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Tha Dogg Pound
Dogg Chit

thadoggpound.jpgPerhaps Tha Dogg Pound took the motto, “Ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none,” a bit too literally when they constructed last year’s reunion album Cali Iz Active. The disc’s title almost seems like an afterthought, with all its non–Golden State cameos, from Diddy to David Banner, and sonic attempts to broaden their appeal. But on their latest effort, Dogg Chit, Daz Dillinger and Kurupt cut the crap and offer up an unrelentingly balls-out dose of West Coast–centric G-funk.

Rhyming as if still in their Death Row heyday, the duo dumps on assorted bitches and bitch-ass niggas over tracks full of squishy synths and arena-rattling bass. Scored entirely by Daz, with a few assists from Soopafly and Ivan Johnson, the gangsta ethos runs thick. On the smoothed-out “Good Day,” Kurupt explains, “It’s just a California thing/It’s the way we are, the way we bang/Ever since Snoop dropped ‘G Thang.’”

That point is hammered home even further on “Everybody,” a guns-blazing anthem for the C-walking and hydraulic-bouncing set, and again on “Anybody Killa,” featuring a stellar verse from The Game. Supported by a marauding piano break, the three Cali dons clarify that neither geography nor gang affiliation will prevent them from sending “a nigga to the funeral home.”

Daz and Kurupt are equally unforgiving when addressing the ladies. Paternity tests are damned on “Dat Ain’t My Baby,” while the oral-sex ode “Can’t Get Enuff” opens with fellatio slurping sound effects—one of the CD’s many agonizing interludes. In fact, given the limited subject matter (gangbangin’, girls and guns), the skits between almost every song are unnecessary additions to an already bloated 17-track disc.

Yet for all the gangsta posturing and women abusing, Daz and Kurupt sound as fiery, outrageous and meatheaded as ever. With the production arching from vintage Cali electro-boogie grooves (“Vibe”) to epic strings (“This Gangsta Shit Is Ours”), listeners won’t mind reveling in politically incorrect bliss, thinking, “Damn, that’s that chit.” —BRETT JOHNSON

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    D.P.G have been ill since forever

  • http://XXLmag.com Yung Sincere AKA Westside Money G-Unite

    yo I copped cali iz active and im definitely lookin for dogg chit good rating XXL I hope this is better than cali iz active because that album was just average but im pretty sure dpg gon lock it down this time.

  • jacquez
  • Rest In Piss

    fa shiggity, tha pound is comin’ through again. cali iz active was aight, not too good though, i expected more CALIFORNIA guest appearances, hence the title. dogg chit is gonna be bangin’, i read somewhere they got a track with brotha lynch hung, and all i gotta say is DAMN, that IS that chit. brotha lynch one of the siccst underground rappers out there, and dogg pound got him on their album, that’s what’s good. props to daz & kurupt, do ya’ll thang. and these niggas betta have a siccass track wit bigg snoop on here. -duce

  • ???????

    Brotha Lynch is in dat real chit, rappin bout robbin and eatin niggaz and shit

  • Trueog

    this bullshiiit album ain’t gonna sell 7000 copies! they after the cash, all DPG koch stuff is bullshiit! and everyone knows that! They after the 7 bucks at koch, and rippin off all they fans with crap! Look daz couldn’t do 20 000 copies first week on a major! he ain’t sold 50 000 copies of So So Gangsta, why? cuz everyone knows he likes to pump out tonz of bullshiiit tracks. If everyone stop buying this DPG independant koch stuff, maybe daz might get orignal. They selling us Cali music when these dumb fuks dun’t know wuz up here! Daz lives in Atlanta! look it up! and kurupt likes in philly again with hooe gotti his ugly man-biiitch. Fuk these ass wipes, they suck, they dun, they finished!

  • Eman!!!

    yo this shit gonna be dope westcoast shit they quit playin games wit dat cali iz active typa shit and gonna keep it hood diz tyme vibe witta pimp is the chit been hearin dat all ova da radio lately smooth westcoast shit

  • http://www.1stseedrecordings.com Dontae Dynamite

    It’s good to see rap acts that have experience still puttin it down. I was comin up during the “Deathrow” Era and I will always be a DPG supporter as long as they keep making good music.

  • V.A. KID



    who cares if an album sells even one copy if it’s dope it’s dope. thats the problem with hip hop too involved in sales that’s why the music suffers dogg pound is the the new epmd, belive that. stay TUNED2IT

  • k420

    DPG is the best group to come out of cali

  • W

    I agree w/ Dontae… Cali Untouchable DJ’s – The OFFICIAL mixtape dj’s for tha dogg pound, WEST UP


  • http://www.myspace.com/arkaplanmusic - OZ – www.myspace.com/arkaplanmusic

    i found YOUNG BUCK’s album ‘Buck Tha World’ Retail on http://www.RapGodfathers.com

    i dont lie..im so serious :S

    i thought everybody wanna know dat….


  • Pierzy

    D.P.G. 4 L.I.F.E.

  • Paro

    I’m from da U.K and over hear we respect da D.P.G.C. 4 wat they done. Cali iz act was Ok but dis album iz da chit. Buy it Kurupt lyrics Daz beats & ALC

  • DPGC FO’ LIFE NyeGa!!

    Trueog, you just hating…DPG been tight, the shit don’t matter if he sell five albums, the shit was made for muthafucca’s that listened to that shit since day one. Not for some 50cent listenin’ youngsta’…if you want that shit go watch some MTV or somethin’, then you can watch MIMS and Lil’ Weezy, ha, ha…

  • j-real

    dogg pound went two for two that album is the shit like the other one

  • http://www.iyzdcponq.riafzocm.com xqiacwkyp mwlh

    lpncmdj uyatzis rzhcgi gnsjwvi ftzwq dbrulwkg jkatfrpx

  • http://www.iyzdcponq.riafzocm.com xqiacwkyp mwlh

    lpncmdj uyatzis rzhcgi gnsjwvi ftzwq dbrulwkg jkatfrpx

  • StreetsDisciple

    Its a quality LP and much more consisant than their last. DAz and Kurupt are as solid as always.

  • BLUE DOGG o.g C.R.I.P

    dpgc fo’life mutherfuckers!!!!!

  • jdoggsh

    TRUEOG is a stupid fuck. The Dogg Pound been hot since forever, Cali is active wasn’t that great an album because they went outside their formula, including too many guest not related or familiar with the west coast. With This album here is there’s very few complaints from reviewers and fans alike. Kurupt is one on of the dopest mc’s of all time, proven on “New York New York” with better production this duo is unstoppable. They need Dre to executive produce, but Daz has his pride. Get Dre behind a DPG project with natedogg singing hooks and tell me Dogg pound is done.. you ass clown.

  • joey doe

    i didnt hear it yet and i can tell its fucking dope.

  • southcentral

    i been bangin dpg in my stereo since doggfood.but this new one has a little too much fillers.cali iz active was coo.but this one seems a little too rushed.dont cop this one.

  • Philly Blunt

    Yo these motherfuckers have been droppin’ real shit since 1990, keep em comin, i havent been hearing shit since Space Boogie dropped by Kurupt.. its nice to be back in the dogpound with out all that bullshit dissin eachother,, Soopafly, Kurupt, daz DPGC 4 LIFE