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Pastor Troy
Stay Tru

PastorTroy.jpgEmerging from Atlanta’s underground in the late ’90s, Pastor Troy was a different breed of Southern MC. Screaming unabashedly violent threats in one breath and insightful reflections on God and morality in the next, he had more in common with rival rapper Master P than ATL’s then-dominant Dungeon Family. PT seemed to set his sights on crossover success when he signed with Universal, but released three albums that failed to live up to his potential. Now Troy is eager to return to his signature Southern street music with his seventh solo disc, Stay Tru.

With so many clones successfully smoothing out his rugged ad-lib–fueled style for mass consumption, Troy’s frustration seems apparent on the P No–produced “Well Un Huh.” Backed by a moody, synthetic soundtrack, he fires off: “A lot of niggas bitin’, but them niggas ain’t PT/Don’t nobody rock no ad-libs like me.” After that, the championship-belted MC proves his relevance by crafting compelling tracks like the strip club assault “Where the Hoes” and the thinly veiled Lil Scrappy diss “Watcha Say.” But it’s the Drumma Boy–produced “Off in This Game” that displays Troy’s most impassioned bars: “My nigga just got 20 years, no parole/Got me shedding tattoo tears, bless his soul… We sick of sellin’ dope/We know who the boss/You muthafuckin’ crackers, all we take is the loss.”

Unfortunately, there are only fleeting moments of introspection here, which leaves Troy’s questionable song-crafting ability open to scrutiny. On “Heard the Party,” PT’s rowdy call-and-response hook sounds unbearably awkward over Shawty Red’s laid-back clapping guitar loop, and the lazily scripted “Lyin’ Bout Her Crib,” which borrows its plotline from Biggie’s “I Got a Story to Tell,” suffers from a cheesy R&B hook. While Stay Tru captures the gritty side of his persona well, perhaps Troy should have thought more about where his true appeal lies.—BRENDAN FREDERICK

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  • Sizzurp

    PT Cruiserrr, WELL UN HUH… this album is great i would agree with the L rating is was a normal album some crap tunes and some good… it aint no face off though

    • Carolinaking

      fuck 50 cent pastor troy we gt u

  • Prince Jones

    This album is bangin i’m not just sayin that because he’s my cousin but the album is hot and I helped him on a few joints so Def Jam, Atlantic, So So Def, G-Unit Aftermath somebody holla at him he need a deal and y’all need to pay him upfront and be on the look out for me and Kinfolk Kia Shine.

  • leo

    PT is da shit down south fuck xxl magazine ya’ll need to give diz man sumthin more den a L

  • 50 Cent

    Pastor Troy? HAHAHAHAAH

  • Shaun the Great

    I remember a time in hip hop where dirty south music wasn’t popular at all. But people knew about rappers like outkast, scarface, Three Six Mafia, and Pastor Troy. Now it’s 2006 and the south is on top and Pastor Troy is still bangin out hits. Niggaz need fakin and give that man the respect he desrves ! Fuck Them Haters!

  • Thinkb4ureek!

    Homeboy been holding it down in the south for awhile im displeased with the album though, to me it seems homey to laid back, if he feel a certain way about other rappers forget that subliminal shit, roast them niggas. the fans want that “help me rhonda” “no mo play in ga” “im a real american” shit! believe me dude got potential to be atop of the south period.

  • soulja

    ii’m down south georgia nigga and pastor troy still puttin it down 4 da whole south i look up to PT ever since but da album is HARD ass HEll all GA niggas stand up


  • ThatNGAtroyonfire

    While this is NOT Troy best album it is a definite XL!!! On the last 3 albums troy had XXL jus stuck em wit the XL cus its troy. HE comin hard on this wit “Stay Tru” “Off In this Game”… really 1-14!! I disagree wit the L but the next one “Money & Power” will def. be XXL material I guarantee!!


    First of all I’m disappointed in 50 for that comment. PT is one of the realist niggaz down. He been holdin it down for minute. I’m tired of all theze fuck niggaz selling out P Troy. PT you might aswell bring it back. Its bout that time you go back to war on theze fuck niggaz. AND FUCK XXL.

  • Rome

    Every song on the album sopunds the same, there’s no diversity.I was expecting pastor to be back on top of his game, especially after that southern takeover verse. Face off is still his best cd.

  • 50 Cent

    Pastor Troy= Another dumbed down southern rapper.

