Word to everything, DJ’s should just leave Lil Wayne out of the mixtape game for a hot minute. At least until Weezy has some good product and actually makes sense with what he’s saying when he’s saying it. “I’m A Monster” convinced me that this dude wants to be a gangsta rapper that he should just start calling himself Mumbles. The hook to “I’m A Monster” was cool, talking about “I’ll eat cha aliiiiive-aliiiive-eat cha aliiiiive…” That’s probably what he tells Baby before he tosses his salad (Wayne makes it too easy to question his sexuality). And the beat with the organs was pretty hypnotic, but I had to put my ear next to the speaker to understand what the f*ck this man was saying. The shorty on the hook was making way more sense.

I was glad to hear him rapping again. Though I heard some of these joints before, it was in fact an upgrade from that Dedication THR33 Ringz bullshit! Though he and Kanye did use the T-Pain Machine on “Tell Everybody That You Know.” But it was limited to just one or three tracks. But he’s clearly fallen off. Where his lyrics and rhymes were once clever or just plain genius, they are now mediocre and just uninspired.

I don’t know if he fired his ghost writer or he stopped drinking that Jesus Juice, but he’s sounding a lot like the Lil Wayne from the late 90’s. Trash! Even on the long-awaited collabo with The Game, “Red Magic” (Clearly they both Jockin’ Jay-Z even in his weaker days) the best Wayne could come up with was, “I get pussy/I get money/I don’t get none of y’all niggas/like 2,3, I’m after every one of y’all niggas/what am I'm saying? I’m ahead of all of y’all niggas/and mine gonn’ shine like Armor All with us/I wear that chopper like a uniform/you bitch niggas never see me like a Unicorn…”

Maybe my imagination just isn’t what it would be if I drank sizzurp, but I think rappers who include mythological creatures in they rhymes after they’ve been in the game for at least a decade should consider doing gay porn. Fuck it. Only rapper that gets a pass on that is Andre 3000. He’s a mythological creature himself. The niqqa probably lives in Narnia.

All in all, it was a OK mixtape but nothing that’ll blow you away. The cover was pretty dope. Son carrying a blood drop in a blood ocean with red underwear and red sneakers on the baby that’s wrapped in a red blanket. I know Bloods that was like “That nigga ODed..” Was Drought 6 better than Dedication THR33? Yes. Will I be playing this mixtape again anytime soon? No. But hey, someone will. -The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: "Best Thing"

Weakest Joint: "Forever"