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Don’t Quit Your Day Job!

consequence.jpgIt’s been 10 years since Consequence’s entry into the game on A Tribe Called Quest’s Beats, Rhymes and Life. Possessing a complex flow and witty lyricism, Q-Tip’s cousin had a promising future ahead of him, but his career prospects abruptly faded once Tribe disbanded in ’98. Fast-forward six years, and Cons received a lifeline courtesy of Kanye West, who welcomed the Queens native into his Grammy family. After appearing on the Louis Vuitton Don’s projects, Cons is back for the first time with his long-awaited debut, Don’t Quit Your Day Job!

Following an autobiographical blueprint, “Da Job Song” candidly documents Consequence’s nine-to-five grind between deals, over producer Kool Aid’s lush conga drums and whistles. Con maintains his humility throughout—the introspective “Who Knew?” featuring Tony Williams’ soothing vocals, finds him looking to put the past behind him (“I used to have to stay in this clubbed basement/Now I’m getting calls for product placement/They say that song ‘Spaceship’ gave my career a face-lift/Now I’m on the comeback trail to make a statement”).

Always a capable wordsmith, Mr. Cons-to-the-Quence succeeds with vivid tales, like his Harlem booty-huntin’ romp “Uptown” and the family-feudin’ “Uncle Rahiem.” His weakness lies in the recycled gems. The Kanye-produced “The Good, the Bad, the Ugly” first resonated on mixtapes nearly four years ago, and “Night Night” appeared on the soundtrack for EA Sports’ Fight Night Round 3. Even the lead single, “Grammy Family,” premiered earlier this year on DJ Khaled’s debut disc.

After a lifetime in the making, Don’t Quit Your Day Job! should be a collection of fresh material that finally lets its orator get his solo shine. Instead, Cons offers up a stunted track listing, even taking a backseat to John Legend on the tender “Feel This Way,” which features more of the singer’s harmony and raps than the alleged headliner. That’s not to say that Consequence doesn’t make good music—he just didn’t craft enough great music. —THOMAS A. HARDEN

87cover.jpgRead the rest of XXL’s Critical Beatdown review section in the
December 2006 issue (#87)

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  • G.O.O.D music

    he still makes awesome music nad im sure his album will be one the best….the new NEW songs at least….


  • http://www.myspace.com/pettie88 LAWRENCE

    ive been waiting for this album for awhile now and i dont even think im gonna get it if theres not enough new material on there

  • http://myspace.com/first2bomb Will

    this dude is ok…way ovverrated but aiight

  • http://www.stashboxx.net alex

    lol @ over rated, hes under rated.

    dude is sick.

    plain and simple.

    dont beleive me hear his music.

  • Avenger

    Con is good but he ain’t gone get his shine cause G.O.O.D music like most vanity labels don’t have the system to promote much further than their marquee artist (i.e. Kanye and John Legend) who were brought to us by other more established companies. G.O.O.D. music has yet to break a seldom seen artist yet. They help common get a little more shine but they have no idea what to do with new artists. tax right off time


    download this track by MOBB DEEP – SMOKE IT Hott as hell & i dont know who the fuck this “loser” is


    lol @ over rated, hes under rated.

    dude is sick.

    plain and simple.

    dont beleive me hear his music.

    ^^^^^^^^^^this nigga says it best


    dude sucks

  • G.O.O.D music

    QUEENZGETTHEMONEY|?| …..who the fuck are you to say he sucks …id like to see you rap bet you sound like wut your are a ginger ass kid who lives in ohio… tsss and then you insult real artists like cons …man u crazy?

  • David

    Hold up. When in the h*** does his album come out.

  • Drastik Hussain ( Bay Repper)

    this dude David censored the word Hell. haha what a lame!

  • skillz

    u lot shoulda seen it comin…..its finaly his tym 2 shyne!!!!


    damn i would have thought he come correct being that he have kanye behind him, where the promo and where the video…

  • dexter mills

    yo conseuqnce is one of the nicest emcees in the game and his cd will be madd ill. g.o.o.d. music will help get his name out and with the help of kanye i hope constothequence will get the respect and the aknowledgment he deserves

  • Enes aka KOCH

    he’s not bad i like his track called Grammy Family!

