Disc 1 was filled with legends, role players and prospects. Disc 2 features a legend, underrated MC’s and rookies.

First let me give it up to the rookies like Nipsey Hu$$le (“Hoodstar”), Mickey “My name annoys the whole hood” Factz (“OnSMASH”), and Skyzoo (“Catch Up”) for some well made hip-hop product. Remember fellas, groupies are fun and easy and by all means do you while you’re getting it, but there’s nothing fun about genital warts. Just ask a former flava of the month rapper from the south who tried to hop on the west coast’s d*ck. He compromised his southern one so he tried to hop on a new one and get a new leash on life so to say. I ain’t sayin’ no names, though.

To my underrated MC’s like Raekwon (“Hood Story”), Killer Mike (“Grinding”) and Billy Danze (“Undescribable”), real hood nuccas would be lost without the classics y’all done put out. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx had NYC on fire in the summer of ’95 and to this day is just as flammable. Monster reminded heads that G’s could make creative music without compromising what they’re trying to get across. And when To The Death dropped it was so inspirational that by the time niqqas got to “How About Some Hardcore” they were halfway to Central Bookings. Why are these MCs underrated and overlooked? Judging from what they had on B2B2, there’s still a lot of life left in those mics.

And then we have the legend, Andre Young himself. On “Set It Off” Dr. Dre spit a sick 16 (Wonder who was the Tony Stark behind those) and did not disappoint. He may not scribe his own rhymes, but he can sure deliver ‘em with the best of ‘em. Hey Dre, are we ever gonna get Detox? Or are you such a perfectionist that you’ll shelf your own damn self like you did Hitman, Joe Beast, Brooklyn, & Joell Ortiz??

Speaking of Joell, his rhymes and flow on that “Say No” had me like “whew!” like a dude who found out that ugly chick he created the beast with two backs with wasn’t preggers like she thought. “Leave that crack alone/every blast getting at your dome/you’ll play imaginary saxophone – when that smoke going/nose frozen when that coke potent/have your jaw locked and your nose open/have a bum nigga thinkin’ that he show boatin’/that dog food will have you motivatin’ slow motion/leaning, lookin’ like you divin’ but there’s no ocean…” And that’s just his perico talk. His take on crystal meth was just as intoxicating.

It’s official, Disc 2 of Back 2 Basics 2 is a tad bit hotter than Disc uno. Let’s give a round of applause to the DJ’s and MC’s that made both of them happen. Dope music from dope MC’s who been there, done that or are plain and simply taking their turn. That’s what’s hood.

Sidenote: How corny can you be to call yourself D-Black??? Has it become that hard to think of an original moniker for one's self? Come on, son! What’s gonna be next? G-Utensil? Mobb Depot? From here on I’m only supporting rappers who think beyond a 4th grade level. Word to Big Bird. Have a dope weekend y’all. Uno.

Hottest Joint: "Set It Off"

Weakest Joint: "Modern Day Malcolm"