  • big swoll

    man pastor troy is the king of the south he has over 13 albums and they all rank 4 or 5 and DSGB his group nobody can not even mis with them on some real hardcore music. pastor troy been putting down ever since 99 why you was trying picture out style your image look what you don”t came mother f**cking image. No rapper from ga or state is not ready for troy if he was to come out with a duput album with all of his heart it will rank 5 out of 5 and thats no joke.Thats why all of his fan millions of his fans would put as the king of the south cause he already the king of atl,augasta,and the rest of ga . Ti he should not even consider to be king cause thier is no king of the south because everyone does not consider ti as king.Pastor Troy if you read what I got to you man I got all of your cds and underground cds keep coming out harder then ever and ILL be looking for your other new underground cd called money and power may 18 and hopefully you will come out with another DSGB group album with all of your ga niggas on thier,writing from fla,jacksonville Duval County. Stay Tru Troy DSGB HOE.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com 2real

    Troy one of the realest niggas from the south from his first album to saty tru troy been dropping that real gangsta shit that man representin fuck anybody who diss yall lame, busta ass niggas troy real thats all that matters fuck yall wanna be’s keep it real bitch well uh-huh!

  • breakdown

    Pastor troy had many time to make his self a good rapper. He gave up.

  • Superman

    Ya’ll don’t know the real Pastor Troy. If you heard some of his real gutter, underground s**t, then you wouldn’t even make comments about him not being a real rapper, or him not being the king. P Troy is the South, he is Georgia. He was the first rapper in Atlanta screaming ATL, and he is the best that ever screamed it. F**k the rest P Troy can’t be touched.

  • Byrdman

    Pastor Troy is the realest rapper in the game. Can’t nobody top his shit. So all hatas go da hell.

  • big swoll

    all the other 15 response is not really saying nothing about p troy lets face it xxl ya ll know when it comes down to gettin it crunk ya ll know its pastor troy and not lil john and lil john say the king the crunk hr know thst pastor troy is the king of all crunkness and he started ti and real end before he stops rapping thats why troy had diss lil john about trying to be the king of crunk because lets face it without troy being on that kings of crunk album lil john would have never went platium so pastor troy stay tru to the game and please sing up with a major record label and come out with a real ass deput album that would go #1 of the charts. j ville,fla duval,county writing for the 2nd time cause tis prime time baby.

  • http://dontworryboutit BamaBoi

    First of all I would like to say Fuck You 50 Cent u punk ass bitch. P Tory been holding it down in the south way before most of these fuck bois who call themselves rappers. FUCK YALL HATING ASS NIGGAS yes that means you too 50 you faget ass bitch

  • wat2pimpin

    i spent some time in the dirty in the late 90″s and PT was the man. that was down south gangsta muzik!

  • http://www.realestniggas.com Bobbito

    This nigga is still alive?

  • 50 Cent

    Pastor Troy was holding down the retards.

  • http://fad big flex

    50 old fake ass tupac want to be u can suck my dick and ptroy dick

  • Red Nut

    Man P.Troy been doin’ dis shit, ain’t nobody fuckin’ wit him! T.I. & all my other GA niggaz I hold it down for, cuz they my folk, but damn can somebody rep for Troy in GA? Tha nigga gotta go outta state to get fucked wit! This is a damn shame! Troy is the hardest! Like when T.I. Say go back & get his old shit to know what he represents, go back & get Troy’s & see what put G.A. On da map!

  • Red Nut

    Man P.Troy been doin’ dis shit, ain’t nobody fuckin’ wit him! T.I. & all my other GA niggaz I hold it down for, cuz they my folk, but damn can somebody rep for Troy in GA? Tha nigga gotta go outta state to get fucked wit! This is a damn shame! Troy is the hardest! Like when T.I. Say go back & get his old shit to know what he represents, go back & get Troy’s & see what put G.A. On da map! & SUCKA niggaz betta watch out for P.C. Tha Problem Child! U heard it here first tha nigga gon be tha next heat up out tha Peach State! Ya’ll know its somethin’ in tha water that got us blowin’ up on ya’ll sucka niggaz!

