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DJ Drama & Little Brother
Separate But Equal

LittleBrother.jpgLittle Brother ain’t gangsta, and the only grills you’re likely to see them around are used for barbecuing. They’re way more b-boy than d-boy. And in a time when trappin’ and snappin’ rule the South, LB has gotten pushed even more underground. In an attempt to dig themselves out of the dirt, the North Carolina crew looks to former backpacker DJ Drama for the Gangsta Grillz cosign on Separate but Equal.

LB’s multitalented lead MC Phonte sets the tone on the title track, saying, “The South is some of the most intelligent, well-spoken and thoughtful niggas in hip-hop.” He proceeds to prove his point on “Let It Go” by outthinking Mos Def with lines like, “I speak to you/And this year I’ma Schiavo my rivals/ Nigga, pull out the feeding tube.” Meanwhile, ’Te’s partner Big Pooh makes up for his lack of lyrical complexity with attitude and humor. On “Macaroni” the husky rapper admits to rarely getting booty as a teen: “A couple jump-offs kept a nigga from the hand action/But that was guaranteed satisfaction/An easy nut, no sassin’.”

Despite their obvious way with words, no amount of gunshot sound effects and shout-outs from Drama can free Little Brother from their Jansport straps. Take “Can’t Let Her,” where they revisit the overused metaphor of hip-hop as a woman by doing exactly what purists are expected to do—complain. And instead of freestyles over Mannie Fresh or Three 6 instrumentals, Phonte and Pooh stay rhyming over their standard soulful fare.
This mix was supposed to bridge the gap between the brainy set and the streets. So where are the guest shots from Southern stars like T.I., Trick Daddy and Lil Wayne? Sure Bun B shows up on “Candy,” but he drops a disposable “I’m a baller” verse. Overall, Separate but Equal says a lot. But if they can’t break their old habits, LB will forever be segregated.—TIMMHOTEP AKU

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  • 50 Cent

    Little Brother are horrilble, you shoulda gave them a S rating.

  • Sizzurp

    With all the hype about little brothers latest album and all the brilliant reviews its got i thought it was gonna be a sick album, but to my suprise it just didnt cut it for me… just good lyrics on an album dont do it if it aint got gd beats… well its probs just me but i dont like lil bro…

  • lloyd banks

    50, you left ur handcffs at my house.
    p.s. my booty hurts, you ruff bastard!!!

  • Lyzzo

    Yall cant be serious with this review. They shouldn’t have to rap over a Mannie Fresh beat to get a higher review. This just shows that they put more work in a mixtape than your average artist. This mixtape is better than most albums to drop this year. That horrible Mobb Deep album got an XL and this didn’t?

  • stonyisland

    Nigga’s love to hate on any brothers doing sumptin positive. LB is the shit, Phonte is one of the best to ever do it, if he stays in the game longa nuff, the kid could be better than dare I say the greatest of all time B.I.G

  • KAOS

    I am a bigg fan of LB and dey are tru hip hop. They R returnin hip hop 2 its roots. I agree wit stonyisland niggas do love to hate on any brothers doing sumptin positive. Keep up da good work LB.


  • 50 Cent

    lloyd banks Says:

    April 23rd, 2006 at 5:04 pm
    50, you left ur handcffs at my house.
    p.s. my booty hurts, you ruff bastard!!!

    Lloyd Banks shut up before i smack you again.

  • http://www.crooked-soul.com Zilla

    What’s weird about this mixtape is that the album-type tracks (i.e. not other people’s instrumentals) are for the most part better than the majority of “The Minstrel Show.” Props to LB for flipping the mixtape scene by contributing real SONGS. Still…I know what they sound like over chopped up soul samples…what about on a Just Blaze beat?

  • http://nahright.com N.A.T

    Little brother are the illest group i’ve heard in years. niggas gone hate keep makin that real, quality music. i’m proud of yall niggas yall reppin N.C right. keep doin my niggas. 9th wonder is one of my favorite producers of all time next to dj
    hi tek. yall niggas stayin real. while yor average rap niggas, talkin bout keepin it real. much luv. i respect yall niggas.

    i support yall niggas:

    i got the minsterel show: xxl
    chitlin circuit 1.5: xxl

    the listening next. my niggas. big up’s to LB and my muthafuckinnnnnnnnnnn 9th wonder. old skool/new skool beats is illin’ my nigga. 1 luv.

