First off, did Serius refer to DJ Blazita as “the top DJ in the game right now as far as the streets is concerned”? Did I miss something? I was on the block all day and ain’t hear anything about Blazita being crowned the mixtape Queen. Did she take over the game while I was in the back room of the bodega playing pool with my crew? Eh, more power to her I guess.

Now, Serius Jones has been known throughout the hip-hop underground scene for quite some time. Making a name for himself via Fight Klub, Jones’ has been grinding since being crowned Fight Klub’s champ in 2005. From YouYube to record deals with Ludacris’ Disturbing Tha Peace, it seemed like Serius’ star was bound to shine amidst a gloomy record industry. But that just hasn’t been the case.

So here we are with The Hard Way. It’s not hard to tell that this man can hold a mic better than most rappers hold they d*ck (Pause!). From spitting greasy lyrics to thought-provoking rhymes like, “Muthafuckas this is my world, I’ma snatch it back and not let it discourage me / no gas prices, tainted tomatoes--they don’t nourish me / I ask a simple question, they punish me / fuck the industry….” On “The World Is Yours 2,” he even got down on Jay’s “U Don’t Know” beat and tore it down on “Do You Know.”

His Achilles heel lies in the hooks he manufactures. Which is the case with most nice rappers. While their verses be as hot as--according to Nas--Beyonce’s breath (Editor's Note: Damn, O, you had to bring up old shit, huh?!), their hooks be as limp as Hugh Hefner’s manhood. Such is the case on “I’m Here Tho,” and “Let It Bang.” Rappers like this need a DJ Premier or Just Blaze to scratch records and create hooks that’ll keep heads boppin without pausing to wonder “What the f*ck is up with this chorus?”

But Serius is definitely nice. Will he be able to break through the mainstream with his hard rhymes like DMX or Big Pun back in the late '90s or will he be in underground limbo with a cult following like Canibus?

Hottest Joint: "The World Is Yours 2"

Weakest Joint: "Rap Star" J Conway feat. Jae Millz