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DJ Whoo Kid & Cashis:Homeland Security<

I really don’t get Eminem’s taste in artists. Em himself is one of the nastiest MC’s who ever clutched a pen and spilled his thoughts on paper. But the rappers he’s signed leave me more confused about his taste in music than Nore about keeping with the rapping or doing reggaeton. Obie Trice had his moments, but was never considered an elite MC. His hottest joint (“We All Die One Day”) was on a bunch of mixtapes – with his own verse cropped out! D-12 is understandable as to why they were signed. They his homies. 50 isn’t a lyrical monster, but knows or rather knew how to make hot songs. And now we have Cashis.

While he isn’t a lyrical assassin, I will say that son is the nicest MC that Marshall’s signed thus far. But that’s not saying much. That’s like saying Ciara’s a better singer than J. Lo. What gets homie pass is that his flow was pretty stable and was able to match up well with every track, the delivery was on point and the realness in his rhymes. Saying things like, “My homies mashed up ready/we bagged up heavy/drive low pro in a smashed up Chevy/hands so steady and a pen so deadly/should I squeeze on your team or breath life into a melody… I’m always awake, I can’t sleep on my haters/they creep on the week, I can’t be on hiatus/I remain this real – with stainless steel/the streets birthed a winner when they gave me the will …” Simple lyrics, but something you can feel or plain and simply relate to.

Homeland Security is a window into the mind of Cashis and while he isn’t as Scorsese with his lyrics as an Eminem or Jay-Z, he’s more Tarantino with it and can still be very much appreciated.

Dude is hood nice, but that was enough to help him put together a pretty respectable mixtape. Now, will that translate to a respectable album being created?? Possibly. If 50 could drop a classic debut with limited vocab, then Cashis can definitely craft something worthy of the ages. Btw, where’s Obie? -The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: “22’s”

Weakest Joint: “Clear The Room”

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  • kelito-vision

    damn…whoever does these mixtape reviews for this site is a strong Shady/aftermath/g-unit hater….homeboy never has nothing positive to say about them dudes…the Hate flows strong in your blood

    • Chase

      i agree wit kelito but i’m not really feeling cashis or this mixtape but i will say return of the body snatchers and blood on the sand r 1 of the best mixtapes of the year

      • Pierzy

        It was called “Elephant in the Sand.” “Blood on the Sand” is a video game from G-Unit.

    • dusty boy

      What the fuck you talkin’ about? The nigga gave the bullshit taoe HOOD. Lame ass mixtape shoulda gotten Ugly Bad!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/crockerishiphop Crocker

    Obie was the nicest Shady signed. Trice was dope. You just sound like a participant in shock-blogging or one really silly fuck.

    • twoholla

      I agree with Crocker…Obie was & still is the nicest emcee to ever be on Shady Records…he got dropped due to the numbers & jimmy iovine…when you compare em vs. dre…dre has signed better emcees/artists (joel ortiz, rakim, raekwon, busta rhymes, etc. but the results on both fronts tend to always be the same…dre signs dope emcees but none are really marketable enough to move the kinda of numbers like em, 50, & himself that will make Big Poppa Jimmy Happy!

  • young rao

    obie trice left shady he also wrote a diss record “the giant”

  • Mr. 306

    clear the room is the best track on the album

  • mattdem

    Obie was a beast still! Cashis is better than this mixtape, Ive heard other joints not on this and they are fire. Hes a great Shady prospect, watch out for him. twoholla you right still, Dre has an ear for great artists, but Em Dre and 50 are all the label need to be honest. LOL

  • http://deliciousrss.info/ Emmitt Fickert

    Do you know of this article jogs my memory of one other corresponding one which I just read someplace else?

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