  • http://xxlmag.com N.A.T

    Lb maken real music and as long as they do that, i’ll support them niggas. 85 percent of hip-hop are fake ass niggas. its is even, niggas shootin niggas or i fucked your bitch or bitch, shake that ass. on tha real, i’m tired of hearin that shit. i luv little brother cause their style is unique from your favorite rapper or mc’s. I’m a real nigga, straight from b-more. and real reconize real. LB is definitly real niggas. 9th wonder got the illest beats in hip-hop,period. he can sample anything and make that shit hot. Did yall niggas listen to the chitlin circuit 1.5. or the listening or maybe even the minsterel show. real,real,real and i hate to say it but most of yall niggas got to be fake. listenin to ms.new booty or laffy taffy, betcha u can’t do it like me, lean wit it or rock wit it. that’s garbage period. i aint knockin they hustle. but if u ain’t real on the mic, dont fuckin rap. i hate when niggas talk about artists floppin or albums sellin 5,000 lps or 30,000lps. u ridin on they dick and u sittin home listenin to the bootleg cd. u cheap muthafuckas. to cheap to buy a $12 or $14 cd. bitch muthafuckas listenin to fake shit and some of that southern bullshit. no disrespect to the dirty south. but some of yall niggas is faker than fake diamonds. Lb do your thing. and leave them haters hatin. thats all thats about. i mean: i like gangsta rap cause i live around that enivorment and that society. i just rather hearin it from real niggas your average fake ass rap niggas, that rap gangsta and be gettin smack’d in the face and ride dick all the time,and don’t live none of that shit.

    my top 10 mc’s of all time

    1.styles p( p is the best)
    2.little brother( stay real, 3 of the realest niggas in the game, i luv yall niggas.)
    3.wu tang clan( i luv the wu)
    4.gang starr( guru what up
    5.talib kweli( stay real, speak the tru)
    6.scarface( 1 real ass nigga)
    7.the old skool mobb deep ( why u fuckin wit g-unit).
    8.dmx( 1 luv baby)
    9.nas ( can’t forgit 1 of the best mcs of all time)
    10. mos def ( stay spittin that real shit, 1 of best).

    so git it right u internet typin bitches.

    B-more stand the fuck up. all tha real niggas stay real. fake niggas, u get the longest finger on your hand, FUCK U, faggot muthafuckas. i’m out.

  • Nonya Business

    nigga, STFU with that bullshit.LB speaks from the heart, and keepin it real. How many of these rappers say they do that now a days, All those rappers u named off from the STREETS to keep it real, there taking orders from the white people in suits and ties, that run the record label u dumb fuck…..and i’ll leave with a talib kweli line

    you know whats keepin it real/ say what you fell and that cuts off half of these niggaz with reacord deals

  • Big Nay

    That is just rediculous! Ladies and gentleman let me be the first to appoligize for review written of little brother. Obviously this cd was not given a very close listen or any of LB’s music for that matter. With the grading system and reviews written by this magazine since it started makes me wonder if you @ XXL are really doing your homework before rating these albums. To sit up there and even have the nerve to give the group just an L proves furthermore that your taste obviously is for commercial hip hop. So, maybe you should stick to more reviews (with that) and just stay away from the underground all together. Rap over Mannie Fresh? Cheah thats real mature. Get with the program you hyperactive nutjob. To put it in perspective, LB is new foundation of what is to come. And all the lame asses WILL bow to whats real. And since That review wasnt even realistic, I’ll do what I like to call a re-review of the album. You ready?…… Extra large and supersize it, collard green, neckbone, mac and cheese, catfish, peach cobbler, apple pie, stripper club, credit card through the butt-cheeck, give me a lapdance cause its my birthday hot sexy momma, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL, 20 mics plus some of this and ANYTHING that Little Brother or the Justus League for that matter has ever done. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it. HEEYYYYYY TIMMHOTEP AKU! A word of advice, that is if you want to gain some decent street credability. You can simply 1.Appologize now to LB and all the fans. 2.Admit that the review you wrote was absolutely dumb and you only wrote it because you had nothing better to do besides sock laundry. 3.Go back to your boss and simply explain that the whole review was a big fat typo. YEAH!!!!!

  • marvelous

    Little Brother is a hot group. niggas just ain’t open minded enough to listen to them. I still listen to the lil wayne’s and t.i.’s. but i still love 9th wonder and phonte and big pooh. I hope they don’t sell out to go pop.


