Kudos to whoever thought up this classic looking cover. Throwing Dwayne Wayne (Made flip-up glasses pop off), Zack (AC Slater was cooler than he was) & The Fonz (Coolest white man that ever lived… before Bill Clinton) on a yearbook page was just genius. If you’re not at least in your late 20s then a lot of the guys on this mixtape cover might as well be Bible pictures to you. In that same sense, a lot of the artists on this mixtape might as well be cast members of 90210 (Does anyone watch that show?)

Pacific Division’s “Let’s Go” was a pretty interesting joint. I’d classify their joint under Fun Hip-Hop music. Uptempo but not techno. Had a De La Soul type feel to it, but it wasn’t De La Soul creative or De La Soul groundbreaking.. And we officially have our first Rick Ross sound-alike in Chip The Ripper (“My Chick”). I guess this means Rick has officially made it. Getting dudes deals this year. Sound anything like Ross then sign right here!

Nick and Beans “You Ain’t Even That Bad Girl” will surely be the anthem for the “Put loud and proud” people who hate on hot looking women just because they’re hot looking women. You think I’m ODing by saying that? Just listen and tell me I’m wrong. Dude sounded like he was rapping with his wrist broken the whole time. Oohkaaaaaaaayy!

Christian Rich’s R&B “Fantasy” couldn’t get Frito layed. His voice makes Ray J seem like Al Green. Then you got Ray Cash sounding like Lil Weezy on Auto-Tune on that bum ass “Midwest Swang” joint. Please God forgive them. They know not what they do.

There were a few bright spots on this mixtape. Buggs Tha Rocka & Little Brother’s “Let’s Get Away” had that “chilling with a shorty in a lounge lounging” feel to it. Freck Billionaire’s “Effortless” was straight MCing and sometimes that’s enough to make O head bop. So I wasn’t mad at that. “Bad bitches hate pleasure/got that long money, bitch, bring a tape measure/exterminating when I find out who ratted/drought time, O’s 9 like the new Madden/I’m not rappin’, I’m in the booth bagging up/I’ll leave my mark on the game like I’m taggin’ up.” Word.

Overall this mixtape had a weird vibe to it. If I was listening to this while trippin’ on X or “hittin’ the slopes” then maybe I would’ve been grooving to it like Theo’s “Electric Boom” and Monkey Wrench’s “Mornin’.’” But instead those tracks kept derailing me whenever I started to get a feel for the mixtape. They sounded like they were put together by the geeks from Revenge Of The Nerds when they were trying to win Adams College’s Homecoming Carnival so they could take control of the council and put on that weird musical effort to seal the victory. Ok, I’m sure I lost y’all with that last sentence, but the people who recognize everyone on this mixtape cover know what I’m talking about. Much props to Eighty81 for their creativity.-The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: “Lets Get Away” (Bugs feat. Little Brother)

Weakest Joint: “Electric Boom” (Theo feat. Foals)