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Killer Mike
I Pledge Allegiance

KillerMike.jpgJust when you thought he was heading into obscurity with OutKast’s other former protégé Slimm Calhoun, Killer Kill From Adamsville is back with a batch of work that’s harder than ever. His two-disc street album, I Pledge Allegiance, proves that, even though he’s estranged from the Mighty O, beefing with a Purple Ribbon All-Star and sitting on a shelved sophomore album, Mike is still a monster on the mic.

Whether it’s promoting his pimpin’ over the swinging horn riffs and bouncy percussion of “H.N.I.C.” or using the kazoo-sounding synths of “Fuck U Pay Me” to preach about paper, Mike’s the king of outrageous quotables. On the latter he claims, “I only paid for pussy once, and I felt like a lame/So I went back and stole the bitch TV and chain.” He gets even fouler on “Gat Totin’” (“That A-K-K-K/In the back of the Chevrolet/Killed so many niggas it joined the KKK”).

The way he laces his d-boy bravado with socially conscious and controversial commentary really separates Mike from all the other Young and Lil’ snow flow-ers in A-Town. After rapping about the downsides of the dope game on “You Don’t Want This Life,” he rips Oprah a new one on “That’s Life” (“You’d be hard-pressed to find another rapper smarter’n me/Maybe Jay-Z, 2Pac or C-U-B-E/But Oprah rather put Superhead on TV/Now what your White audience gon’ think about we?”).

Because I Pledge is twice as long as your standard CD, Mike has the chance to introduce his Grind Time Rap Gang—S.L. Jones, Nario, Bigg Slim, Young Pill and Da Bill Collector—who appear on nine out of 22 tracks. But with a whopping hour and 40 minutes of music, some redundancy does creep in. Do you really need “Shoot ’Em Up” when you’ve already got a track called “Gat Totin’”? Still, Mike’s effort is guaranteed to make folks respect his grind.—TIMMHOTEP AKU

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  • Mr.Me

    I will be BUYING this. Finally yall got somethin right.

  • TATE

    believe it.

  • http://www.myspace.com/kracktheking KR

    Mazerati’s that nigga!

  • http://www.myspace.com/southpeezy Maurice G. Garland

    Damn Right

  • LuvHipHop

    Killer Mike is one of the best elite MC with Lupe fiasco hip hop will neve die!!!!!

  • killer kill

    Well it’s Killer hate to say I told u so but on the be half of every one that supported me I told dem mother fuckers…..aint I tell’em (strong southern accent). Grind Time Rap Gang Bang Bang Bang………..!!!!!!

    Oh yeah I want my other x too. This shits a classic (I’m on some Kanye shit now). See the reason u need shootem up after gat toten is let a sucker know what happens when u disturb the grind of a gat toter….now that’s clear where’s my other frigging X. LOL. 4 real doe the shootem up joints is one of the most lyrical street songs u will ever here think (G rap and Cube, Scarface and Bun, MJG and Prodigy). I can’t let the reviewer put the bad mouth on dat. Trust me that boy Nario spazzing on the track swear to God.

    Thanks to the Writer Timhotep I thought your review in content was astute and very indepth 4 such a small section. Thanks and relisten to shootem up u sleeping on a gem. God bless your Grind.

    Yeahhhhhh GTRG….Bang Bang Bang……
    Preciate all ya’ll on the board supporting….!!

  • killer kill

    Sorry 4 the miss spell Timmhotep. And the thank u was sincere too homie. I can tell u get it the D boy/ Conscious/ shit starter…….they all exist n me and u let them all exist and do they thing with out trying to force me in a box based on my musical “family”. Thanks man. GTRG !!!!!