    I have listened to this mixtape over and over again,and i have to disagree with your review.I mean there is nothing wrong with having rapper’s stick to the script,especailly if there is nothing wrong with the script.They murder Mos Def,a newyorker,their boy Supastition kills the traack Rollin Out,and Big Pooh kills the IM A G beat,Te kills the Kanye beat too.It’s sad that these guys are being hated on for nothing,and guys like T.I are getting props…its kind of like Mood Musik 2,they spoke how they felt on this mixtape…BOONDOCK SAINTS,is a classic…

  • Nick Chainy

    i mean got damn man…why, where, when, what, how the fuck are little brother back-packers? as much as i hate that word/idea…i hate it even more when it is misused…i can name some fucking back-packers for you and none of them are named phonte, pooh or 9th…the fuck outta here man…

    firstly, there’s more people that can relate to LB than there are people who can relate to the jeezys, weezys and TI’s of the world (granted weezy and TI are dope)…i mean really, how many of us have to worry about dope and gun charges and haters stalking us? shid, i can relate to not having all the hoes in high school, i can relate to making ends meet, and you know what i can laugh at it too…just like LB…this review is disappointing, i dont expect you guys to kiss thier ass for being the supossed group that is “saving hip hop”…but damn cmon now…by the way has the Hip Hop golden boy for 2007 been found yet? ’05 it was LB, ’06 its Lupe. Who’s next?

  • Nick Chainy

    one more thing to people hating on this mixtape…”do you fools listen to music or just skim through it?”

    aint no way in hell you’ve listened to this mixtape thoroughly and came up with a L.

  • 918

    Seriously mayne yall is outta line
    with this review, hopefully this is
    tha views of tha writer & not tha
    magazine as a whole because if this
    writer had to get the OK from XXL
    for this review then thats about as
    real as Lil Wayne is!!!!

    Seriously I honestly believe that
    this tape deserved a XL for real
    I agree with yalls reviews about
    70% of tha time but to rate this
    mixtape as a L is equal to rating
    a dipset mixtape/album an XL are
    yall saying that Dipset can put out
    a better mixtape then Little Brother??

    I aint no backpacker either but I
    recogive original & conceptual music
    for what it is, some is shit some is
    dope & this mixtape is a XL no more
    no less!!!

    I can’t change whats happened but I
    can lose respect for XXL magazine good
    thang that happened months ago!!!!


  • Joke of the year

    That’s pretty funny actually. I first read all the other album reviews on the site for simple reasons: first because as the proverb says, keep the best for the end, and 2nd, cause I’ve listened to the LB mixtape so no need to know by somebody else that this tape was hot… eventually all i found out is that people who write on mag are not serving the culture the way they pretend they do. Really, how can u give the same mark for “Todd Smith” and this mixtape?? I definitely need to know? With all the respect that I have for LL, it’s a no-no. LB is the future in the sense that they don’t forget the past and stay true to who they are. Calling any group that is not G-Unit, Crunk activist, or whatever’s hot at the moment as backpackers is the easyest, laziest way listeners but also reviewist found to explain something that is different. Stop being lazy. One thing i’ve always found interesting is mag writers saying that some artists dont change and all this bullshit, but when they do change, they can’t stop reminice of the past. I guess when LB will start doing the same as everybody (=not saying much), you’ll start complaining and saying how good The listening was, and eventually how hot this mixtape is. Magazine editors, reviewists are well aware of who’s real in the street and who says a lot of bullshit, but still they cosign by giving extra reasons for these liars to sell more while they sld just be objective and say when something is hot and when it’s garbage. It’s 2.39 am in Europe, where I live, and really, I feel like more groups sld make music like LB do, not the same music, but with the same approach to it: respect and sincerity. LB, show them what time it is.

  • B-Boy J

    Man, now I understand why I don’t really read XXL in the first place. If Little Brother is only average to you, and havin’ cats like T.I. would have made the tracks credible, then you don’t and probably never have understood what hip hop is about. Now the only time I rock a bookbag is when I’m actually in class, but intelligent hip hop in the mainstream is long overdue and if anyone can make it happen, it’s groups like Little Brother. Fin.

  • Teezy

    Man, I aint really feelin the L review yall gave this mixtape. Separate but Equal is better than most of the studio albums coming out today. What I dont understand is why LB receives so much backlash for making good quality music. Its no wonder everybody wants to speak on selling dope, and killing each other cuz apparently when you make good socially conscious music niggaz really have a problem with you. I support LB all the way, them cats r the truth.

