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ABC (American Born Chinese)

jin.jpgSince being catapulted into the spotlight by his 106 & Park Freestyle Friday appearances, battle rapper Jin has made it a point to represent for the Asian community. But from his first commercial single, the quirky “Learn Chinese,” to his diss tracks rebutting Miss Jones and Rosie O’Donnell for anti-Asian comments, all his efforts seem steeped in both nobility and gimmick. His latest offering, a mostly Cantonese-language rap album titled ABC (American Born Chinese), keeps the trend going.

Choosing to rhyme in a foreign language is a bold move, but the Miami native keys in on his core audience by touching on personal topics unique to the Chinese-American experience. Jin’s struggles to identify with two heritages are addressed on the melodic title track, while his memories of Hong Kong before it returned to communist rule are discussed on the booming “1997.” Although the subject matter is a refreshing change of pace, the sonic supplements are not always up to par. “It’s Hip-Hop,” Jin’s love letter to rap music, is powered by a dull 1980s-inspired track and rehashes his multiple BET wins.

For the wayward, non-Chinese-speaking listener, the beats play a large part of the ABC experience. Unfortunately, a majority of the production, which is scored by L.A. collective the Far*east Movement, is full of hollow handclap drums and soulless keyboard loops. Despite the language barrier, the annoyingly repetitive hook is clear on “Instant Noodle,” which translates to, “Let me make a noodle, let me make a noodle, let me make a noodle for you to eat.”

Thankfully, the somber “Wun Lern Chon,” with its emotional strings and everything’s-gonna-be-alright message, and the aforementioned “1997” make up for the musical missteps. While ABC displays Jin’s potential for greatness and deserves praise for its originality, most of the material gets lost in translation. —KEVIN YUEN

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  • http://www.yahoo.com Shamir

    corny ass chink

    • darren

      racist ass bitch

  • jacquez
  • derfla the hus’la

    with so many chinese why aint this nigga go plat?

  • http://www.xxlmag.com HIP HOP AINT DEAD

    stick to freestylin, thats what your good at

  • sum1


  • http://Rapforums.com Zeke Carew

    because Chinese aint nowhere near into hip hop like Japanese are

  • playboy c

    yo, I’m a black dude man, but I feel Jin is the most underated rapper, everyone knows him for learn chinese, but Ruff ryders tried commercializing him. I’m an underground hiphop fan, and I can tell you, the dude is a real lyricist, the only problem is the productions. As for ABC chinese, it’s cantonese so I can’t say anything ’bout it.


    ..yo all ya fucken jealous that a asian rapper better then sum of ya black,white,etc race out there..fucken stop lying…ya just hated that he made it..fucken faggets..its hip hop where all race comes together…and PLAYBOY C is rite jin is got lyric….

  • thecoolguy

    haha what a joke, how is he better than than some black rappers? dude sucks hes got rhymes sometimes but hes got no flow he dont know how to make records

  • pddy317

    jin need to go to china and be a superstar. i would.

  • Seize

    Jin can rhyme, but making an album was always gonabe a major risk especially with asians having near invisible to invisible presence in hip-hop at the moment. He got skills, bt he need to hook up wit golden child again

  • problem child

    jin he’s alrite 4 a chinese dude he sound betta than half of these cats out especially bradley’s favorite rapper papoose cuz he sucks

  • Pancho

    Jin…he has flow…but can SOMEBODY PLEASE help him make album.

    His albums are disappointing and overrated..

    Jin + Just Blaze = HOT album

  • playboy c

    yo, Pancho u right, jin + just blaze is a hot album.
    Anyone heard ‘long whinding road’ by Jin,
    y’all should bump it man, he talks about how he’s struggled in the industry. He ain’t kissing anyone’s ass again. He still making money dawg

  • asiaticstatic

    Hip Hop is for everyone, regardless of race, mational origin, gender etc. Jin is a great rapper, he’s clever, poetic and culturally aware. He reminds me of the 1990′s west coast korean rappers, The Seoul Brothers. It’s about time someone gave the yellow brothers a break and listen to what they have to say. If people can listen to 3rd Bass, the Beastie Boys, Eminem, punk ass Vanilla Ice, Lady Sovereign and give white rappers some play, then why not the Asian brothers and sisters.

  • http://xxlmag.com dipset all day

    yo i bet dat nigga will sel his albums IN CHINA lol and it’s true

  • http://xxlmag.com dipset all day

    i bet the niggas dick riding jin on dis shit is chinese

  • Real Talk

    Will some one PLEASE tell

    his shit is str8 GARBAGE!!!