  • griffingchild

    i like the fact that killa mike is hungry. i met him back in ’02 on the smoking grooves tour in cleveland he is a cool cat. just because his album had some setbacks he didnt just sit on his ass he stepped up to the plate a came wit it. that juggernaut track is banging. and i like the fact that he takes the time to get on here and vibe wit us its lets me know he starving for this. artist sit back and complain too much he on here like us try to get to where i wanna be i like that. get at ya boy killa myspace.com/griffin3

  • New York Nigga

    iz it just me or are u niggaz ratin da trash good and all da real hip hop shit bad. U gave outkast a L u gave METH a L u gave LLOYD a L u gave CL SMOOTH an L but now i see Rick Ross wit a XL i see Field Mobb wit an XL and KILLER MIKE LOL WAT DALL HELL IZ WIT U NIGGAZ MAN i cant believe this man u niggaz are fallin off man da source iz callin man

  • thugler

    yo killa you gettin better with age. your voice is way nicer sounding than it was before too .. cant wait for the sophomore album

  • killer kill

    Actaully Homie My shit is Crazy. That’s probaly whay G Rapp called and asked me 4 a feature and MOP and I have strait heat 2gether and I got joints coming with K Slay. Yong Rz from Harlem and cannot 4get my homie’s in the Dip Set.. So as u set back on some fake New York Shit Ill be in yo city fucking beautiful women and getting in every club u cannot. By the way u liking Out Kast doesnot make u down or a southern expert next time name Goodie Mob. Ball and G or UGKand face and u won’t look like an obvious dick rider and south hater. I love all Hip Hop Nigga and its sucka types like u that’s fucking up my beautiful art. God Bless Bamm. Herc and Flash with niggas like u speaking 4 the Mecca NYC is in trouble. Eat dick and kill yo self homie. Grind Time Rap Gang Fucker…..Bang Bang Bang.


    Although this is a decent review..I must say i’m a little unhappy about the comment on ” Shoot ‘Em Up.” This and “Gat Totin” are totally different songs with different vibes them. Shoot ‘Em Up is already a favourite of many. That song actually may contain the best verses on the entire album. Can we get our extra “X” or what? Anyway….good review regardless. Shout out to XXL MAG. BANG BANG BANG!!!

    Oh Yeh…..cut that hating out man…sucker nigga is you listening?


  • Mean Jay Green

    Must say I was one of the loyal few that bought Monster and it feels pretty good to see Killer Mike on the verge of blowing up.

    Keep it crackin Killa, I’m pretty sure I aint gotta tell you that by this time next year you’ll be a household name.

  • http://xxl.com ban

    killer mike isn’t good give it 2 out of 5


    Man Killer Mike is and always has been the truth. I got monster and all the mixtapes this dude is a shining light on the south and hip hop period. You niggas talk about you want real hip hop well here it is in your face. Fuck the haters. Down South stand the Fuck up

  • http://xxl 2liveanddieinGA

    new york nigga mama wears a strap on dick to church you hatin ass biaaatch

  • http://xxl 2liveanddieinGA

    i guess ban stands for bitch ass nigga k.y.s.

  • http://n/a EAST COAST


  • http://G-unit.com G-UNIT 4 LIFE

    Thats bull it sucks


    That hate on the south is sooo funny man. Its people like yall who are messin up hiphop. Just so you know too, Killer Mike will rap circles around your fav MC…whether east coast, west coast, midwest whatever. Including Meth and Banks….and I like dem dudes. Real Talk…STOP THAT HATE

  • http://www.dungeoneze.com Teethree

    we want some of your input at the Dungeon Family boards dungeoneze.com/message_board… Lookin forward to this homie.. AWREADY.