  • FM Denz

    “But if they can’t break their old habits, LB will forever be segregated”. Is it really somebody from XXL who wrote this???. When the TI, Lil Wayne and other kings of the south will be selling less, would you tell them the same? Coz a day or another this will happen, rap will switch to something different a day or another, music has always confirmed the law of cycles. It’s a shame to see that in the country which berthed most of the modern music, what is now asked is uniformity, because like it or not, who makes music the way LB does??? Im not saying they are the best, but when I, a music fan, feel like listening to music, I don’t want my collection to be just composed of kings of crunks, that’s very stupid. This morning I’ve listened to Lil Wayne, but at 5pm I might want to play some LB. It seems like now, LB is bad for rap… shame. Lots of support for those who stay true to themselves, who don’t need “amount of gunshot sound effects” to make dope music. One question to TIMMHOTEP AKU: do you promote rap or artists?

  • http://www.v-i-c-e.com Vice

    I agree with Teezy.
    See this is the problem with XXL, you have the stamp stating “Hip Hop On A Higher Level”, but Little Bro are taking hip hop somewhere no one has really seen since the days of A Tribe Called Quest. But still you hate on them. Why can’e music change for the better, just once. Even with Tupac, the most remembered tracks are more agressive and beef oriented, whilst the strongest tracks he made were socially aware. Little Brother need some support from you synics, have you even ever listenned properly to “The Listenning?” have you ever been to a live a show and seen how they truly encapsulate everything that is hip hop?
    Give them a chance, because at the end of the day they are saying things that need to be said, and it should take one of them have to do before they are heard.

  • Mozeek

    I think that LB should not only get
    more support from magazines like XXL,
    they should get more support from the media, period. You turn on BET or MTV, You don’t even see Their “lovin’ it” video. The only place I saw it was on MTV2, but that’s because I
    have satellite cable. But, Hip hop
    fans who have basic cable won’t get to
    see it unless they order the damn channel. Radio one makes me mad, too.
    You’ll hear all this mainstream
    hip-hop but they refuse to play Mos,
    Kweli, Roots, LB and other hip hop artists of that nature. It’s a shame, too, because they have alot more to say than those other cats. What makes me even madder is that BET, MTV and
    Radio One are all owned by black people.
    Any black person responding to the
    article above,PLEASE help me understand this(Especially if you’re a black WOMAN because that’s
    who owns BET, MTV, and Radio One.)

  • http://realestniggas.com Bobbito

    Little Brother Is The Shit! BITCHES NEED TO RECONGNIZE!

  • soulbro#2

    LB is one of the dopest groups out here today. They are from the south but they make real hip hop music, not that bullshit that a lot of other southern rappers is making

  • http://Daiiel.Lashodgmail.com Qmega

    Ya’ll can say what you want about LB, but until you go to a SOLD OUT LB SHOW LIVE in concert then you’ll see how real these Brothers are, they don’t even front on stage like other artist as if they are above the crowd,and after the show these MEN of HIP HOP DISTINCTION come out into the crowd and show mad love. i Mean Realistically, You spit LUV as well as HEAT in the Booth then people will show LUV to you in person, but if you spit TOO much HEAT and don’t even it out on a realistic level, then peeps won’t know how to approach you in perso when the time comes cause you frontin’ too hard and thats how you generate enemies. Ya’ll dealin with some REAL GENUINE SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY from LB and not no other parts of the world frontin and I can vouch for this. A JUSTUS LEAGUE, LB BIG DOOH, ABBE Records, Do ya thing, these fakeassism frontin HARDCORE stuck in the 1990s FANs don’t see the real cause they tryin to see too much of the “FLASH ICE” that they’ll never bee able to touch cause its tooooo expensive. (Thats an instrumental) that Im workin on that Imma give to Phonte and he’ll know what to do with it. STAY up my NIGGAS RRRRRRRRRRrrrrraaaaaaaaAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  • Amier Starr

