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REVIEW:DJ Whoo Kid & Lloyd Banks:The Cold Corner

Back when G-Unit could do no wrong and Ja couldn’t do anything right, Banks was my favorite MC in the game. He didn’t have one wack bar and his flow was so crazy that it deserved its own channel. But then he dropped Hunger For More and that pretty much proved that Lloyd Banks was in fact human. He went from Boy Wonder to Wonder Bread (The dough made him soft). He showed that he could make mistakes. Almost half an album’s worth (The album was cool, but a let down nonetheless).

But after dropping a very weak second album and a few weak mixtapes, Banks finally got it right. The Cold Corner is exactly what I was hoping to hear from the Blue Hefner: hip-hop music. On “Be That Way Sometimes” he used a retarded flow to murder a soulful beat that had a sick sample with guitar strings getting plucked spitting, “I’ve been waiting, I’m impatient/would’ve flipped if I wasn’t cakin’/I’m a long way out of that basement/and that hallway’s hotter than Satan/I ain’t for a lot of debatin’/I’ma call out and replace him/I’ma ballout and disgrace him/in a mall out on vacation/I’m against whatever’s against a G/this bitch industry ain’t meant for me/it’s full of girls and punk niggas/that right there ain’t the way to be...” Sick!

And that was just one of a bunch of tracks that he got it in on. “Good Company,” “On My Way,” “What Am I Doing Here” – all those joints had me mean mugging while boppin’ my head. That’s the kind of hip-hop I need in my life.

The only true flaw of the mixtape was that sometimes his hooks weren’t sharp enough to catch a goldfish. Repeating, “My corner cold. My corner cold,” over and over on “Cold Corner” wasn’t one of his most creative moments. Did he really think it was a good hook? Gotta get those Marv Alberts out of your circle, homie. They’re just hiding those stockings and panties under their jeans so you won’t figure out they’re just groupies too.

But even the lazy hooks weren’t enough to keep The Cold Corner from being one of Banks best projects. The music speaks for itself. The mixtape was packing a bunch of gutter sounding beats, gully bars and different flows. Given, he’s not as hungry as the Ethiopian he was when he came into the game, his rhymes and rhyme pattern is as clever as it’s been in a minute. Lyrically, yes, he’s still bragging about money, cars and girls, but he also throws some jewels and gems here and there. Though he wasn’t at his absolute best, Banks definitely didn’t disappoint on this one. I tip my fitted to the young god. I hope this is one of the first steps to Banks crafting his first classic LP… if he can. -The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: “Be That Way Sometimes”

Weakest Joint: “On The Arm”

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  • moresickaMC

    Banks is a monster

  • Crash

    This is probably my favorite Banks’ mixtape to date.

    I love half the mixtape and thats a compliment. Usually I will only like a few tracks on a mixtape.

  • Nate

    With all the hate that was coming his way for a while (undeserved ableit the all money talk on his 2nd LP was a letdown) it’s good to see a review from someone who actually listened to this mixtape. It’s pretty nice and will be slept on by a lot of people.

  • jseres

    Banks hasn’t put out a bad mixtape in the 5 and Better Series. He has been straight fire again since Elephant in the Sand.

  • dark vanilla

    FINALLY a good Banks mixtape. I’ve been waiting for this since 2004.

  • Phil

    Gotta give it to Banks, he’s had the best “revival buzz” this entire year! “Cold Corner” is like a winter soundtrack, and the PLK series as a whole is nearly flawless, lol. I can only hope he can keep the fire and ear for beats up for that next album, cuz I will be checking for it.

  • rrahha

    the mixtape is hot. this one and Halloween Havoc. if you haven’t heard ‘Havoc, cop it. it’s better than this one and thats saying something.

  • http://pimpinpens.blogspot.com enzo

    all those joints had me mean mugging while boppin’ my head. That’s the kind of hip-hop I need in my life.

    word life.

  • ruff huff

    oh my fucking god i swear people just love to criticize and pick everything apart… i mean come on… weak chorus?…. ITS A FUCKING MIXTAPE!!! for christ’s sake mixtapes used to only have freestyle verses fuck…. you want good hooks listen to radio or go buy a cd… mixtapes are given away for free

    i love how people who dont rap pick apart everyone elses rhymes with a fucking microscope…. you should expect some duds from rappers you cant even save any rhymes or songs they all get shoved out on mixtapes… people thought tupac had alot of songs… shit…. rappers now need that much material to give away before their fucking album drops…

  • brand-new

    this joint is crazy!!! he put out 3 hot mixtapes in 3 months,banks is in a zone! bar for bar, he’s the best out right now, there i said it! let the haters begin.

  • ChRi$

    yo tha song “on the arm” which u put az tha “weakest joint” IZ DEFFINATLY NOT THA WEAKEST JOINT!!, that song iz actually 1 that really stuck out 2 me 4 some reason, 1 of my favz…that joint got a nice ass beat wit heavy bass N a smooth but aggresive banks flow…that song bumpz sooo nice in tha whip

    Also, “The Reason” N “Do It For The Block” are also fire

    09′ IS BANKS!!!

  • murda mike

    Cosign 2 ruff huff. I feel him but 2 me this whole review was trash!!! That whole mixtape as well as tha whole 5 n betta series is a lyrical massacre!!! N he is on this mixtape GIVING AWAY cd quality shit!!! N u cum through talkin bout “weak hooks” seriously my dude hip hop rite now is fucked n u sound like u lookin 4 perfection on a MIXTAPE???? Since u no what’s hot n not when is ur “first classic lp” due out????????

  • ShowTime

    Yall sound like bitter dick riders. If the Hooks was weak there Weak. What, He has to lie about it?Its a Review Nuccas..Youre suppose to be crittical. LLoyd is looking for feedback. The man wasny hating at all.The mixtape was fire but the hooks were lazy and weak.The only thing I disagree is on Hunger for More..I thought that album was dope but I see your Point because hommie was flawless up till that point but He didnt have the chore of making whole songs. But Banks is a Lyricst and like most lyricst such as myslef and others songwriting and hook making is a progression that u need to embark on to become a complete artist rather than someone who only knows how to make a hot 16.


    I got mostly mellow shit on the page..Im working on some Masters but check me out.

  • murda mike

    Yo showtime I went n checked out that music n usually I would jus say ur shit is trash jus cuz ur previous comments but I listened n u aight jus like u said so that’s what’s up my nig. U tryn 2 do sumthin but jus 1 question wit tha way rap n shit is now why even try 2 b a rapper??? U got like 1 r 2 AIGHT songs n 2day my nig if u aint got a HIT CD IT NO POINT????

  • Yinka

    On the Arm in CRAZY!!!!
    this is the best of the 5 or better series so far – a lot of killer tracks

    Cold Corner
    On My Way
    Neighboourhood Watch
    On the Arm
    My Brother’s Keeper
    Be That Way Sometimes
    Good Company
    Do it For the Block

    Very few “real” albums this consistent!

    Was never a G-Unit fan or Stan I just check for lyrics and beats. As for the 2005 banks or whatever – one word growth. People should actually try something different – LISTEN to the music!

  • King John

    Bank$ is definitely top fiving it right now (Wayne,Cham,Saigon,Pap,Bank$) but like Saigon and Papoose he needs to put out a good album.

  • plk

    Yo y’all don’t kno wat y’all talkin abt BANKS is tha best
    period and tha best song in that mixtape is track 1 wit em on tha intro

  • http://www.twitter.com/yungquis0823 yungquis0823

    this tape is 2nd to me after the 4-30-09 tape