While so many producers remix Biggie, Jigga and Nas songs, it's cool to see someone take another great and very underrated MC and give some of his music a facelift. Leave it up to Beatnick & K-Salaam to take hot music from Common and keep it just as hot in a whole new way or make it sound sicker.

I’m not gonna lie, I don’t feel joints like “The Corner,” and “The 6th Sense” should have been touched. Those were straight classics to me. But the new production on them was hot too. But more importantly they managed to give new life to overlooked bangers like putting melodic guitar riffs on “Reminding Me,”or throwing a moaning shorty on the remix to “Go.” I’m not even gonna front, after listening to that new version of “Go,” I was ready to call up the block slut and get it poppin’ like that Iraqi reporter who flung those kicks at G-Dub (Classic moment of this generation I might add).

I can’t even front on Beatnick & K-Salaam, them dudes have a good idea on what music is and they chose the perfect test subject to help them get that point across. Much props to them and their vision.

Hottest Joint: "2-0-0-9"

Weakest Joint: "Go"