    This review is very irresponsible. Why does Little Bro have to have T.I. or Young Jeezy on their mixtape in order for it to be good? Did the gangsters have Little Bro on their mixtapes? Why do the “backpackers” have to bend in order to be accepted by the gangsters. Good music is good music. I was never been a fan of Little Bro, but I’ve been bangin this CD ever since I got it. I think Little Bro teamed up with Drama hoping that fans of the GangstaGrillz brand will give them a chance. I did and was pleasently surprised. I never asked why Little Wayne wasn’t on the damn mixtape. I never asked why they didn’t rhyme over “Stay Fly”. This review tells the young hip hop fan that you can’t suceed if you steer clear of the thug element in hip hop and that gaining “Mass Appeal” (go do your Gangstarr research & listen to the words) is the most important goal. And here I thought the goal of music was provoking thought & touching people’s emotions. Silly me.

    btw. How can you hate on “Let Her Go”? So what they used the metaphor again!!! How many times has 50 or sum other rapper spoken about money like it’s a woman, or compared the drug game to the record industry? There is nothing new under the sun dude, it’s just on how you flip it, and Little Bro came at it from a different angle.

    “Why you think mafuckas like 2 feed pigeons but try 2 shoot eagles?”

  • http://Daiiel.Lashodgmail.com Qmega


  • http://www.straightlinemedia.com P.A.

    This review is bullshit. LB is putting out some of the hottest shit right now (theyre last record was a classic!) fuck all the gunshots and dope dealing, after 15 years of it, its gotten kind of old. That why I cant fuck with hip hop journalism, because instead of giving an objective review, you stay writing that subjective reviews, because obviously you prefer that snowman shit. Like Ive been saying, more than half of you cats that have a voice in the media, should have laryngitis.

  • 20questions

    ruserious? bullshit review. did the author even listen or were the ear plugs in to deep? lil bro don’t need to get anyone on a tape just to get better reviews from a typical popularity follower. this is real rhymes vs. fake gangsta raps. xxl… you’re playin yourself benzino style with this one. waaaaaaaaaake upppppppp!

  • Holla Boobie

    Well, I’m debating if I should even waste the time trying to educate XXL on Little Brother and their obvious creativity and lyrical abilities. Nevertheless, I’ve determined that XXL isn’t concerned with accurately reviewing any hip-hop that isnt embracing the superficial. I would suggest that XXL stop assigning non-commercial hip-hop reviews to the reviewer (and I use that term loosely) TIMMHOTEP AKU who wrote this insane and inaccurate piece about Little Brother. TIMMHOTEP AKU, as Little Brother would say, step your game up! Cuz you obviously have been listening to too much Bentley and ice laced hip-hop. Get ya mind right!

  • Tyler Durden

    Shouts to 20Questions for that Big Pooh reference: “WAAAAAKE UUUP”…Real Justus Leaugue fans caught that

  • Stealth

    What the f*ck can I say, lol, real hip hop don’t get no play, LB is real hip hop, what the media, mainstream and companies want is to feed our young hip hoppers this glossy fake rap, tryin to sell us what the majority don’t have. Nothin wrong with havin diamonds and women, but I don’t need to hear about it in every song I hear, sh*t. LB keep doing your thing. Chitlin Circuit 1.5 has some sick tracks on it, I haven’t heard this mixtape yet but I will, keep it thoro, I’m out, from Hackney, London, peace!

  • Andre6000

    Little Brother Is What Real hip Hop Is All About-Period- Not That Laffy Taffy Sh*t/ Not That Sing-a-long Bullsh*t With Crack References.Im Dissapointed with the review-It Should’ve been a XXL..Tell Your Review Team To turn off the radio-and turn up the underground..

  • Rodjilius

    i dont think that i actually heard little brother before but is he really that bad?

  • MajorLeague

    Little Brother is the bizness flat out, but even i thought this mix tape was a little light in the ass. The Mistrel Show is the best album since The Blueprint, but nobody wants to hear an album without singin or 435 crack references. Hip Hop is dying slowly and its sad

  • Top Notch

    I haven’t heard this mixtape yet but EVERY other LB-affiliated album I’ve heard has had HEAT! I came here looking for something valid and got trash. XXL needs to join a sorority and go step their game up!

  • http://www.hi-flitones.com Brick Man

    C’mon Drama,nobody is feeling the move you just made. At least we all know he’ll make up for it on the Dedication Pt. 2 Drama needs to work with Yola. They got all of his shhhh on



    and I’m telling u that shhh is major.