  • 6BRIM2

    First off I would like to send a extra special FUCK YOU! to bobbito and 50 cent. Your comments aint worth no more than your name bitch. The DIRTY SOUTH been holding it down for years. You FUCK boyz just getting a taste of that real shit we been getting for years. It aint over by a long shot either. The SOUTH is here to stay, step to the side or get these 24′s in yo ass when you get ran the fuck over. “WE RIDIN’ BIG HOE” words from my Dawg P.T.. Shout out to my boy BIRMINGHAM J. Another HOT southern rapper who ain’t getting no respect. I’m out repping Eastside Decatur to Birmingham, DAMU to all my DAWGS.

  • Day Duece

    Wha’s shakin P.T. It’s ur boy from the Nap-Town. Hol it P.T. keep doin ur thang. My man can have it on lock when he feel like it. My nigga gave me the mic at one of his concerts when him and david banner came to the Nap. I’ll ride wit my nigga ANYTIME. DSGB HOE!!! Ride on the fuck niggas Troy!!!

  • Red Nut

    Whuss haddenenen? Man Troy is a real nigga! If u don’t like tha nigga u ain’t no real nigga simple & plain! Home boi!

  • Shaun the Great

    Seven Albums! Seven Albums Back to Back over the course of Several years. Now for a rapper thats alot of hardwork especially with no major awards like Grammys or VMA’s. However Pastor Troy without a doubt is the hottest rapper in Atlanta and most of all one of the Hottest rappers in the south. It’s alot more than I can say for a rapper as fake as 50 cent who has ben shitted on by every major rapper out there!

  • Prodigy

    This nigga wack as fuck yo.

  • kayla aka Tha Boss

    Man pt is the muthafuckin shit i don’t care wit nobody say.

  • Fuck Prodigy

    Go listen to sum candy shop you faggot ass muthafucka!
    P Troy is the king of the south!


    my fuck the bull i just got one thing to say pastor troy better thatn half of the niggaz out there and 50 cent shouldn’t even speak on him because his second album sound like shit. troy keep doing ya muthafuckin thing man fuck yall haters


    50 you got ya ass dissed by troy. “they like 50 cent cuz he got shot nine times but what about me i done shot nine muthafuckas left a nigga in hi yard for his mother

  • Karim

    I couldnt agree more with fuck prodigy man this bitch prodigy is playing with his dick while he is looking at the candy shop musik video
    No one can take the dirty south down

  • Red Nut


  • Scooter

    Man fuck them niggas ,becuase I been with P.T. scince 98,or when he drop there’s no more play. so fuck them little comments. Because we doing it big Hoe.

  • no mo play in PA

    fuck dem niggaz hatin on pt. Im represitin fo da nigga from Pa and fuck what prodigy an punk ass 50 cent gotta say. Im from up north and I dont listen to nobody but pt.So fuck da hatas and pt. get ya paper

  • no mo play in PA

    niggaz is aint on p-troy level. 5o cent singin to some bitch and Prodigy gettin robbed in NYC so fuck dem stay tru.

  • Down by the Bay

    First off let me say that I’ve been so focused on school this last semester that I was sleeping on the new Pastor Troy…do you know when I was informed —when the whole fuckin’ club exploded when “Lyin Bout Her Crib” came on….you can’t tell me that The Pastor not crunk and if you think he’s not….Come down to my neck of the woods……


    man 50 wit his wack ass need 2 sit down some damn where. Pt is the best there will ever be.

  • Young Sir

    Fuck 50 Cent,Prodigy, and tha rest of dem G-Unit monkeys except 4 Lloyd Banks & Young Buck. It dont get any harder than PT.As a matter of fact Im bumpin his new album right now.Im from a small town in South Carolina & I got everybody bumpin this shit. All you Pilsbury Hoeboyz need to lay it down and Suck Deez hand grenades cuz PT is harder than ur DICKS will eva get.Be on tha look out 4 sum South Carolina niggaz 2 cuz we comin. Well uh-huh! FUCK Lil Scrappy,I mean LIL CRAPPY

  • Niko F Baby

    A, all the real niggas know tha mutha fuckin score Troy is and will always be tha realist nigga in game so all the hater can just kill yo self.

  • Niko F Baby

    Nigga if it wasn’t for Troy it wouldn’t be no Down south niggas know he made the south thats why he got the belt,


    Pastor Troy needs a big deal !! He cool I mean my boy chilling real nice in Birmingham , Alabama

  • http://www.myspace.com/deycallemdono Dono

    I picked this drop up and I agree with the fact that this isn’t his best album, but as such a skilled artist to be dropping such a decent album without a deal deserves some much due credit. The only advice I would give to PT is to kind of cut back on putting tracks from earlier albums on the new ones. Fans like to see their favorite artists progress and how they have grown since their beginning. But back to the matter at hand. It’s a good album considering his situation, I agree with XXL’s rating.