    I feel embarrassed for you Homie!!

  • PBreezy

    Define the man by his lyrics not his race.

    For you ignorant fools out there who resort to calling another COLORED MAN by a racial slur like “chink” when you yourself is blacker than midnight…

    You embarass me.

    That’s why the white man still wipes his hands off on our clothes.

  • Hip Hop Fanatic

    Jin’s shit is hella sick. Fuck all the haters.

  • dj q

    who da fuck is this he’s a nobody who sign this rice picker

  • http://www.myspace.com/tipxlproducermc TIP-XL

    SHAMIR shut up!!!!!!!!!! no racist comment in here douchebag!

  • http://www.myspace.com/mrmanish707 Mr.Manish

    damn yall some haters…

  • http://www.myspace.com/arkaplanmusic - OZ – www.myspace.com/arkaplanmusic

    i found YOUNG BUCK’s album ‘Buck Tha World’ Retail on http://www.RapGodfathers.com

    i dont lie..im so serious :S

    i thought everybody wanna know dat….


  • lake

    aint there 20 billion people in china??? he cant even go platinum over there
    -serius jones

  • http://www.myspace.com/tbws4life Farrukh

    Jin tha mc is fuckin good cuz he classic an i love his new shit(no homo) even tho i dont understand tha lyrics but i liked what he said in that abc song cuz that video was good. an for all you haters talkin shit….mannn….for real you aint shit at least jin made it somewhere.

  • Tech9

    Jin Damn YOU SUCK!

  • oaktown4800

    all i can say is fuck asians polluting our motherfucking cities

  • http://freddyfred.biz Freddy Fred

    lol we built the rail roads that established this country,,,and to transport you fuckin slaves around

  • slimpimp

    man jin fuckin whack as hell who does he think he is… what a joke…

  • equinoxxx

    dude won’t go plat cos not everybody in china speaks cantonese and not many peeps know who jin is in cantonese speakin hong kong

  • phuck

    this slant eye wack fuckin chink should of stayed retired lil bitch

  • YunG MillZ

    jin is wack word 2 motha !!! he keeps tryna push that hes Chinese ….so F’n what!!! jus Rap …1st he had ..”yall gon speak chinese” now he got this weak ass album (empasize on BUM) called “AMERICAN CHINESE” hes weak and hes gonna go double plastice AGAIN…..only person thats buying his album is him… not even chinese are buying that corny sh*t smh

  • popndue

    yo, why the fuck you guys dissing Jin, jeez. he’s cool. On his album Abc, He made himself clear to the chinese folks out ther bout him, man. All his songs were about him being Abc, his life, his fame and celeb m8s lyk Daniel wu. he even respected the founder of Hip Hop and history on his (it’s Hip Hop) I know that the whole album is lyk bare canto. but trust he aint dissing nobody for no reason. Ay yo, i thought this is a free country, man.

  • http://xxl.com big t

    yo jin wack as hell go to you tube rite the fuk now and type jin v. mistah fab and watch jin hop on da bays nutz and start runnin and shit like a hoe when fab take one step towards him then just gets that ass ate up by fab.
    p.s. how does an ASIAN when a battle on BLACK. ENTERTAINMENT. TELEVISION



  • popndue

    thts true, i hve to b honest, man. jin cnt be compared to american rap.

  • Jin supporter

    Stop hating on Jin why you gotta hate on him Cause he’s a Chinese man Listen to the man’s music He speaks some real ish

  • kenny ho

    ur all jelious that a chinese kid golden child is better than u lol bet ur all white or all black fuk u all jins the best rapper out ther name rappers that can beat him errrrrr thought so losers lmfao leng jai ne dow

  • Certif. pinoy

    Damn. Ya’ll racist. You too, XXL. This is in cantonese. What’s the fuckin point of puttin this up if ya’ll are gonna say ignorant shit like “chink”. Especially you, Shamir, you little shit.

  • DJQ

    whats a chink

  • Sunny


  • da man

    take yo ass back to china with that fuck shit

  • Ffffffffffff


  • http://www.bboyworld.com derfderf

    For all the ppl thinking Asians shouldn’t rap, or that hip-hop is just for black people…you’re no better than the fools that stereotype rappers. You’re nothing but a busta, and that’s being nice. Get your head fixed and learn real hip-hop, and stop acting hard on the Internet.

    Somebody got to get these ignorant 15 year olds off of mommy and daddy’s computers.

