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B.A.R.S. (The Barry Adrien Reese Story)

casidy.jpgIf not for music, Cassidy’s therapy bill would be sky-high. As if releasing two underachieving albums (2004’s Split Personality and 2005’s I’m a Hustla) wasn’t tough enough, last year was particularly hellish for the Philly native. First there was the jail sentence for involuntary manslaughter. Then came October’s near-fatal car crash. With so much personal subject matter to tap into, B.A.R.S. (The Barry Adrien Reese Story) stands as Cass’ most mature work yet. While admirable, good intentions unfortunately can’t make up for soft impact.

Throughout, Cassidy runs the gamut of emotions. On “I Can’t Take It No More,” producer Neo’s rugged blues conjure unease (“I know the feds be watching everyone close to me/That’s why I be smokin’, the stress be approachin’ me”). Switching from paranoid to preachy, on the Swizz Beatz–tracked “Leanin’ on the Lord,” the Hustla dictates spiritual awakenings within three tortured souls: a paralyzed street hustler, a sexually abused female drug user and himself.

Expanding topical range is no easy task, and Cassidy is not exempt from failing to consistently make the transition. Uplifted by John Legend’s crooning on the Devo Springsteen–produced “Celebrate,” Cass’ positive sentiments are lessened by his limp wit (“I had a murder case, I was facing some time, ’Ye/But that’s something small to a giant like Andre”). Elsewhere, his attempts at societal (“Time”) and personal (“Me, Myself, and I”) analysis display growth but barely scratch the surface of Mr. Reese’s recent hardships.

Holding back on the meat and potatoes of the real Barry Adrien Reese story leaves fans hungry for the Cassidy of old. Thankfully, clever punch lines abound on the scorching Beanie Sigel/Fabolous collaboration “U Already Know,” and “My Drink N’ My Two Step” makes for a memorable party track. B.A.R.S. could’ve been the soundtrack to an epic page-turner, but it winds up being merely a CliffsNotes of Cass’ psyche. —MATT BARONE


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  • http://Comcasty D

    Yall Some BITCHES 4 THIS SHIT This Is The Greatest Nigga Freestyler on earth and u give him a fuckin L FUCK U XXL HOE ASS NIgga Im From Shreveport,LA Bitch Come Fuck Wit Me

  • http://www.yahoo.com Barz

    I’d still buy it…..thought it would get something like an L…..(gillie the King of Philly)

    • freshness

      Are you signed? lol gunny guy Gillie the kid coming at rappers for fame smfh

  • FutureBlackLawyer

    Man i can tbelieve cass got a “L”. But it figures since his mixtape 7.7.7. was garbage.

  • corey

    fuck that cassidy deserves “XXL”….hes one of the hottest mc s in the gane rite now

  • GAMA

    Fuck that im still getting that shit!

  • that one nigga

    cassidy got an L and yall let that nigga joc get XL yall got some shit twisted

    • Tre

      You have to remember that the magazine is rating the people based on potential. They know Joc isn’t the most lyrical rapper out, but he does good for what people expect of him. Everyone expects Cass to be a monster on every track, so when he isn’t, he’s going to suffer in ratings. That’s what happens when you’re on top.

  • clevelands finest

    yall let that nigga joc get XL but gave cassidy a L cassidy would murder joc… yall got yall shit all types of twisted… holla

  • bean

    dog.. uz gave swizz beats a xl r u serious cassidy has rhymes for days cuz foreal tho swizz says shit a fuckin 2 year old can say n u give cassidy a l fuck swizz beats produced most this shit wit a better lyracist then swizz it dun even make sence

  • 2BY

    I think the reviewer got the title of this page wrong. I think that the page woz supposed to be called ‘Cassidy – 7.7.7 Review [L]‘

    I truly believe that’s what happened cuz if not then XXL heard the wrong album FOR REAL, wtf were they thinkin?????

  • ViPeR

    lemme kno who rated this cuz ima come to ur house and shoot u in da face, bitch u mus be out ya damn mind, CASS IS THA GREATEST RAPPER ALIVE TODAY, XXXL BITCH!