  • Yun

    Killer Mike is dope man “Thats Life” is crazy, he really does deserve his shine but i think Mike gonna have to work extra hard to gain mass appeal now that Big Boi isnt along for the ride anymore, this shit is dope man props to Killa keep droppin real music

  • http://myspace.com/chaoticbeats ChaoticBeats

    Man fuck that… ya’ll niggas thats wit the grind show me love.. i got love for you… chaoticBeats on myspace… those other niggas…how you feel to be a ridah….ohh excuse me a DICK RIDAH… you got dick so far down ya throat the north is cutting off ya circulation… Good music is good music, from the south , north, east or west… Bitch niggas… i wish i could fight ya’ll fuck niggas and see how gangsta you talk that bullshit then… Everyone kno killer performs better on tracks better than your mamas or your favorite rapper.. give that bigg nigga his props.. but you rather be a hater…I got some hating for you.. as soon as we go platinum…email me or send me a message to my space.. imma fuck yo bitch…Grind Time Rap Gang….. the words are real… I really Grind.. my niggas really Rap.. and we are really a gang bitches… and yo hoe a love it and swallow grind time dry while you kiss her wit the same lips you use to hate.. fuckers… Suck a dick homo dick suckas…..its a gang bitch and i ride…Grind time…..

  • trapboi

    killer gained even more respect with how he’s handled everything he had to deal with lately. not being bitter and not complaining and not blaming anybody. folk just got out there got his own producers got the crew together and apparently made a dope ass album.
    still im hoping something get worked out and i get to hear ghetto extroadinary too. dont let the bs politics that got associated with it and how around that time if it wasnt jeezy atlanta aint wanna hear it fool you, my chrome was dope. even get em shawty coulda been a single.

    i aint like coming home atlanta, the sample annoying the first time you hear it and every time after. everything else been extra nice, hurry up and buy

  • Preston

    I’m looking forward to Killer Mike’s new album, though he did record a lot of songs for 2 CDs. It sounds like he balances social themes with the street life judging from the review. But I’m really looking forward to the song where he criticizes Oprah Winfrey for not having some rap artists as guests on her show. It’s well stated in those lines. I think there is room for both Shoot ‘Em Up or Gat Totin’–doesn’t sound like the same themes as one might think.

  • http://XXLmag.com Westside Story

    Hec yea ill be coppin this in definitely since I heard the THATS LIFE track dissin Oprah hard man that track is all good whether you SOUTH WEST(THATS ME)EAST OR MIDWEST cause its bumpin.

  • killer Kill

    trap boi, preston and westside. thank u all playa’a all ya’ll were rite. support the Grind WE support you. Bang Bang Bang

  • mr.fucktheworld

    killer mike is probabally the most balalnced rapper i heard in a minute

  • Esquire

    Just tell me when its dropping!…definitely see you in the same vein as Bun, Face, Big Mike…shit, I even trace alittle D.O.C. in ya (yes, DOC is a southern nigga fo folks that forgot.) I like how you just took matters in your own hands on this one. I’m digging ya stuff. Keeping grinding.

  • 11kap

    These rap critics are gonna bore us to death with all these boring rappers. You’re trying to lull the black race to sleep with bullshit.
    I don’t like Killer Mike as much as to give him an xl. Shiiiiit! Li’l Flip, to name one person, will tear this cat up in a battle.

  • okayplayer

    I’m with esquire’s first line: Just tell me when it drops! I’ve been excited for more stuff ever since Monster and although I can’t get tired of The Killer I’m hungry for more.


  • http://www.soundclick.com/emceetwan Twan

    Mike, you killin em’. So hard these niggas don’t even see it commin. See, the difference between you & all these other lame niggas is that you stay real. All these other muhfuckin niggas rappin fake & i’m tired of it. You step up on a mic, stay hard, stay real & stay smart.

    Your hunger on tha mic is evident & cats like you is what the game needs.

    Stay up, Mike

    you got brought up by the best, now it’s your turn to shine.

    Bang Bang Bang

  • midnightkat

    First off no-body in G-unit is spittin like this nigga, sure they got money but real hip-hop fans know that don’t make you hot!Bottom line Killa,Lupe,Wayne and the ghost is whats going to bring the real MC back to hip hop loyd banks Wouldn’t stand next to killa and you should know better then to even bring up Meth you sound like a hater ass nigga from NY i got love for the east but whenever a niggas hot and he isn’t from the east you niggas get sour when ya’ll was holding it down you got love from the south.I be feeling saigon and papose but you dont see that love cause your to busy beig a hater to see the love everyone shows the east we all black folk so dont diss another brotha’s craft and if you dont like it…….Thats Life

  • 11KAP

    I respect the last post, but I would like to know one thing: Is every track on this Killer Mike bangin’?

