anticipated

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