    A-town stand Up

  • Axsumbody

    This review of Little Brother and DJ Drama is Bullshit! First of all,
    Hip hop is just like Racism, it won’t die, it’s a part of our lives and so are ignorant critics! Second of all, LB is da shit! They say when we die, we shall be judged by the standard of life not by the standard of living…If hip hop was judged by those standards, LITTLE BROTHER WOULD BE CHILLIN AT THE PEARLY GATE, while this critic and the rest of those wack ass rappers would be….I ain’t even going to say it….

  • ROOZ


  • MuFromPhilly

    I think the majority of us are in agreement that Little Brother (especially Phonte) are the diamonds in the rough of this global movement we call hip-hop. And u know what ladies and gents? I kinda like it that way. Of course I would love to see LB get the resepct they deserve, and be compensated for being as dope as they are, but at the same time, i think they would lose some of their appeal if they were on BET and MTV everyday. I find some satisfaction in the fact that I’ve put so many people on to them that would’ve never took the time to check them out. they have a cult following, and that just means that there is a problem with the industry for putting out all of this garbage rap. but the bigger problem is that the masses are the ones who accept it and make garbage rappers go gold and platinum. The biggest problem of all is that in this country, hip-hop fans (especially Black fans) have come to think that unless it is about guns, drugs, jewels, cars, and bitches that it’s not hot. LB is neither backpack nor conscious rap. they speak for the millions of young Black people who don’t think that there is anybody representing their life and/or level of intelligence in hip-hop. so take that “L” rating and shove it, cause real hip-hop heads are “Lovin’ It”.

  • http://xxlmag.com N.A.T

    I just Luv LB, Much Luv

  • http://ww.xxlmag.com Chi-Town Representor

    Little Brother is one of the most underrated Mc’soming outta the south. Thats why I respect them. While the south is basically comig out with the same sound and same look, Little Brother is coming wit something different.They sound deceived me at first. When they spiton “Lovin it”, I thought they was from
    Ny, but when I found out they was from North Carolina, I was impressed. Y’all should’ve changed the rating 2 XL cuz this is what I call Real Hip-Hop from the south

  • http://ww.xxlmag.com Chi-Town Representor

    Matter of fact, It souldve been XXL

  • true story

    whoever write this OBVIOUSLY didnt even bother to listen to the mixtape the whole way through …

    this mixtape is a gem.

  • D-Money

    How could the reviewer shit on Little Brother like that? Little Brother is the best group right now. PERIOD. Pooh and Phonte actually rap about issues other than rims and candy paint. They’ve got flow and 9th comes through solid on the beats. This mixtape is one of my favourites. While it’s not as good as the Chittlin Circuit (which I think deserves a XXL), Separate But Equal does not deserve a L rating.

  • Mangere4life

    LB is da shit, i mean c’mon…itz about time da south put somethin out dat rivalz any hip hop from cali or new york…keep makin that hip hop we all love and all da critics dont know what the phuck they talkin about anyway…y’all know itz true…peace.

  • 9thwonderbread@hotmail.com

    i’m droppin a new album with nas.

  • Mainevent

    What the heck is this guy thinking. I’m white, I love LB. T.I., Weezy, all those others dirty south rappers are jokes. LB is for real. Keep it real guys.

  • Wow

    This has to be the most ignorant review ive ever read.

  • Sol

    Ya dumb fuck don’t know shit about real music. Ya all hook up on bitch ass niggas like g-unit and fags like dipset. LB is real Hip Hop like Mos Def, talib kweli, Styles P, Nas.

    Fuck G-Unot and Dipfag!

  • http://myspace.com/murak MURAKULU$

    Fuc* ya’ll niccas that’s think ya’ll funny with the 50 and banks joke….what type of niccas sit around and thinks about gay jokes….just some more fags hatin on niccas wit money…broke nucca

  • http://myspace.com G.Getta

    dis is crazy LB is da shit cuz dey make real music. u aint gotta be a dboy or a deep in da street nigga 2 listen 2 dey shit.

  • http://www.XXLMAG.com Uncle – “L”(BO)

    I’m from the midwest (DAYTON,OHIO). I just want 2 give LB there just do. I encourage everyone who is a true hip hop fan needs 2 purchase this new album. Then go get their first 2: “THE MINSTRAL SHOW” & “THE CHITLIN’ CIRCUIT”. To me they will remind me of a:(TRIBE CALLED CALLED QUEST mixed with a little N.W.A.& GOODIE M.O.B. plus PUBLIC ENEMY.) They make music that makes your brain say “DAMN THIS THEY JUST SAY THAT”

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