While I’ve heard of this Tom Gist dude for a while now (a few weeks to be honest) I’ve never heard any material from the man. Then someone blessed me with his One Of A Kind mixtape, and as soon as I heard his voice I thought, “One of a kind he is not.” His voice sounds just like Cam’ron’s. Maybe it’s a Harlem thing, but this man sounds like Cam when he raps, just without the wordplay and weird rhymes (“the hooligan in hoolahands?” “Computers puting?”) Get dunn Hooked on Phonics or even Auto Ingles Total, f*ck it.

Funny enough Cam made a guest appearance on “Kill My Dog.” Sounded like a rookie Cam verse paired with a veteran ’09 Cam verse. Bananas. He then went into pondering mode with “What If” where he asked himself questions that be on every hip-hopper’s mind like, “[What] if Big never went to the party and Pac never saw the fight/if Nas was selfish and didn’t write,” and “What if OutKast was in the “In” crowd?” I can honestly say 3 of those 4 questions have haunted me everyday for the past few years. And homie straight bodied “Dramasetterz” like it was The Exhibition. I mean damn. I’d feel if I quoted his lines on this it really wouldn’t do it justice. You have to hear it for yourself.

He also kept it gully while getting his Rev. Wright on over church organs and plucked guitar strings on “Member And Friends” preaching, “You see what pain bring/wonder how crazy I gotta get wit/one foot in the grave and the other in a pile of shit/fan mail like I can’t fail/but I can’t tell a man’s heaven from a man’s hell/label thinks I can’t sell/I just told them my soul is not to be auctioned/”why is he talking?”/they look at me like I am property walkin’/I’m not! I’m just the type that don’t sin/in the booth or the bing/I’m tryin’ to fly out the ghetto with broke wings.” That rhyme right there is one of the most thought provoking yet straight to the point truths I’ve heard since ‘Pac said, “We military minded soldiers/bustin’ shots blindly tryin’ to find Jehova.”

I must say, son’s kind of a character with his. I mean using Marvin’s “Sexual Healing” instrumental to spit hard shit on “Robin’ & Stealin’” had me smirking the whole time. I’m just saying I’m pretty sure Marvin made that joint to inspire the different kind of “hardcore.” I’m talkin’ about c*ck, fools! But I’d be lying if I said that Tom Gist (such a non-urban name) was a wack rapper. He can actually spit some good rhymes with lyrics that contain substance. I mean you don’t put together a mixtape with 46 joints and not have something to say, ya know? While his flow is unpolished thus making it just about average, his pen carries him on each track. He must know this if he’s attempting to create Harlem’s version of “Crank That Soulja Boy” with his “Robocop” joint. It was more funny than it was serious. 5 to 1 that this gets the party jumping at the next Policeman’s Ball.-The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: “Dramasetterz”

Weakest Joint: “Clap”