When R&B artists need a hood MC that’ll give his two cents on his feelings they usually holla at a dude like Jadakiss. But when they need a playboy MC that can smooth talk a shorty’s panties off, more than likely they feature F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S. It’s a no-brainer. Fab blew up off of Lil’ Mo’s “Superwoman” and has never looked back. It’s a shame Lil’ Mo didn’t get past that single, but since Fab’s dropped his share of hood records, his bread and butter has always been talking to the ladies on records. On Fabolous Life we’re reminded why Loso stays relevant. Like Pac said, the women support the records and men follow suit to bag the ladies.

From Ne-Yo (“Make Me Better”) to Janet Jackson (“Feed Back”) to Britney Spears??? Even I didn’t know that Fab got on a Britney’s “Break The Ice.” You gotta wonder if he smashed that or if he just got paid and walked. But anyway, they call this man to lace remixes and R&B joints because he can flip it and adjust to tracks to say ish like, “Everybody know a brotha is calm/and I covered the arm, smothered the charm/girls say a brotha the bomb/but ain’t no ladies in my life other than moms/that’s till this girl changed my way/and it even feels strange to say/I’m so caught up cause I can’t stand to admit/Cupid’s got good aim, ya man has been hit,” on Ushers “Caught Up Remix.”

Judging from his R&B body of work and end results—millions of screaming women—I feel that Fab is gonna be one of those mainstay MCs for a while. The Fabolous Life is a must have for any Fab fan and is good enough to throw on and keep the party going all night. Literally. It’s a double CD with like 100 of his R&B verses mixed in with some of the original song. Dude can rhyme his ass off and most of the time his lyrics are something you can feel even when you can’t completely relate to it (I never got two shorties to give my d*ck the Britney and Madonna kiss, but believe you me I try to make that happen every weekend).-The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: Too many to choose from

Weakest Joint: “Shawty’s a Ten” (His flow on there was so annoying to me)