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DOOM: Born Like This

Born Like This

It’s been five years since his last solo effort, MM…Food?, but on Born Like This, Doom—hip-hop’s most beloved and elusive cult figure—picks up right where he left off.

Despite the name change (he dropped the MF this time out), Daniel Dumile is the same bitter, bugged-out, masked supervillain he was on his 1999 debut, Operation: Doomsday. Whether he’s differentiating himself from the herd on the postapocalyptic “Cellz” (“Candy corn crap rappers pale by comparison/A bad Samaritan averagin’ above average men”) or making fun of snuggly dressed rap rivals on “Batty Boys” (“Oh shoot, get a load of that fruit”), Doom keeps his character intact.

While he still dishes rhymes like dimes (check the aptly titled “More Rhymin’”), the rapper/producer wasn’t as effective diggin’ in the crates. Aside from recycled beats (“That’s That” and “Still Dope”), which previously appeared on his Special Herbs instrumental series, and an old Dilla favorite (“Lightworks”), the album’s production falls short. The inclusion of the 2005 Ghostface collabo “Angelz” may also make Stans cringe, but the newly laid, Raekwon-assisted “Yessir!” makes up for most of Metal Face’s transgressions.

As he’s never been one to conform, it’s impossible to hold the Villain to industry standards, but a more exclusive track listing would’ve made Doom’s rebirth that much more super. –JESSE GISSEN

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  • What the ?

    Is this a fucking hip-hop site still ? or a pop-hop site ?

    This is by far the best real true back to the roots hip-hop with slick metaphors and grimy beats a front to back banger, you can listen to 90% of the album over and over and it gets a L rating ? and you already handed out XL’s to a bunch of fucking clowns already this year that suck massive HIV loads ? guess it comes down to who pays you the most marketing money hun ? or you got some shit ass reviewers over there ? please explain, whoever gave this a L ans Asher a XL among other shit sandwiches needs a pimp slap with a knuckle full or RZA’s rings.

    • Avenger XL

      This is a pop-hop site. XXL been over I just come on here for shits and giggles.

    • joe p

      highly upset with this L rating … should at least be XL lol this is hip hop in its purest form … if you have not got this cd yet …. DO IT !!! best cd yet

  • http://pimpinpens.blogspot.com enzo

    “pimp slap with a knuckle full or RZA’s rings.”

    that would be a fresh rhyme.

  • Pierzy

    Yo I’ve been accused of being biased against a certain MC with the same pigmentation of myself, but c’mon, this DOOM album is the best thing to come out thus far this year!

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    If it were a different artist, I’d agree with the comments about the album’s instrumentation. But, seeing as though we’re talking about DOOM, I think the beats fit the rhymes exquisitely.

    One could say the beats are meh @ times, but DOOM is a timeless character, so it all depends on what one looks for in their music.

    The rhymes are the selling point, no doubt. Dude doesn’t even give you a chance to digest a punchline before he hits you with 3 more (“one man’s trash is another man’s soap/son’s fanbase knows the brother man’s dope”).

    I like it. Hip hop is rather drool & boring, verbally. He’s bringing that word play back.

  • http://colby-sempek.com Ghost

    Hip Hop : “Et tu XXL?”

  • MonkeyGame

    Wow, this is ridiculous, DOOM is one of the best MC’s out there and they give him an L? And it took them long enough to review it…



  • mdb

    wow xxl is so far from a hip hop site anymore, fire these lames and get some real writers…born like this getting a lower rating than jim jones new bullshit is true proof

  • felipesiny

    this album is the realest hip-hop shit out right now, especial in NYC this is hip- hop pushing lyrics to the maximum. this the hip-hop you digg for. Not the average shit on the radio that massive listen to. because hip-hop- is so accessible.
    this for real hip-hopers that know what hip-hop is what sound.
    mos def said it best he will will put a million dollars on doom that he 100 times better than lil wane and real hiphopers know this anyway

  • Name

    hahahahahaha, kinda of late on the new XXL issue but when I saw that L next to the DOOM LP, man that just made me happy I didn’t renew my subscription. Don’t get me wrong beats were recycled, but come on, Rap Ambush is the SHITTTTTTTTT.

  • Monty B.

    DOOM – Large

    Asher Roth – XL

    What am I missing here? XXL is straight garbage! This is almost as bad as The Source giving Lil’ Kim 5 mics.

    Sad Really….

    • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack

      Asher Roth>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DOOM

      • LAMF1224

        DOOM got classic albums. What does Ass-sher Roth got???? “I Love College”??? C’mon, I listened to both albums and I say DOOM’s is 1,030,029,965 times better!!!!!!

  • Stoh

    Wow fuck you XXL.

  • http://xxl All Dae

    I didn’t hear the entire album but I heard most of it on U Tube.

    These joints crank and I agree that the lyrics are fresh. Being that this review is months behind and for a website that’s ashame. Roth couldn’t have a XL on his hands can he? I don’t know cause I haven’t heard his album.

    Notice I checked for Doom on U Tube. If it’s hot I check for it.

    If Roth got an XL then it’s only right Doom gets one. I’m sure Roths beat were somewhere else also before he got em. I doubt Roth get first pick on beats before Jay-Z or 50 or Kanye.

  • HERM

    I’m actually not mad at XXL for their review. Though, I’d like to say it’s like an L.5. I’d agree that the recycled beats just weren’t cutting it, and it just doesn’t have that freshness as Mm Food? had when you first listened to it, and still listen to it today. Bit of a disappointment, and I’m a fan of DOOM and not of Asher’s.

    • MewLover34

      Ughh…Your clearly not that big a fan. This might be his best record yet. Recycled beats? Who cares? You never heard anyone rhyme on them. This review is a joke.

      Asher records good too though…fuck the haters!

  • Si-Tekk

    Who ever says Asher Roth is comparable ought to be smashed in the head with a cinder block! Fuck is wrong with y’all?!?!

  • Diztinkt

    HOW DID ASHER ROTH GET A BETTER RATING THAN THIS ALBUM?!?!?!?!?! This site is wack….this is blasphemy!

  • Casabling

    Please tell me why this album got the same rating as flo-rida? if flo-rida gets L this should be at least 8xl

  • wookie682

    this has to be one of the shittest albums thats been dropped lately. i listened to half of the album, and flicked the rest of the tracks, and i dont kno how some people can rave him so. very shite album.

  • If you’re a DOOM fan, this is an L cus of the recycling.

    Still a bad look that Asher got an XL though.