  • Bodyguard

    He knocked out Master P, Miracle, Archie, and da legionary Sammy Sam. Hay Filthy Snitch, after he’s finished with Lil Crappy, just speak his name, and see how good yor chin is bitch!!! And Mob Deep, don’t you niggaz got sickacell, fuck around with P.T. have a seizure, or a heartattack hoe. If yall niggaz so hard, speak his name on some shit and go to war!!! Troy ain’t da king of da south, he’s da Heart and General bitch, fuck with him and nann one of ya’ll fuck boys will be able to preform in Da Great Peach State again!!! Bring your army bitch, We Ready!!!!!!! P.S Watch out for Z-Ro in Texas, 50 he lookin for ya!!!

  • Nuks

    Straight across the ocean down under we bumpin pastor troys thunder from the 99′ til right now! Australia puttin’ it down I followed this boi sine “Ain’t No Play” after I was done bumpin’ Wu – Tang, Outkast, Goodie Mo B, P.A. and dem Attic fools! I ain’t neva eva heard of something like dis crazy ass boi! More horrorcore then Flatliners and Gravediggaz, ain’t fake like Onyx either! Troy still echoeing like prison guard key rings in this mother, damn man! like Portis said WE WAITIN! Stay Tru was cool but not that fire brang out that FIRE, I’m still reminiscence of Face Off, Universal Soldier, Them Fire Water Boyz, Crowz Nest, Soul Food.

  • TATE


  • Pastor Troy

    50 Cent? hahaha p troy is 50 x better than that snitch nigga will ever be

  • cp

    this shit is bangin my favorite song is me actin up, this shit is hot there aint one song on here that sux fuck 50

  • http://aol da real psycho

    fuck yall hatin ass niggas troy bump in ny 2 buicks and my lack

  • Nuks

    D…D…D…D…DSGB!!!! fo ever baby! No matter what tha deal is yo’ Troy still poppin’ old tym Goon Squad still around and dem Ghetto Maifia boyz. Don’t ride with Bad Boy South or Def Jam South, screw TVT and SOSO DEF too stuff a deal this boi needs a crazy production team wheres Carl Mo? Polow Da Don (Jim Crow)?, P.A.? Cool & Dre?, Swishahouse? something crazy… Organise Noise?

  • http://worldwidehustler.com WorldwideHustlerdotcom

    I don’t think that is really 50 cent and Prodigy first of all….2nd XXL doesn’t do their homework saying that Troy has 7 solo albums, I have 9 solo albums of Troys…so if they can’t get that right, how can they give him a rating on his cd? PT’s music is the hardest shit out there…thats on everything

  • Kolton Taylor

    Not The King Of The South but the damn thang here, Representing the Metro of Georgia, we all luv dis nigga here. I’m with Troy fuck Hollywood stay hood. Like Stay Tru he ain’t gonna lie bout what he got an what he got is alotta nigga showing him luv.

  • Kolton Taylor

    Dat My Nigga new album Dropping July 26, 2006

  • Quita P

    Hey what can i say everybody on this blog except a couple of people on this blog done said it for me P.T. the shit anywhere in the whole dirty South Period. Who was screaming They was from Ga let alone the dirty south back in te days except Pastor Troy.Come to Ga nigga in any city or town go to the hood or 2 the club every nigga in the state of Ga can recite u any one of P.T.’s verses from any song whether it was his song or a feature .And ya girl fuck wit all southern rappers especially Ga RAPPERS but when it comes to P.T. everybody got to bow down 4 he repped da south so hard for so long.And Pastor Troy And Lil’jon are both crunk niggas cause when u play throw it up U feel like u in heaven.XXl shouldn’t comment on anything cause they are adirty south hatin ass magazine!

