At first glance Outasight seems like the type of dude who should be working at H&R Block or JP Morgan. The glasses, the suit and tie – son looks like he should’ve been swindling people out of their money along with Vin Diesel in The Boiler Room. But I’ll be damned if dude didn’t have me boppin’ my head and grooving to his music.

His style is original and as versatile as they come. Spitting melodic hooks on joints like “What I Know” while killing the verses with potent rhymes that paint the picture of a kid who lived the 90s NYC lifestyle (Greatest decade EVER!). On the Cook Classics-produced, “Growin’g Up” dude took it back to when it was all about, “Fly paper, The North Face was major/New Era fitted Yankees cap was so flavas/used to rock the all black with the gold “NY”/Yonkers, New York, 2-o, NY/all right! Before we lived life without a care… pushing ready Eddie Bauer/rollin’ Sour/it was, Air Max 9-5’s and blowing black/bros before hoes, still stay true to that/and I’ll be the first to say that I ain’t moving back/but memories make the man and I ain’t losing that.”

He switches up the style to a reggae sounding tone and style on “Story Of No One” and does a job so dope and convincing that you’d believe he’d become Lauryn Hill’s next baby daddy. But more than likely he’ll end up knocking boots and making beautiful music with Lady Sovereign or maybe even Persia (I ain’t gonna front, I’d blamm her out something horrible). Occasionally he flexes the golden pipes to lace his songs like “Darling, It’s Chemistry” and “Even Say Goodbye” and pulls off a job good enough that it didn’t require any Auto-Tune.

I have to say that From There To Here left quite the impression on the kid. Not only is dude nice with his style but his word play was as good as any platinum artist and his content is constant and differs into various aspects of his life like a true MC. In a lot of ways he reminds me of Eminem in the sense that he can adapt to any beat, take it over and make it appealing with his unique steez and flows. He also has a keen sense for good production. Every joint he rapped over had some good drums (“People, Places, Things”), soul or a dope rhythm like “I Can’t Call It.”

It makes sense that son dresses like an stock broker, cause I believe that sooner or later his 16s are gonna have a lot of MCs pockets a little lighter.-The Infamous O