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Tony Yayo:Bloody Xmas

All I can say about the cover to this mixtape is damn. Yayo got Game chopped in half and struggling to get up. Fat Joe and Irv Gotti (talk about unnecessary) heads on the floor, but worse of all, he got Young Buck’s head toppin’ off the Christmas tree. This man is more loyal to 50 Cent than Starscream was to Megatron. You don’t see Banks going at them with the same intensity Yayo does.

But aside from the G’d up cover, this man might be too G’d up to keep on rapping. I swear to God, he’s getting lazy with it. At one point Yayo was my favorite G-Unit MC. The energy, the poise, the criminally insane lyrics – he was that niqqa. Now he’s just talking about being gangsta and bragging about what money’s gotten him (50’s money to be exact) and how many girls he’s slaying.

Just from the look of the cover I was expecting son to come out with guns blazing. When I heard the beat to 2Pac & Bone Thugs “Thug Luv” drop I got hype thinking Yayo was fixin’ to go in on that joint. His flow never sounded so unmotivated. His lyrics were eh (money, guns & girls) and his delivery is far from the “gone postal” style he’s known for. To get on a classic Tupac track and not absolutely destroy it or match its appeal is straight blasphemy.

Also the interludes that were ripped from A Christmas Story really threw me off. The hell was he snorting when he thought it would be a good idea to use that film’s audio for his mixtape?

One of the few bright spots of the mixtape was “Bloody Xmas” where he took Nas’ “Shoot ‘Em Up” beat and concept, but even that was composed mostly with his 3 favorite subjects. “Five .45’s / two G-5’s / 6 groupies and they all wanna fly / 10 Dom P’s / 10 Rosay’s / 10 groupies, 5 niggas / that’s 5 menages…” I miss the Talk Of New York that once said, “You can sniff me, cut me / I’ll turn you to a junkie / I’m the number one seller in the whole f*ckin’ country / Wall Street niggas, they copp me on the low / white boys don’t call me coke, they call me blow…” Whew! He was killin it with the creativity and the authority when he spit.

Now his authority when he spits is weaker than Fat Joe in a Boston Market and what he’s saying is as predictable as yesterday’s lotto numbers. He must be mad bored with this rap shit cause he even hopped on Movado’s “So Special” and spit a verse so half assed that that it could be Amy Winehouse’s whole ass. That’s how weak it was.

Man, I’m disappointed. I was really looking forward to some gangsta shit from the Talk Of New York, but the money & groupies have struck again. They’ve spoiled another MC’s artistic drive and creativity to the point where he feels everything he drops is the sh*t no matter what. That’s what happens when you surround yourself with a bunch of Marv Alberts (“Yes!” men). -The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: “Delt With”

Weakest Joint: “So Special”

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  • that nigga

    Are you serious? What the fuck did you expect from this 50 scent, scent groupie?

    • TonyStackz

      Co-Mothafucking Sign this Cock Sucka ain’t never had anything Decent even his lameass
      boss has fallen the fuck off what the fuck you expect from one of his non rapping Ho’s!!!

  • Pierzy

    Yeah, Yayo’s always been garbage. Intensity doesn’t make you a great MC.

  • Pose

    Man. fuck Yayo, he’s just 50 snitchs little puppet.

  • Pose

    G G G G G G-UNOT!!

  • willshady

    man yayo is suck a fuckn bitch. 50 little bitch. fuck 50 fuck banks and fuck yayo. g-unot 4ever

  • J Bug

    Tony Yayo go hang yourself in 50′s closet. You’re a fucking loser ass piece of shit that raps about a bunch of shit that he doesn’t have. All the shit he gets are leftovers from 50. That album cover is the worst thing I’ve ever seen too. That blood looks like some fucking McDonald’s ketchup or it was put in using Microsoft Paint. You’re a shitty rapper who says the same things over and over again. I can’t stand you. All you do is talk shit about everyone when there is no way you can back it up. Have a happy New Year and go fuck yourself.

  • IndyKid

    It’s real cool how you guys just tear into him just cuz you’ve heard him on some songs. I thought we were just critiquing his music and skills on the mic but you guys just get pissed at everything. I mean, the review is fair but these other cats are the a-holes. That could very well be why hip-hop is in the shitter right now cuz everybody judges the people and not their talents. Nobody knows shit about Guru but everybody would say Gangstarr is sick on the mic. We need to start being more positive and not so critical.

    Happy new years guys


  • The_Truth

    LMAO @J-BUG!!!!!

  • willshady

    when is yayo gonna come out of the closet and admit hes a fag, cant rap worth of shit and admit he could never reach game and buck level. fuck 50 banks and yayo g-unot u fuckin bitches


    Intensity?? Im sorry, but I’ve never thought Gayo was a good rapper cause he says things really really tough like. He just sucks ass.
    And that cover is the worst I’ve ever seen in my life.

    Buck hasnt said anything to him. Game hasnt said anything to him. Sloppy Joe and Irv are still quiet. Why is he still goin at them? What a fruitcake. He needs to use that chainsaw on himself.

  • jmes

    I never really liked yayo to me he just kisses 50′s ass. and he has to that’s who’s feeding him. as for the cover there was no need to put irv on there no one remembers him n I always tought buck was the realest of the gay unit (thats not saying much)so there support a real artis n listen to chamillionaire

  • http://www.myspace.com/agent00negro08 The Agent

    This nigga said “This man is more loyal to 50 Cent than Starscream was to Megatron.” lmao…but yea yayos always been wack to me

  • avenger xl

    The stock market and G-Unit both fell hard in 08. Rappers need to shed the formulas and make with the creativity before the loose the last bit of attention they have.

  • Kae Millz

    “You can sniff me, cut me / I’ll turn you to a junkie / I’m the number one seller in the whole f*ckin’ country / Wall Street niggas, they copp me on the low / white boys don’t call me coke, they call me blow…”

    ^^What song is that from? dude hard as fuck in that

  • F15 Eagle

    That nigga tony yayo, got a felony but ain’t Jay-o suck a million dicks since as the nigga 50 say so banks, fuck u nigga, u starvin, I give you a buck fifty let buck fuck fifty n carv em you gonn die regardless when I spin this revolver, king of new york u wear the ghost of christopher wallace
    G-Unit GET FUCKED!!!!!!!