  • http://myspace.com fuck_ross_bitch_ass

    iz it just me or are u niggaz ratin da trash good and all da real hip hop shit bad. U gave outkast a L u gave METH a L u gave LLOYD a L u gave CL SMOOTH an L but now i see Rick Ross wit a XL i see Field Mobb wit an XL and KILLER MIKE LOL WAT DALL HELL IZ WIT U NIGGAZ MAN i cant believe this man u niggaz are fallin off man da source iz callin man

  • chief

    About fucking time. You got 1 out of 2 write on slept albums. One yall slept on slimm cutta, which was a classic album u biscuit head bastard. You finally realized that killer mike have lyrics u stupid piece of shit. I don’t have nothing to say but quote killer mike “rap is dead”. Yall cat quit taking them sleeping pills and wake up and smell the senzi bean. Slim we waiting for a 2nd album bra.


    Listen guys I’m jus a bitch ass nigga, I screwed Banks over because The Game gave me $30,000 to do it. I’m sorry for that. And this album should’ve got an L

  • Robert MARKMAN

    Listen guys I’m jus a bitch ass nigga, I screwed Banks over because The Game gave me $30,000 to do it. I’m sorry for that. And this album should’ve got an L

  • deep south

    I’ve never wanted to see an artist collect a platinum plaque as bad as i wana see mike get his. Let the haters hate, but what REAL hip hop head ain’t feeling Killa? You got the whole A riding with you killa, all 6 zones. Grind time Rap gang. Bang!Bang!Bang!

  • Cmagik

    Man Killa Kill is da New Ice Cube…mutha fu**as hate to like u…lol…Keep grindin fam…Tha real know wussup….South Cak all day!!!!Cmagik on dat beat!!!!!!!
    Check out my page http://www.myspace.com/cmgk

  • Cmagik

    AYo Mike!!!!!I wanna be part of the movement!!!!Check out my beats!!!!!

  • Penneez

    Um, how the hell are folks saying that the album should have got a L when you havent even heard the shit yet. Yall some dumbasses. Yall niggas got ESP, telepathy or some shit? The shit aint even out yet….

  • Chubby Boy

    Nigga deserves that other X.

  • D’HOGG

    i’m still bumpin’ MONSTER. i thought that was worthy of more support than it got. especially with the RE-AKSHON cut on it. gon’ get 2 when it drop.


    Chubby Boy u right!

  • chuckie

    where can i buy this cd from?

  • http://myspace.com/guttaboytmusic guttaboyt

    chea my nigga killa kill is da truth tha first album went hard…he merked da track wit my boyz da backwudz…majorway ent stand up… i just cant wait to get it….plus he went to the house…gutta baby,mr.suppa duppa fresh

  • Knuckles (P.T.P.)

    i’d just like to say… im a fan of lyrical rappers and killer mike is one…. im a go out and support this album…. i want to know since u do post comments on here… wut started to whole problem wit outkast and purple ribbon… and if your really lookin for lyrical mc’s get at me.. if not ill see u when i make it..

