DaMuzicians.jpgAfter breaking through the pop-rap mesosphere as part of the Ying Yang Twins, D-Roc looks to continue his hot streak with the formation of Da Muzicianz. Comprised of Roc and his younger brothers, Mr. Ball, 23, and Da Birthday Boy, 19, the Atlanta trio gets it twurkin’ with their self-titled debut album.

Things kick off with the Mr. Collipark–produced “Camera Phone,” where the band of brothers instructs females to “shake somethin’ for the camera phone” over pulsating strings and organs. Then Da Muzicianz take the party outside their crunk comfort zone and give other genres a try. ATL’s snap movement gets represented on “Girls I Know” featuring D4L’s Fabo, and the Rick Rock–produced “Go Dumb” with the Federation takes hyphy to new heights.

The only problem with an album limited to one theme is the increased likelihood for waning creativity. The up-tempo synths of “Gyrate” share an eerie similarity to the electric frenzy that is “Shake” (not to be confused with the Ying Yang Twin’s 2005 Pitbull collabo of the same name). In an attempt to diversify their sound, Da Muzicianz try to break up the barrage of raunchy dance cuts with the smooth R&B-flavored “U Ain’t Gotta Say.” However, Mr. Collipark’s simpatico beat sticks out like a hard nipple amid the rest of the up-tempo tracks.

While lyrical content takes a backseat for the most part, Birthday Boy puts together some of the album’s most focused, concise couplets on the Cheezy-produced “Til Her Back Gets Sore” as he spits, “Ain’t got time for sadiddy bitches/Tryna act too pretty bitches/I call when I wanna hit it/For me it’s another mission.” Basically relying on the same formula that garnered success for Ying Yang, Da Muzicianz create a catalog of crazily addictive club music that’ll keep booties shakin’ from the window to the wall.—DAMIEN SCOTT