Talk about a compilation album filled with young gunners who rap or produce that are trying to get in the game. A Walk Through Myspace is filled to the brim with pure hip-hop music that’ll knock a lot of these mainstream records out the box. You have to love and appreciate the hunger and the music it can create.

Big up’s to Fokis for this mixtape and its purpose. Having been in the game for a minute and helping dudes straight out the hood get a crack at this music shit. That’s damn noble. Get this man a BET Award or Nobel Peace Prize or something.

The result of taking a bunch of hungry producers and MC’s and throwing them on the same mixtape was a Godfather blunt. It was something that would blow your head up! Listening to Maq, Fokis, Mr.MFN eXquire & Donny Goines straight rip it down on those horns and drums (Courtesy of Joshua Whitehead & Johart Miller) on “A Walk Through Myspace” had me boppin’ my head harder than Superhead, pause. For a little southern sounding flavor that Torry Skees produced “Money, Sex, Drugs” will be that fix you be looking for. “Ain’t No Use” (produced by Smoke) had that dope soul sound to it while E-Hustle breaks down, “Why should I front like I’m happy? I caught a couple of charges/or say I love you when I don’t, just to be responsive/dudes kill 100 on tracks, but where’s the long bids? You about as sure as a Pakistanian’s armpits/why should I lie? I ain’t happy with life/my smile’s fake, I get tired of you arrogant types/you tell stories that you heard from the necks in your heights/or watch movies and act like you flip birds and send kites…”

Word to everything, if I was an A&R and looking for talent, I’d give A Walk Through Myspace a close listen cause dudes is ripping it down left and right. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few rappers on this mixtape get signed to some majors or if some of these producers end up with sounds on your favorite rapper’s album. If not for the talent, then this mixtape needs to be listened to strictly for the music. This is that real hip-hop and that real hunger for more personified. -The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: "A Walk Through Myspace"

Weakest Joint: "Get Loose"