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Company Flow Reunion Show

October 19, 2007
Music Hall of Williamsburg
Brooklyn, NY

The worst kept secret in the NYC’s indie hip-hop world last week was that iconic ’90s underground rap group Company Flow would be reuniting on Friday (Octover 19). The group—originally comprised of rapper/producers El-P and Bigg Jus and DJ Mr. Len—broke up in 2000 after leaving Rawkus Records, the seminal underground hip-hop label who released their only album, Funcrusher Plus, in 1997. While El-P went on to find independent success as a solo artist and for his new label Definitive Jux, the other members have been largely missing in action since the breakup.

While Friday’s CMJ showcase at Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg was all about the Def Jux roster, fans sat through El-P’s solo set with an air of anticipation. “I wouldn’t go anywhere if I were you,” he said after performing his last song. Next, El-P emerged with Bigg Jus (now sporting long dreads) in tow. “We’re going to try to do this,” he said as the opening notes of “Bad Touch Example” thumped from the speaker.

When the set began, it became clear that this was only a partial reunion—DJ Mr. Len was nowhere to be found. Nonetheless, the duo ran through a number of the crew’s popular cuts, including “The Fire In Which You Burn,” “Population Control” and “8 Steps To Perfection.” Their rapid fire flows and sinister beats were still rugged like Rwanda, but the crowd seemed less familiar with most of the tracks when compared to the reaction El-P’s earlier solo set received. It was most telling that the Company Flow song that received the biggest crowd response was “Vital Nerve,” a track that features vocals from only El-P. The partial reunion was somewhat anti-climactic, but it could in fact be a good rehearsal for the group’s rumored plans to record new material and re-release Funcrusher Plus next year.

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    • http://www.hotmail.com Sagres a.k.a. mef

      How could u b ´´real nigga on deck´´ if u just give a fuck bout the greatest Company Flow? r u a crazy or what pussy? Company Flow is 1 of the best mcs in underground shit, ya know what i mean? What u want? Diddy, 50 or Nelly? Peace n luv 4 real underground. Killahbeez ina area.

  • smoovenig

    obviously you do because you actually clicked on this to leave a comment….idiot (lol).

  • LOL

    why you reposting this bullshit

    nobody gives a fuck about this rap for indie hipster white kids.


  • Mikk

    Ooh, a company flow reunion. That’s so exciting. I’ll go with Real Nigga, nobody cares.

  • bongolock

    thanks for the review. i was wondering how the crowd response would be and whether the lyrics would be on point.

  • ths

    the part about the other members being MIA is not right though, Bigg Jus has dropped more shit than El-P has: 2 NMS albums, a solo Black Mamba Serums, and Poor Peoples Day, all of which are slept on… Juss is dropping gems.
    Anyway… where are the youtube clips for this performance, i wanna see :)

  • FrenchyBlaq

    Company flow reunited? good new.

  • ATLien79

    y’all niggas r dumb. Co Flow was the shit. Good music is good music my nig. Fuck all y’all one dimensional mu’fuckas

  • http://bryant-o@mailcity.com Bryant Oden

    Readers online do your homework…Company Flow paved the way for or rather say paid the way for artists such as Mos Def and Talib Kweli.

    Company Flow would go on tour throughout the mid to late 90′s in Europe and Mos Def opened up for them.

    The budget money Rawkus used to promote Pharoah Monch, Mos Def, etc… was profit gained from units sold by Company Flow’s records.

    Do your homework and show respect.

    I ride wit you Juss!! What up Orko!! El-P don’t sleep cause these haters aint’ dead yet.

    Bryant Oden
    A&R Consultant

    • LOL

      company flow didnt sell shit. LOL

      • ATLien79

        sales ain’t everything fam. a lot of niggas don’t move units. i hope you don’t just buy popular shit because you’re missing a lot of good shit that floats below the radar.

  • ths

    the part about “other members missing in action” is off the mark though, Bigg Jus has been dropping gems, Black Mamba Serums, Poor People’s Day, and two NMS albums. Seriously, check that cat out.

  • Razor

    “the other members have been largely missing in action since the breakup”, not true, Jus has put out solo material, his second album was dope as hell

  • avenger xl

    Tell these bitch made one dimensional cats how it is Bryant. folks need to expand their frame of reference bunch of fucking music nazi’s

  • openhanded


    Smacks Records, the label founded by Mr. Len (DJ/Producer of Company Flow, Jean Grae, formerly of Rawkus Records and Matador Records), is kicking off an unheard of new campaign for its upcoming releases. Starting November 7th and every Wednesday after that for 30 Weeks, Smacks Records will release a new song from its roster of artists. That’s right- 30 songs in 30 weeks.

    Smacks Artists include: Kice of Course, Mental Case a.k.a. Sal Diesel, BullyMouth, Roosevelt Franklin, Eff Radio, and Mr. Len. Collaborations with El Da Sensei, I-n-I and Lord Sear are also in the works. AMALGAMDIGITAL.com, known for re-releasing the Kurious album and putting out the sophomore Juggaknots album “You’re Your Confusion”, will host the weekly releases on-line.

    And if that is not enough, SMACKSRECORDS.BLOGSPOT.com has been established to give fans insight into the songs straight from the artist’s mouth (or mind and fingers).

    The most asked question is, “how will people hear it?” All you need to do is turn on your XM receiver and listen to Spitkicker Radio and the soon-to-come Dummy Smacks Hour on The Rhyme 65 every week. Tune in as Mr. Len cuts it up for the kiddies!

  • DC1

    Whoever wrote this poorly researched piece should feel flattered that some real heads are actually reading this shit. Artists are artists, and critics are critics. The fact is, there are 2 worlds of hip-hop colliding here in a not so inspiring fashion— cause they don’t speak the same language. (or should I say one world’s speaking language, the others spittin reactionary bullshit).

    For those of you tryin, you can’t compare real cultural innovators with mouth pieces that spit divisive played out crime bangin shit. We don’t need 1 million “Real Nigga on da streets.” Shit only reinforces cultural stereotypes, empowers hate mongers like the Fox crew, and makes a lot of paranoid white motherfuckers a lot of money. Not to mention making it easier for them to get re-elected.

    Mainstream wouldn’t have a dime if it weren’t rippen shit off da underground. Fists up real writers, cause you know it’s true!
    Needles down for DJs layin down pure sound, Ya’ll other motherfuckers are conservative like NeoCons.
    Just cause you can’t understand it don’t mean it’s irrelevant. “Didn’t sell shit…” go ride diddy’s dick main. Quit ridin on da back of the great white elephant.

  • therealrob

    i bought a copy of Funcrucher Plus at the thrift-store for a few bucks.
    i like to listen to it on my cd player at home.
    El-P is rad in concert.
    i saw him this past summer in Albuquerque.
    it was awesome.

  • SmackArealnigga

    hmmmmm. Interesting. Did you know that Mr. Len has a label? SmacksRecords. He has this group called bullymouth. They are fuckin Awesome!