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Hi-Teknology 2

hitek.jpgProducers moonlighting as rappers are nothing new. So it came as no surprise when Hi-Tek released his critically acclaimed debut, Hi-Teknology, in 2001. Supported by a capable squadron of MCs and singers, the Cincinnati beatsmith reserved his mic time to a sole track and opted to let the beats speak for him. However, for his follow-up disc, Hi-Teknology 2, Tek takes a slightly more lyrical role, and does like another Midwest producer/rapper and makes good music.

Sticking to his previous blueprint, Tek gathers an array of artists to groove to his melodic, head-snapping rhythms. Q-Tip lends his vocals to the soothing “Keep Me Dancing,” while Bun B keeps it trill on the introspective “So Tired.” Then Talib Kweli, Raekwon, Papoose and Jadakiss converge on the Big Apple posse cut “NY, NY,” where Kiss steals the show with potent bars like, “Got a lot of heart/Best part is I’m clever, too/Hand skills, hard work, gunplay/Whatever, duke.”

Keeping it in the family, Tek also enlists the talents of his parents, who appear in the form of the Willie Cottrell Band. Papa Tek’s soulful wails power both the hypnotic “People Going Down” and the funk ballad “Josephine.” On the latter, a reflective Ghostface describes a woman whose life is destroyed by drugs (“The monkey on her back is now a gorilla/Fiending for a hit, knowing one day it’s gonna kill her”).

The only mood killer here is the plodding “March,” which features run-of-the-mill machismo from Busta Rhymes. And while Tekzilla may not be the most noteworthy lyricist, he shows flashes of a promising pen game as he holds his own alongside Nas on the flute-drenched “Muzik for Life,” and the haunting “The Chip” finds him proclaiming, “Single-handedly carried the Natti on my back, and I ain’t even that big/Little nigga got it done/I ain’t even talk about bustin’ no gun.” Even still, Tek manages to arm himself with a full clip.—SEAN A. MALCOLM
86cover.jpgRead the rest of XXL’s Critical Beatdown review section in the
November 2006 issue (#86)

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  • Crazy

    Hi-Tek make some pretty fly beats


  • http://www.jumman.com bigarsenal


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  • jus

    i gotta cop this one

  • Livin’ Proof



    That Ny Ny shit was cold. Raekwon and papoose CAN IT GET ANY BETTER?

  • lawrence

    im getting it…and who did the cover art that shit is ill as fuck

  • VICK


  • tre

    all we need is reflection eternal 2 now

  • Vindi

    I’m copping this….


  • jose

    for one no one hates this album…

    hi tek + dr. dre+ mos def + talib=

    fuck the hater…. go back to HATERNATION so contriction

  • Civic

    one of my most anticipated cant wait for this shit to come out

  • http://Myspace.com/blackmusicfamilies Ace Roddy

    Hell no. This shit should be a small come on “18 dummy” I am from the bay and nobody knows what going 18 dummy is. They are not lyricists. I am a lyricist and if i made some shit like this peeps would laugh. So i wont buy this shit

  • http://www.rapmedia-az.com Enes Opie

    Rating: 4.2/10
    Best Track: Where It Started At (NY) (Ft. Dion, Jadakiss, Papoose, Talib Kweli & Raekwon)

  • Thugstyle

    Doppest shit in a long time.

  • doug

    an XL? oh please…how about an XXL get your weight up

  • doug

    an XL? oh please…how about an XXL get your weight up

  • Young L

    Truth be told, I don’t know much about Hi-Tek….I knew he worked with Kweli, and had recently produced a lot for G-Unit. I heard “How We Do IT” last year around this time and liked it so when i saw the album comin out i figured i’d give it a try, and i must say i wasn’t disappointed. It’s not perfect, but he creates a lot of good production, his rhymes are generally on point and he seemingly has good chemistry with everybody he works with. He FREAKED that toy beat on “I Think I Got A Beat” into a certified banger lol. Even though I was kinda disappointed in two of my favorite artists (Bun B and Devin) on “So Tired”, the song still shines because of Hi-Tek’s backdrop, verse and Dion’s hook. My favorite song on the album would have to be “Music For Life” where Nas, Hi-Tek, and Common kill it. Hi-Tek shows a lot of variation and creativity while still staying on path so it’ll sound like a cd and not just an ill mixtape. I recommend it.

  • Chriz Vega

    aYo idk BuT an XL? i got da album and as soon as i heard da da entire thing 4rm beggining to end, i nu i had a XXL album… music 4l ife, where it started at, so tired, cum yall. But Ye DiiZ aLbUm IZ Da ShYt , Gud LuKZ HI-TeK!!!!

  • HEX

    good review here, that busta track should have been cut and papooses verse was whack. Other than that this album is nothing short of a masterpiece.

    Album of the year.

  • BAYN8V

    Yo if you slept on Hi-Teknology, go cop it, Don’t sleep on Hi-Teknology 2!
    He’s produced for a lot of heavyweights-check ya liner notes! I just got it today, but from beginning to end, its a wrap! This should be xxl material, but its probably not commercial enough. I liked the production better on Hi-Teknology, but 2′s definately got some slaps

  • Phil

    Music is for life…. that is all I can say. That song alone got the XL the album should have been XXL. I fucks wit Hi-Tek hard.

  • http://gmobb.com Ace Roddy

    These are some real HIPHOP producers and they dont charge alot im bought to buy a beat from them


    fuckin joe blows


    fuckin dork music

  • http://www.mypopmkt.com/ mypopmkt

    I liked the production better on Hi-Teknology, but 2’s definately got some slaps