    P.S. What’s the point of reviewing a non-English album on an English mag – you can’t even talk about Jin’s rhymes. Production’s like half the album, you’re missing the other half. That’s not even touching on the impact this album has for all the ABCs and CBCs out there. But what do you expect from this hip-pop culture.

  • Jay Weezy

    Jin is a fucking joke. And this is coming from an “ABC”, his target audience on this piece-of-shit disc. All those Asians defending him, I’m sure you’re not aware Jin refers to himself and yourself as “chinks”, “slanty-eyed”, “Chinaman”, and “chinky eyed”, etc. What a self-hating, pandering piece-of-shit.

    It’s ironic you have Jin-haters here that call him “chink” and wack because Jin is with you, he hates himself, too.

    He’s a fucking sell-out, Chinese Uncle Tom that was trying to appeal to mainstream hip-hop audiences by degrading himself and his race, and at the same time, propping himself up to be the “only” Asian voice in America, saying wack shit like if he didn’t speak up for Asians, no one would.

    Well for one, that shows he’s a clueless motherfucker, and secondly, I wouldn’t want a short ugly-ass piece-of-shit like Jin to be representing me or any Asians I know.

    He tried to come out and say he was only “empowering” Asians by using racial slurs and epithets like “chink” in the same way blacks might use the “n-word”. What a fucking liar, coward and cop-out. First of all, no self-respecting Asian would ever call themselves “chink”. You gotta be a fucking moron to be saying that shit as if it’s cool. And to put it in perspective, it’s as if your mother wakes up and calls herself “cunt” and “fucking slut bitch whore”. You should be such a proud son, that your mom is “empowering” herself by degrading herself with slurs and epithets.

    What Jin is doing is anticipating his audience to be a bunch of racist fucks that look down on him because he’s Asian, and he’s trying to appeal to them by telling them they are right, that he’s just a wack silly short “chink chinaman with slanty eyes”. That’s what a piece of shit this fucking loser Jin is.

    And now that his little scheme has failed and he’s been dropped by Ruff Ryders, because the “mainstream” hip-hop audience can see him for what he is, a wack punk-ass bitch with corny-ass rhymes and shitty beats, and worse of all, a fucking sell-out piece of shit that hates himself, he’s trying to switch tack and pander to Asian audiences by releasing a Chinese album.

    Only problem is, the album is crap! His rhymes are terrible and shallow, and all he ever talks about is he’s Chinese, don’t judge him for being an “ABC”, going to eat dim sum, just total fucking shallow bullshit. And guess what, it’s not selling in Asia either because the fact is, he plain sucks. He tried to play in China and the only people that showed up were expats, and still not enough to fill a club. It’s fucking embarrasing.

    Jin’s a fucking loser, not because he’s Chinese or because he’s a rapper, but because he’s a shitty artist that’s corny and hates himself and panders to whatever audience he thinks might make him rich while having no ideals or clue who he is or what he stands for. Just a fucking punk ass loser.

    • http://www.gofuckyourself.com HiN.FM

      jay weezy, just copying the weezy part makes you just as corny. I don’t understand how you can use these profanity against someone way above your level. I might not know you but the way you write shows a lot of immaturity. Do you see film critics or even the worst judges (American idol) bash someone this hard? You are just behind a computer screen typing things you can’t say in public. Jay Weezy, from what it seems it looks like you’re just hating because he isn’t a black rapper. I can name a handful is rappers who try hard to get main stream, lets start by you’re boyfriend lil’ wayne… have you heard the lyrics to lolipop? even the title is p*ssy. He has to be one fake azz ni**a, lets not forget how he looked in that video.. homosexual a** f*ck. Come on kid, if you’re gonna bash on someone check yourself and what YOU listen to.

  • Damn


  • John

    fuck iz wrong wit u Jay when he uses chink its when he’s refrencing wat other people call u. Fuck is wrong wit and if he didnt come out for y’all tell me who wud. U mudafuckin dumbass

  • ryu da pwner

    jin raps better dan u all jin haters so stfu u fags

  • ryu da pwner

    jin raps better dan u all jin haters so stfu u fags

  • http://myspace.com/gofuckyourself HiN

    ooh yeah, and lets not forgot that Nas refers blacks to nigger.. if you didnt know, pick up the album that was suppose to be called nigger. any hoots, just think about all the rappers and what they say… uh huh exactly.. i aint chinese but come on, how can a nigger talk about another race before checking their own.