When I saw this guy’s name the first thing I thought was, "Damn! I was hoping the “$” sign being used as an “S” died along with Ma$e’s career." Guess that was asking for too much.

Then when I popped in the mixtape and heard birds chirping and some old-school feel, goody-good music I thought, "Is this gonna be a mixtape for those 'out loud and proud' peeps?" But that wasn’t the case (Thank goodness). Instead I ended up listening to some pretty damn good hip-hop music.

I have to admit, the kid can flow something hard like Michael Phelps (I had to use the M. Phelps metaphor before these rappers get to it. Remember where you heard it first!).

From jumping on a extraordinary bubblegum-pop beat on “Modern Day Hippie” and making it listen-able, to going extra gutter on Busta’s “New York” track on “Roll My Shit.”

Other than the flow, son got some entertaining rhymes, too. On “The Good Part,” he says sh*t like, “Joe, they say flow I got the girls feenin’ / your hoe keep my name in her mouth now more than my seamen-- see, man / you a little jackass like Wee-man /…”

Even his man, Trademark Da Skydiver, popped off something retarded on “Soundtrack To Success.”
The only fault I can see in Curren$y is that he’s similar to Ma$e more ways than the use of the “$.” A lot of people are gonna feel that their styles are similar from the way he raps to the tone of his voice at times.

But like I said, the flow is platanos and I hope that the young homie can keep the good music consistent.

Hottest Joint: "Brett Favre" and "Still That Nigga"

Weakest Joint: "Modern Day Hippie"