  • Steve

    Definitely Coppin’ This. Mike Is Dope As Fuck. Monster Is My Shit. Australia Got Luv 4 Killer Mike


  • Chris

    Dis yo boi Big Chris again reppin dem Columbus niggaz…and once again let me get one thing right..Killa is tha realist nigga in the “A”..fuck all that other bullshit..This is whats wrong with our black community today..ya’ll wether here that same ol “N tha Club” party shit…dat got r little girls out here screaming “Give me dat Pussy”(No disrespect Webby)…but when a real nigga come along like Killa spittin that knowledge shit ya’ll want to hate..well FUCK Ya’ll…Do yo thang Mike I’m with the movement…Whatever u put owt I’m supporting becuause u a real nigga…For those of you that don’t like em oh well…”Thats Life”…oh yea killa I’d appreciate if you could hit tha boi up on tha email and let me know how I can get my handz on that I pledge Allegiance Mixtape and other music or DVD’s u got..bigboi2482@hotmail.com…da boi in Wisconsin in Grad School and I don’t have access to the tape..preciate it!

  • http://killer KEITH LUV


  • http://myspace.com/gapproductions JAYC101sk

    Man yall tripping, acting like Killer aint the truth. I’m from NYC my dam self and I got monster and been supporting since day one. When NYC started to fall off no disrespect to Dip Set fans but yall to into them they lyric content is no where near KM’s and he from the south. Good Music is Good Music no matter where its from, let’s stop being so ignorant towards the south and give respect where it’s due. Props to KM and XXL mag good article!

  • http://xxlmag.com MikeGA

    How do i get this cd. i cant get enough of that fuckin juggernaut]
    Killer man u and Sean Paul aka sharp crease need to make an album together. u 2 will be the hardest street niggas since Ball and G. i’ll pay $10,000 for that shit.

  • Stax On Deck

    Killer Mike Is Lyrical Monster. When Someone promotes this nigga right he will be amongst the Southern Elite. He will be great. Grind Time is coming soon

  • http://www.effese.com K-Rahn

    K-RAHN …Check me out at myspace.com/effese

    Revolution Begins Within…

  • http://www.effese.com K-Rahn

    K-RAHN …Check me out at myspace.com/effese

    Revolution Begins Within…

  • Q Busy

    Man I’m a real hip hop head this album is so live when me & my niggas listened to it they all were out in looking for it in Germany I had mine sent to me through the mail I was not going to take the risk of not getting this one because my homie N’silo reddick of beat bullies told me the Shit was going to be hot like Texas Pete hot sauce and every sense I came back from the desert in October I was letting it bang in everybody whip i got in KEEP DOING IT folk!!& the second cd is my shit I love all of’em EVERY LAST song on that bitch

  • marcuzakamoo

    aye maine i been listenin’ to dat boi killer mike since every since. but dat niga is one of the most underated (shall i say it?) em cee’s. he been talkin’ bout hip-hop is dead way before Nas except he said rap. yea i know niga been fallin’ asleep on that whole hip-hop is dead thing. nigas been sayin’ dat shyt for a long azz minute. nas just took dat shyt and ran with it. don’t get me wrong i cut for nas but i also cut for killer mike. i love dat niga’s cover art and i hope the c.d. is as throwed as the cover art. mike wrecced dat “that’s life tracc”! i luv the part when he talks about what sagin’ our parts originated from. yea as long as we got nigas like mike wreccin’ on the mic like he do hip-hop will never die!

  • http://www.myspace.com/southcakc23 SouthCakC23

    Killa Kill from adamsville!!!!!!! I was bangin Monster for a minute til I found your Myspace page. Like I told you on your page, I went and bought I pledge allegiance to the grind, then went back and bought At home wit dat crack and The Killer. I even pick up that Skull-n-Roses.

    Killer Mike is easily top 5 artists out RIGHT NOW. S.L. Jones is next up. I pledge allegiance deserves an XXXXXL. Shit is a classic. If you ain’t go it by now, you behind the power curve.

    To the kat in Germany right now, homie, I’m in Germany too and I play this album, along with all the other albums from GTO in any and everybody’s ride, party, club, cookout, …whatever.

    As for that kat misrepresentin NY, trick, you an as clown….plain and simple.

    Killer Mike, keep doin you, keep pushin GTRG, and I’ma stay supportin th’grind.

    “I nicknamed my heata preacha cause / when he speak up his words, he’ll putcha closa to Jesus”