Man, you gotta feel for Green Lantern whenever he drops a mixtape. Once the most promising mixtape DJ, now GL drops a joint once in a blue moon (Damn you Jada for putting him on blast!). But when he does drop (even in collaboration with other DJs) you know it’s worth a listen. And while this mixtape lacks those big name homerun producers in the game (Jay, Nas, 50, Wayne), it’s packing heat from some of the game’s legends, best role players and future prospects.

Like my nucca Styles P who went IN on “Ride or Die.” The day that man doesn’t spit a hard 16 is the day a piece of me dies. Sorta like when Omar got murked on The Wire or when John Starks went 2 for 18 in game 7 of the ’94 Finals. Then you got some dope rhymes from the young g, BK Cyph on “Rap 101.” I wish his “My President Sold Crack” joint would’ve got more burn on the mixtape and radio scene. But hey, there’s always Tyga songs to look forward to (I’m being sarcastic if you haven’t noticed).

And though I’m not the biggest Wale fan, his “Pot Of Gold” joint is official tissue and should be used to wipe some of this mediocre crap off the airwaves. Spitting gems about society’s greed and our shortcomings, sometimes you need music to remind you that when hoes are hawking, they really are Josh Smith. They looking to play you.

And my man Kool G Rap got a new joint?? His rhyme scheme ain’t as complicated as before but his “Thugs Love Story” has that mid 90’s in Queens feel to it. I’m glad to see Superhead ain’t suck ALL the life out the god. And there’s even a freestyle from Officer Rawse ("Can It Be"). I’ll keep it 100 with everyone and say I don’t care what dude did before he began his grind. The man had to pay his bills one way or another. Game was stripping before he went platinum. Y’all telling me being a CO is worse than dancing in a G-String? Maybe y’all would’ve preferred Rick Ross to have been a stripper. I’m sure the women wouldn’t have minded… if they were all Foxy Brown-minded.

I was feeling the mixture of the artists on this joint. Tomorrow I’ll let ya’ll know how disc 2 stacked up and if it was as impressive as disc uno.

Hottest Joint: "16, 17, 18"

Weakest Joint: "The Come Up"