Finally!! After the fall out of ’04, Green Lantern and Jadakiss have finally reconciled and the result is the long awaited The Champ Is Here pt. 2. For years Kiss has been a hip-hop commodity. While hardcore rappers use the success formula of the moment to go mainstream, Jada’s always been that dude that’s relied on his raspy voice, melodic flow, gutter style and clever wordplay to get him to the promised land (multiplatinum status). And while artists like him, Beanie Sigel and Styles P may be just one hit away from getting there, they’ve already earned the respect and love of hip-hop puritans such as myself.

It’s not hard to do with joints like “Child Abuse” where Jada spit, “Played my hand right baby, I held aces/nothing on the scene, but blood and shell cases/Nike glove on the teens, they can’t trace us/snitches in the witness protection getting facelifts/these niggas will never be able to fuck with me/say my grace before I give them a buck-fifty.” This man is saying he’ll say a prayer before eating a muthaf*cka’s food!! They don’t call him Al Queda Jada for nothing. He’s terrorizing the game.

It wouldn’t be a Jada mixtape without a collabo with his Co-D, Styles P. They kicked a nasty as 2 Live Crew freestyle having Styles P wondering, “Can’t understand tight jeans and big skid-offs/niggas look halfway gay, mad bizarre!” Word is Bon Jovi.

And I know he asked this before, but now I want to know: why isn’t his buzz in L.A. like it is in New York? Jada’s nicer than the anyone selling a million units when they drop, yet it seems like only NY knows about this. Thus the feel for the need to make, “West Coast Kiss” feat. Kokane & Kartoon. Though it had a West Coast sounding beat and hook, I don’t know if it helped his cause to gain a few more fans on the left coast.

There were also a few Green Mixes on the joint that had me with my head down, eyes closed and just boppin’ in obedience. Mixing his “Letter To B.I.G.” with Pete Rock and CL Smooth’s “They Reminisce Over You” track was a match made in hip-hop heaven. “We Run This” was superb, and “For Da Fam” where he threw Jada’s vocals over Pac’s “Ambitionz As a Ridah” could actually lead to a homicide or two. Green Lantern truly is a mad scientist and his creations will have the hood going wild like a bunch of Mike Tyson’s and Chris Breezy’s. Biting on each other and whatnot.

Even though I don’t feel this has been Jada’s best mixtape to date, it’s still a banger and is nowhere near to being considered a weed plate. His lyrics, rhymes and flow are still as potent as it was when he first came into the game. Not many rappers – if any – can say the same. Just as hungry as ever, Jada devours his competitors on tracks. The question is, will consumers ever support one of the illest MCs that ever grabbed a mic? I know I will.

Hottest Joint: “Child Abuse”

Weakest Joint: “Ten Toes Down” (Blame the beat)