  • thatdude

    this shit is weak as fuk. cassidy is one of the nicest in the game dudes mixtape game is outta control so you gotta believe hes got some hot track on his cd

  • Steve

    You guys r very disrepectful, Cassidy is the best alive…. straight eat and chew ne one such as wezzy…fabo…ti…etc


    cass grips the mic like a courter back mad niggaz fumble.


    cassidy one of the best rappers behind lil wezzy gillie always hatin on the real rappers he mad he not in the top three 1.)LIl wayne 2.)Cassidy 3.)T.I.P

  • Hooodz

    cassidy dat man in da A we roll wit cassidy an L bullshit XXL

  • ckrack hill blood5


  • N.O. 4 life

    How cassidy get a L when everybody know he one of the best in the game.Swizz Beats got a XL and cass L.Yall give him a low rating because he was
    “Holding back on the meat and potatoes” it aint about all its about good hip hop.

  • Cuban Link

    Yall have the most fucked up rating system Ive ever seen.

    Okayplayer.com here I come!

    But seriously, it isnt easy spilling your gut and everything youve been through, especially if your from the street.This isnt no Ashlee Simpson shit, this negro isnt gonna give you every detail of his life.

  • dutchez

    L gotta be da new XXL cuz i kno my dude got a hip hop collectible comin to a store near u

  • http://YAOO 3ANGELS

    Ya’ll must be crazy. Cass is one of the realist freestylers out right now. Ya’ll need to give him the credit that he deserves.



    • Legacy

      XXL for yall to be that illist hip hop mag out right now yall was willin on these reviews how the fuck did hurricane chris and hove both get a xl thats crazy American Gangsta was A XXL for sure, how the fuck do u see cassidys album a L this is probly his best album to date his songs were strong and the beats is crack. so get ya mind right fam. WEST PENN

  • http://myspace.com/bizcashovaeverythang tha biz

    cass is tha hardest lyricist in the game dis sum bullshit if i even seent it. i bet it aint nobody in tha industry dumb enuff to battle this man yall way off yall fuckin square. who give a fuck about wut tha fuck xxl think anyway

  • http://www.xxlmag.com noid

    i heard this nigga cassidy on dj whoo kid’s show and he not only publicly sguashed his beef with 50 cent but he also sounded sorry.so now i gotta wonder what the fuck was he gunning for anyway?attention perhaps?he needs to make hot songs not freestyles to make a hot album.i’m not copping it sorry.i don’t understand homie!

  • texasboy13

    fuck that i give it a XXL..cassidy is sick!! fuck u if u think different bitch!

  • http://myspace.com DaChao

    HELLA Disrespectful
    BARS is better then hustlnomics
    Joc is cool but Cas if fire

  • garaz

    cassidy is one of the hottest rappers very few can go with him BAR 4 BAR!!! He is ill and frm da UNIT only banks can go toe to toe wit him.bsydz nas nd jay cas is the best since big died!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/tgthahustla cass da hustla

    That shit dont mean nothin if u dont review the whole album….I heard some of the songs and they are all HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://myspace.com/i_rock_nike_sbs Aleks

    ok, cass is definately one of the top 5 best rappers alive. songs are hot, and he’s a killa lyrically, but an “L”, is really fucked up. i’d say XL, but not quite XXL, cuz “I’m A Hustla” was his best album.
    This is the first album that I’m actually going to buy since Purple Haze by Cam’ron, when i didn’t have a computer.

  • big tyma

    this is fukin BULLSHIT his album aint even out yet and half of da tracks you talkin about aint even on the final cut of the album! sort ya self out xxl! evrybody will know wen ma nigga cass album drops! bullshit review

  • sean

    Danm i feel bad for Cassidy, he’s such a talented fella, after 2 strikes @ the same time, u gotta be build though. I don’t care how suck the cd will be, i’ll buy it to contribute to his financial matters, Go Cassidy, keep pushing!!!!!!!

