You can call me a hater all you want, but to this day I don’t see how anybody on that 2nd season of Making The Band ended up being signed to Bad Boy. I’ll give it to Sarah Stokes cause she had talent and was a cutie. I can even listen to some of Babs and Ness. But really, who is supporting this nucca, Young City? Is he really making y’all bounce somewhere? Is Puff hype to see his former protégé is still making music? Where is he getting money to book studio time and produce mass quantities of mixtapes?

I guess he answered my question on “Crack Monsters” when he said, “And the boogie man copped about 1000 grams/man I got my swagger right cause I got money in my hand/I got a million dollars and my bitches from Afghanistan/if you try to jack me, man, you gon’ see the Taliban/all gritted up like the British vs. America/I’m riding to the death and losing’s not in the plan.” As weak and just ridiculous as that rhyme was, it was one of his more creative ones. I’m not being sarcastic by the way.

Like Sticky Fingaz once said, “ but-but-but -but wait, it gets worse!” On “Chopper” dude blatantly swagger jacks Ludacris’ style and delivery and tries to bank off of it. I mean dude’s never been known to be lyrical like Luda, so he can’t really cash in on homie, but son, that wasn’t a good look on any level. I mean this is the same man who said, “I be moving bricks the same color as a white shirt” on “Universe.” Is that a metaphor? Wtf? Did he think he killed it right there? At least say you move bricks the same color as a blank piece of paper for God’s sake. A white shirt? Son, wtf? If Chopper was one level lower in creativity he’d just come out and say, “I move bricks that are white because they’re made of cocaine.” I mean damn, kid. Step ya rap game up.

I will say that he’s improved drastically, but that’s like saying Keanu Reeves was a better actor in The Matrix than he was in The Day The Earth Stood Still, nah mean. I can’t say that Choppers bringing anything new to the table other than another mediocre rapper who’s 15 minutes of fame were trapped in an hour a few years ago.

His flow is OK, but his style isn’t defined at all and his lyrics wouldn’t even be printed in a “Rhyming For Dummies” book, dunn. I can see how some dudes might find songs like “Holla Back” and "Doe 2 Play” listenable, cause they actually were. But his attempts at club bangers like “A Hoe” where he’s talking about “Speakin’ of the Nuggets, shout out to Carmelo Anthony/J.R. Smith, I like sports, that’s my favorite team/And there’s a player on that team who’s baby mama gave me pussy/Yes, she’s from the Carolina, so you know that I ain’t jokin’,” were just subpar. That rhyme (and others) took precious seconds away my life that I’ll never get back. Sort of like his 15 minutes.-The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: “C. City”

Weakest Joint: “Coca Cola”