Yup, another mixtape from a Latino rapper (technically he’s half Latino like Term). You’d think they would’ve done this in-between September 15th – October 15th or Dia De Los Muertos or something. But I’m not mad. As long as they give me something I can feel then it’s all good in the hood like big booties in sweats (I just personally love that). Like most up-and-coming rappers are doing nowadays, Emilio Rojas’ been using the internet as a means to build his celebrity. And one listen to his full mixtape and you can tell this kid is a student of the game.

ER is one of those well-rounded MCs. He can spit lyrical venom on a joint like “On The Ave” or “Free” and then turn around and spit a smooth as Billie Dee Williams joint like “The Way She Moves” where he and my man Stat Quo speak on their dealings with the opposite sex. The fast paced flow he used to freak the Timbaland-produced “Let It Out” shows that this kid doesn’t have a one dimensional flow and can adapt to whatever he’s thrown.

With “Free” he used the word over and over to create sick lines like, “A free market/the stocks is free fallin’/in a land where freedom will ring and keep callin’ (hello?)/cause they don’t really wanna free up a line/so we don’t free up our minds/we got the freedom to die/and that’s it! The freedom to buy from fascists/where the free press is feedin’ us lies, they facts twists/these COs they taking the free rolls/gettin’ money now that’s easy to make like free throws.”

I’d be fronting something awful if I wasn’t impressed with the young MC. More so because he just keeps things interesting with the change of sounds and the different flows he used to demonstrate his skills. He didn’t get repetitive with his style and actually kept things fresh with the concepts and execution. His voice sounds like he should be collaborating with someone like Bow Wow but his rhymes were dope enough to have him sparring with Stat Quo. That’s gotta count for something, right? Then again, if you’re a Blood from LA, getting Lil Wayne on your record isn’t that hard.-The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: “On The Ave”

Weakest Joint: “Here I Am”