  • Quita P

    No ski mask I’m just gon motherfucking do ya
    This dirty ass krueger ‘ll make a nigga thank
    And I ain’t no – new jack bitch I got rank
    And motherfucka tank if it ain’t got no rounds
    I’m tryna handle business man but y’all clowns
    Keep – comin’ round flappin’ ya cock suckas
    & yeah I’m froma Atlanta – Atlanta I love ya
    Now back to the who (uhh huh)
    & back to the where (uhh huh)

  • Quita P

    Okay I come from the city, if you lame its going to be ugly
    A bunch of niggaz biting my game but they can’t touch me
    I don’t drink bubbly, I’m drinking remy out the bottle
    Bout 5 Benz follow, my city is off the throttle
    I heard you hard, heard you the one that crunk the style
    Don’t drop your card, I got the lowest in the pile
    You cracking smiles, we cracking mugs selling drugs
    We what hoes love, ATL fucking thugs
    Its real boy, you know the his-tory
    Mac 10′s popping high ca-pa-city
    My whole team praying that you make some noise
    So we can introduce you to them big boys, yeah
    I got killers doing time as I speak to you
    Then some mo’ in the streets right next to you
    And fore you can say Troy it wasn’t me cuz
    I’ma hit you wit the whole 63 cuz
    You see a bitch slap a bitch oh’ really
    See you a fucking joker and I’m not fucking tickled
    When blood trickle, that’s me up out the F-350
    Ya feet best of be kicking ya ass a damn skippy
    In my city ain’t no games, we learn your name
    And where you went to school at, and where you used to hang
    And when I run across ya is where I’m going to drop ya
    Breaking your punk ass off something proper

  • Quita P

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
    What if Heaven was Hell and vica versa
    If I told you go to Hell, would you tell I cursed ya?
    I reimbursed ya with the truth so you know my fate
    And pray I die, I’m that nigga that they love to hate
    I wanna make you use yo mind, God has sent a sign
    And when you listen to these rhymes, nigga take your time
    Again I ask, Heaven was hell and vica versa
    Would you start doin’ evil in order to nurture–the spirit man?
    Do you understand that there’s a war?
    It’s ragin’ on and the devil got some ammo too
    Don’t get me wrong, but I put my trust off in the Lord
    It’s too corrupt, know that God gon’ help me blow ‘em up
    I give a fuck, Heaven was hell and vica versa, I have no fear
    I done witnessed too much Hell right here, lend me your ear
    Recall the beer we had to po’
    For all our niggaz hit the Devil with the .44
    Payback nigga
    My liquor keep my from tryin’ to enter, battle alone
    And to deal with all this wickedness, I smoke a zone
    Know I’m grown, but I’m still a baby
    It’s vica versa so I guess I’ll beg Satan to save me
    God I’m confused, the fuse of all these motherfuckers, makin’ me sick
    {*Virgin Mary never fucked nobody, but she suck dick*}
    With a clique of nasty concubines, and vice-a versa
    So she’ll probably do the whole nine, that nasty ho
    I don’t know where I’ma go this Christmas, it’s Satan’s birth
    I’ma try to smoke a pound of weed, and ease the Earth
    While Jesus equiped with angels, the Devil’s equiped with fire
    For God so love the world that he blessed the thug with rocks
    Won’t stop until they feel me
    Protect me Devil, think the Lord is tryin’ to kill me

  • BURCH74

    PT BABY! THE PT CRUISER!! cant wait till money and power drop. THESE FAGGOTS NEED TO QUIT BITIN OFF HIS GAME

  • D.C.

    Get some crunk in dis bitch!
    He’s already the best of the south. Keep it trill P. Troy!!!

    Well Uh-Hunh!!!

  • Nuks

    Correct me if I’m wrong Georgia ATlienz!!! Did PT get dropped from Universal because he dropped “Hell 2 Pay” on the low low? (Real tym hustlah if ya’ did haha) and where is a decent site of Pastor Troy’s? I can’t stand majority of ATL rappers today they all garbage! I’m a hater, hell yeah I HATE YOU -> Lil Scrappy, Lil Jon & The Eastsideboyz, D4L, Dem Franchize Boyz, Jermaine Dupri, Yung Joc… Oh lord have mercy……….. Lucky they came out with Da Backwudz I swear I’m killing myself “ya’ll thank I’m muthaf***n crazy, I thank ya’ll crazy!!!” Brang Money & Power out now Troy….. coz I’ma type of hater that’ll piss in a cup and toss at ya’ DSGB 4 Life!!!! HELL YEAH!!!! and a UH HUH!!!!