  • Lil’ Snooks aka KOCH

    he’s not bad i like his track called Grammy Family!

  • Lil’ Snooks aka KOCH

    he’s not bad i like his track called Grammy Family!!!


    2 words….. JOE…BLOW

  • bettadenkobe

    Cons is tight, listen to his mixtape, The Cons vol. 4, the dude has skills, but im sad to hear that a lot of his songs are so old. Come on Cons… Grammy Family is the lead single? The Good the Bad the Ugly (Old ass Hell)? I hope his album doesnt have the same fate as Busta Rhyme’s album, his album was pushed back for so long that all his singles became old. I dont know if im gonna copp this album anymore, there is going to be a lot of contemplation involved before i make that decision.

  • http://gmobb.com Ace Roddy

    Y6o he is hella sik lyrically. Reason hy people say he suck is becuz they like JOC. im a rapper and id be hella mad if someone said i suk. I won the Northern cali apollo

  • kboog

    #1 this isnt Cons solo debut…can we please get the info correct. I bangin the last one now inda deck…GET RIGHT FOLK….what did my man Cons say” I Dont see myself gettin out the GAME no time soooooooooon”
    peace GOD
    Charlotte, NCizzle


    dont give this fag publicity by posting in this thread he is straight TRASH beleive me i know good hip hop

  • seeker

    whats up with the hate? an “l”, nah albums like this don’t get good grades in a mag like xxl, the only way thats gonna happen is if cons woulda put an bullshit slow southern track on it, sounding like all the other weak bullshit on the radio. waiting for the allhiphop.com and the hiphopsite.com reviews, at least they dont get paid by corporate sponsers. fuck it. oh and yeah, the interview posted at hiphopsite from december he said the album was 80% done so how the fuck can u make a review in november

  • balance

    So you dont remember the guy who was killin the Tribe Called Quest’s album Beats Rhyme and Life? This dude is hella sick. Most Chi-Town rappers are sick. These kids dont know their hip hop.

  • Matt H.

    I only have one question…
    Where the hell did most of you learn to write? 90% of the people who post on this site have absolutely no concept of writing in a lucid and direct manner. Have you ever thought about using commas, periods, question marks, or any of the other syntax and grammar tools that have been adopted by the english language to help articulate your mindless rhetoric and “beefs?”

    Here’s a suggestion…
    If you really want someone to get your point, do not write in your street slang. It isn’t near as effective, and it is very hard for the reader to comprehend (not that most of you really have anything important to say anyways).

    You are disgracing yourselves and the people who helped raise and mold you. You are disgracing the hip hopsters you are trying to defend by writing things that don’t convey a real message…just like every one of Chingy’s songs. hahaha

    Final thought…
    Use some sense when you write; you may just “school some niggas.”

    …yes I am an avid hip-hop listener and have been for many years. I have seen it evolve into the crap we see from most artists today. Test my knowledge if you must.

  • http://XXL.COM general_jeff_hood

    Hello all Im gay…………………………………………..

  • JUB3

    man cons to the quence is a dope emcee he just needs to be makin more. and quicker.

  • http://www.myspace.com/officialhitnrun Matthew

    Hot beats for any cats out there rappin or singin..

    Got plenty of hot beats just holla if you want some;)

    Hit ‘N’ Run Productions!

  • general_jeff_hood

    this jeff hood biter is a fucking retard..folks sorry you wasnt an abortion…to the real shit con..if the albums recycled i;m not getting it for people that got all his mixtapes and everything else we dont want to be did…

  • DSGB

    kanye overshadowed him on the grammy family joint. dude lyrical though…

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  • Giovanni

    I think this review is unfair because, yes, The Good The Bad The Ugly is an old song but It is an excellent track, I feel like who ever reveiw this track may have scored it lower unfairly as many people have not heard this track or do not follow mixtapes. So I have also review this album and I gave it a 8.75 out of 10.