Back when Lil Wayne dropped two bangers with Dedication and Dedication 2, I thought to myself, “Hell has officially frozen over. Lil Wayne became a dope rapper.” The clever rhymes and sick flows on those mixtapes made the hip-hop world take notice. The outcome was Wayne becoming the hottest rapper in the game. Well, after listening to Dedication 3, the hottest rapper in the game must’ve melted the ice in hell cause Lil Wayne is garbage once again. Hell is burning full throttle.

This mixtape is more evidence that Lil Wayne is trying to become Lauryn Hill. He might look like a Bizzaro version of Ms. Hill, but he sure as hell can’t sing like she used to. This Auto-Tune thing is really getting out of hand. He was given dope beats to rip, but instead he used them to become T-Wayne. From the intro on Dedication 3 to where he was talking about being “Flyer than a butterfly doing the tootsie roll” on “Put On For My City,” T-Wayne demonstrated just how far this game has fallen. I remember a time when rappers used to try to be like the hottest rapper in the game. Now it’s to the point where rappers are trying to be like the hottest singer in the game.

I can’t knock DJ Drama on any level. That’s the homie right there. He chose some hot tracks for this mixtape, but Wayne only rapped on like two or three joints. He got right on those joints too. “Bang Bang” was tight even though we all saw that video where 40 Glocc had him under pressure in LA. So we know he don’t bang for real. “Dick Pleaser” was a clever joint too. Based off the title I thought son was gonna finally come out the closet, but he rapped about the numerous shorties he’s slaying.

Sure his lyrics have eroded over the last few years (Tha Carter II was by far his best album), you can tell when he says simple lines like, “What the fuck do I be thinkin’? Kill, kill, murder and Benjamin Franklin/your girlfriend is into them gangstas and me being a gangsta I’ll get into your girlfriend/I stay still when the world spin/and ain’t nobody flyer than the Birdman…” That last line pretty much validates why I thought Wayne was gonna Lance Bass the hip-hop world on "Dick Pleaser." Guess he’s saving that for when he’ll be on "The Surreal Life" in two years.

All in all, this mixtape wasn’t horrible. It was just disappointing and weak. Wayne straight up and down became a tool of the darkside: Auto-Tune. I wonder if he’ll ever become a straight rapper again (Pun intended). They really shouldn’t have called this Dedication 3 because this in no way reflects the dopeness of D1 and D2. He should’ve just called this Tuning Out of the Game. -The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: "Bang Bang"

Weakest Joint: "She’s A Ryder"