Last I checked, any shorty who claimed to be the Queen of the South would end up in a battle with a bunch of other non-platinum female rappers from the southern region who for some reason claim that title too. Now here we have Nina Ross competing for a throne that only two or three people give a damn about. Those being Jackie-O, Khia and Trina.

What I want to know is what makes these dames believe that they should be crowned? Is it because they put in work before becoming rappers or is it because they feel there isn’t a better female rapper than them in the south? If it’s the latter then I don’t see how Nina Ross’s (You sure you want that last name now that it’s linked to a C.O.?) argument holds any weight.

The Cashville representative got that Ten-A-Key steez in her rhymes, but her stuff is mediocre at very best. She doesn’t master the flow to the tracks she’s given but she does ride them with less than interesting rhymes. Like on “Don’t Make Me Click” where she rhymed “You claim that you clappin’/you a phony and a fraud/all that blazay-blah, with no drama/I’ma tell you how it go/I’ma tell you how it be/if it ain’t about cheese don’t say shit to me/I’ma cross every “T”/I’ma dot every “I”/So fresh and so clean, real bitches stay fly.” I think that rhyme pretty much gives the Queen of the South title to anyone else living below NYC. But hey, that’s just me.

On tracks like “Stick Em Up,” “Traffickin,” and “My Nina” she’s obviously trying to get the point across that she’s a down ass bitch. Unfortunately, they were all as lame as a pick up line from the 40-Year-Old Virgin. And I’m sure she’ll have some kind of “Dance” for her—I guess—female empowering joint, “Diva Walk” which will probably be the only song for women that gay dudes will not try to run with.

I have to say that as much as I respect a down ass bitch, they’re not all supposed to be rappers. This is a pretty good example of that. Just because you CAN rap over a beat doesn’t mean that you should. Aside from the beats being just lame and wrong for this woman, her style wasn’t anything new and her rhymes were as uninteresting as a documentary on… well, a documentary on anything would be better than listening to this mixtape all over again. Sorry ma.

Hottest Joint: “Make Luv”

Weakest Joint: Every track except “Make Luv”