  • Mpho

    this is some bullshit, i have never agreed with one rating from this shit reviewer, this dude need to give it the fuck up… homo ass nigga.. Cassidy da hustla is dat nigga.. B.A.R.S is gon be the shit.. ya’ll niggas just wait and see.. it even pisses on The American Gangster which ain’t even half bad compared to Kingdom Come

  • nelx360

    cassidy iz the best rapper alive i usually dont buy cd but i fucks wit cassidy allday and to put these niggerz straight cop hiz shit

  • http://myspace.com/askillzmuzik askillz

    wtf is this shit cassidy gettin a “L”. u be lettin GARBAGE motherfukaz pass off wit XL’s and XXL”s n shyt. like lets be real here hip hop Cassidy is the TRUTH

  • Chris

    Wow I can’t believe this only a L I mean and L was maybe the anticipation worth but the lyrics should at least gave him a XL cassidy is that crack and if swizz beatz lame big nose ass gets a L (For his nose) then cass should get XXl and oh yeah when u do a review on this album again because your going to have to seeing as though half these songs are not on the final cut album that will b in stores nov 6 make sure your not off that stupid juice ight holla

  • Hiphopheadisme

    Cassidy is the best rapper alive you guys are crazy for giving him and L at leastt an Xl even though he deserves a XXL. Get ur heads right because people are gonna stop buying ur magazines if you dont give fare ratings!




  • Charvon

    I agree that Cassidy should get an L. Because you have to rate him on the scale of his ability. The leaked tracks he has out now that will be on his album is definately not as great as his jams on The Hustla or his freestyles in his previous years. They probrably gave Swizz Beatz an XL for his album because that’s probrably the best he can do with his ability. For example, you would praise a two year old(Swizz) who knows his alphabets, but it wouldn’t wow anyone if a grown man(Cassidy) knew his alphabets. It’s not that Cassidy’s album isn’t good, it’s just that they have higher expectations for Cassidy.

  • dutchez

    XXL gave Hurricane Chris a XL….lol how da hell u gon say his album better than B.A.R.S.?

  • beeny man


    How the hell does hurricance chris get a better rating than cassidy?

  • http://www.blaoow.com Shaaz

    You pretty much covered everything..
    Couldn’t say it better myself

  • queens2miia

    wat tha fuk ma nigga cass iz tha best in freestyle ma nigga iz real under rated cuz he take out all tha best rtye now expect jigga but he still goes hard diz iz tha best casidy tha problem iz a hectic case ya digg he gets a xll





  • daesonesb

    he might not deserve a XXL…. but how are you gonna give young joc a XL if you gave this a L?

    That isnt right, and you guys know it!

  • I Represent Someone With an Opinion.

    This shit looks garbage, and I loved the first two from him. I’m not even DOWNLOADING this. Have fun buying a coaster

  • yoooo

    yoooo the review is of the album b4 it got pushed back. There are different songs on the real album and they are hot. Go buy his work.

  • commonkwaliti

    jus listen to #9. this niggas gonna end up wit krs n common type cats next album. these niggas are wakin up…

  • http://xxl blkjfk

    man this is exactly what comes to mind when the terms hip hop is dead is expressed how the fuck can cassidy only get a large….this mutha fucka has paid his dues and shown some maturation on this ablum….but mean while souja boy sell 120 million copies..yes hip hop is dead if you aint commercial or shaking your ass then you gets no spin…you waterd down yellow belly mutha fuckas…hip hop is at a sad state….blkjfk and im out…..bitches and hurrican chris gets a xxl what the fuck…these niggas is proistitutes

  • Boss

    My question is…where is the American Gangster review, or even the Graduation review, or even Curtis….is XXL too scared, or just too paid from the cats to not offer the public there opinion? Or am I just overlooking something here?

  • knowledge

    alright, this album deserves way more than a large, if you exclude the mcs that are just flatout on a higher level than everyone, nas, talib, common etc., this is the next most talented mc out there… and he goes pretty deep on innocent man if you ask me… his punchline skill is still there and he can switch his flow with the best of ‘em…

  • Jenisis

    this is dumb. a fuckin L for this album is freakin blasphamy, for real. Listening to this album has made a true Cassidy fan, it even made me want to go out and get his other 2 albums and track down his various mixtapes. I definitely dont think he’s the best MC out there, but he’s still fire. period. This album is his best to date, deep as fuck, and on some real talk. How Hurricane Chris get an XL over Cas? Its whatever tho, yall dont buy into reviews, they are one person’s opinion. listen to it yourself and see if you like it

  • King John

    Yall need to hop off of Cassidy’s nuts yeah he’s not on his mixtapes but he can’t make a cohesive album to save his life.


    WTF this is 1 of the BEST ALBUMS OF 2007 cass ripped this