  • http://xxlmag.com cmoney

    hey yo troy it’s your boy cmoney represent for haiti hey man fuck what everybody say, you kow u the king just keep doing your thang you know who your fans is all u need to do stay tru homie you kow we got your back fuck everybody else. zoe pound and D.SGb yeah.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Gutta

    I’ve heard bits and pieces of da tracks on dis album.all of em had off da chain beats and hot ass hooks.Pastor troy keep it real and he keep it crunk.he put atlanta on da map.i been fukin wit pt since universal soldier.i gotta cope Stay Tru.da shit so hard and its made fo niggas in da streets like me.

  • BAMA G


  • PankyG

    i wont b suprised if i found out dat 50 been shot 9 mo times!!lol. down here n sc erbody b listening to da pastor, he’s da shit, he might not be on television much but he on the radios and shit ppl b requestin his songs and shit. i got all his albums heard all his songs and none of his music is wack. all yall hatas is on some otha shit. get on my level!!!!

  • Pingback: Canhead » Really Really Good-MP3s and whatnot

  • RIOT706_AUG

    Watz poppin, my boy ptroy doin wut he do. im not from augusta but im here now even thoe niggaz dont agree with him claimin ATL he still respected as a hard ass trill ass rapper, so when he say where da hoes point um out at all the niggaz hatin aka 50 he anit nothin but a fake ass ABC rapper he was good not no more stop dick ridin dont ya think he got enough groupie love?
    boiiiii crank it!!!!!

  • carlione

    police cant break it up!!! hell yea p-troy got mi nigga

  • http://www.myspace.com/mafiamami305 erika

    well uh huuuhh!!! yeh man that p.troy is that shit…i don’t giva fuck what anybody say…he can take any rapper from the damn ATL and kill them repeatedly with a simple verse!!!

  • Emanuel Foreman

    uh huuuhh!!!!! yea you can’t run from your calling that God has ordained you. Enjoy the world because very soon you will a PASTOR that God has
    called you to be. Troy you have the Holy Ghost so you know the right way you were raised in the church. “The word of the lord repent and turn from your wicked ways”.

  • http://www.facebook.com DEDICATION


  • Franchise


  • AB aka #2

    Pastor Troy is the shit, i been listening 2 dis nigga ever since he dropped “no more play”. He the 1 dat put atlanta on tha map, and he still dont get the respect he deserves. 2 tha rest of yall niggas fuck yall. PT Hoe

  • Miss B

    Pastor Troy is bout da realest nigga ever! Ain’t nobody messing with him! I bet the whole BME RECORD gon get a reality check sooner or later! Messing with the PASTA gon get you BLASTA nigga! I am a huge Pastor Troy fan. I got all ya cd’s nigga! Pastor Troy is the truth. I don’t give a flying fuck what any bitch or nigga got to say bout da pastor. Cuz ya’ll can kiss my ass! Well UH HUH!

  • Miss B

    50 CENT i got two words fo you, FUCK YOU

  • RotterdamSoldier

    I’m from Rotterdam,in the Netherlands..(You know where you can smoke your weed without fear of going to jail…)And even al the way here in Europe real recognize real…and Pastor Troy is the truth homie…We don’t like that pop rap snitch shit over here(and you all know who these bitches are)so fuck the haters say that shit in front of the Pastor…bett you won’t cause you know he don’t play…Keep up banging that real shit Pastor…we got mad love for you even all the way out here in Europe…Oh yeah..and can please somebody explain to me why ya’ll hating on eachothers coast?i mean shit seams that the South has the game on lock now but is that a reason to hate on the South?i don’t give a fuck where it’s coming from…Fire is Fire…Wack is Wack…

  • uncle earl

    p-troy is tha realest nigga i know i been reppin ur shit since 99, 50 cent fuck u cause u cant be like p-troy he got tha belt~

  • http://lyricsdemand twin city

    both face off hard but stay tru so gutter (23 hours of the day lock down) all of his shit strat hard he still the champ, aint no nigga seeing him, he still the hardest

  • b-dub

    pastor troy is the truth and all those other rappers that snap wit it is lame. pastor troy all day real talk

  • dj q

    this nigga suck he was the man

  • mojica

    man i used to like 50 until i seen these hating ass comments man PT man if he was in the north he would run them bitches but he running the south right now,he got other rappers looking up to him like david banner etc 50 dont get shot again you bitch dont try the king PT

  • http://NONE JOSE LUIS


    PT ,,,,,