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Bubba Sparxxx
The Charm

bubbacharm.jpgArtists hate being ignored. Just ask Bubba Sparxxx. In 2003, the Georgia boy poured his heart and soul into his creatively daring sophomore disc, Deliverance, which successfully married hip-hop and country music. Despite the album’s critical acclaim and a cosign from Timbaland, barely 350,000 consumers bothered to pay attention. Now backed by OutKast’s Big Boi, Bubba continues his search for a larger audience with his third swing at success, The Charm.

While its predecessor was a cohesive and consistent gem, Bubba’s latest collection is more of a hit-or-miss situation. Despite solid storytelling throughout, songs like “Run Away” and “Gotta Girl,” with their sappy guitars and saccharine vocals, sound more like Cowboy Troy outtakes. Once an innovator, Sparxxx now buys into Mr. Collipark’s intimate club scam with “Ms. New Booty,” an unnecessary rehash of the Ying Yang Twins’ “Wait (The Whisper Song)” and David Banner’s “Play.”

On the other end of the spectrum, however, is a score of vastly superior songs. Take “The Other Side,” a rich collaboration with Petey Pablo that exemplifies Bubba at his best with articulate verses, a catchy, singsongy hook and a funky but distinctly countrified beat. Similarly, “Represent” finds the New South soldier riding Tim’s sparse track and candidly reflecting on his tumultuous career with, “I been a star, my name rings bells/But it means not a thing if you can’t bring sales.”

While his frustrations with “the machine” are clear on the lyrical résumé “Fluke” and the self-gratifying “Hey,” Bubba eventually manages to find his comfort zone on “Wonderful.” Laying his Southern drawl over Organized Noize’s bouncy drums, he spits, “I’m in a good place/I got this thing whooped/I’m cooking with grease/You suckas can’t look/They disgusted, and it baffles me/I’m rappin’ happily again, you should be glad for me.” Although The Charm doesn’t get Bubba over the commercial hump, it does provide further proof as to why the man shouldn’t be ignored.—NOAH CALLAHAN-BEVER

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  • http://source.com one

    would somebody please tell this honkey to stop rap’n.no one likes ur white music.hiphop is 4 black folks
    not everyone else.why do white people feel as though they have some sort of right to our music. black folks are getting tired of this and will not stand 4 this any longer.it’s time 2 stand up and take control of our music and our culture.and stop let’n other races rape our heritage

    • ladyjd

      that’s the problem with US 2day. We are always talking about whats 4 blaks and whats not. NO1 draws the race line for us BUT US. U don’t hear the mex’s talk’n bout how old cars and flip paint is just for them.
      So get out of your frame of mind and go get something for the WHITEs.

  • d.GUTTA

    ^^^ hey ONE. shut the F*ck up u hater. hip-hop is for everyone.

  • http://XXL.COM 1&ONLY


  • MS new whooo??

    MS new booty got all the asian folks down here mesmerized, cause em skinny ladies been dreamin about a real booty.. help a brotha out and send a few of them packets ova here


  • boxingking3000

    hey one shut the fuck up.Hip hop IS for everyone and rappers like em and Paul Wall are better than most rappers in the game.

  • randy ruby

    ill buy da album cuz bubba sparxxx got junk in his trunk, and i like dem
    boyz when them baby got back.and all dem boyz say he is pretty fly for a white guy.

  • chico34

    not feeling ms new booty on a lyrical lavel but it get dem shawties movin so you cant hate dat.ima get da album cause my nig big boi had alot to do wit da album and he comin out da south

  • http://source.com one

    anybody that has a problem with what i’m say’n is either an uncle tom ass house nigga or a cracker

  • jj

    shu the fock up hh 4 every1

  • boxingking3000

    nah most people just hate racist motherfuckers. there ain’t many people that got a problem wit white rappers or latino rappers.

  • kings

    another dum azz tryin to be black.

  • http://g-unit z

    it doesent matter what race you are as long as you have talent, like paul wall and em.

  • http://source one

    yall some stupid ass niggas.there were people that didnt agree with malcom x
    thier were people that said he was crazy
    and a racist just 4 care’n enough about his own people to do something to help the cause.i care about the preservation of our culture.u folks might think
    what i’m say’n is racist or whatever but
    u just wait. you’ll see in twenty years
    or maybe even sooner there wont be anymore black rappas.just like jazz just like rock & roll. history always repeats itself. who can argue with that fact.some of u need to really sit back and think before u discredit the truth.all u have to do is study american history.
    peace and love to all my real brothas
    and sistas.
    revolution is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://pharohputtyahoo.com pharoh


  • Patience

    U right, history will repeat itself, because of dumbass people like you. Music is for everyone no matter what race u are and its because of stupid comments like the ones you’ve made that continue to segregate blacks and whites.

  • Ramoth

    One: A bit of musical history for you.

    The year was 1981. Rap music was nothing but a few boys hanging on the street corner spitting rhymes. Rapper’s Delight had been around for 2 years at this point, still not a major selling record. Into the game comes a white person….not just any person, but a white woman, her name was Blondie, the song was Rapture. I’d reccomend you check it out. What it comes down to, is that Hip-Hop, rap, or wahtever you call it is a culmination of many different cultures and music types. I hate it when people say that rap music is for black people, and only the black…Rap is based in Rock n Roll, Rythm and Blues, Funk, and even R&B and Jazz. These forms of music cross cultures and break down the barriers between races.

    Its people like you, one, who will continue to ensure that racism will exist in america, that segregation will continue until the end of the road.

  • http://source.com one

    rock &roll jazz funk rythm &blues were all
    started by black people and stolen by u honkies.weather u want to except it or not
    this didnt jusy start with hiphop.(blondie)
    were do u think she got her ideas from.
    look at that stupid ass elvis presley white people swear that fool is the king of rock &roll to this day. that fool aint have no soul.if u really look at and research american history u will see that black people invented every great form of music.and over the years whites have always tried to become a part of it.this isnt a racist statement it just facts.
    what music did white people invent?
    country and techno fuck that.all i’m do’n is put’n the truth out there.4 my people.
    the reason u white boys get so mad is because u know what i’m say’n is the truth
    no matter what u say or do.or is it that yall feel guilty cause black people are finally starting to wake up and realize
    whats go’n on.i am in no way shape or form a racist i strongly beleive that there are
    numerous things that we can all learn from each others cultures.but if we all look
    alike talk alike and dress alike how can that happen.now it’s one thing 4 u white boys to love hiphop,but but it’s another thing 4 yall to act like yall had a part
    in starting it.ur a fool if u think racist doesnt exist and we will never forget over 500 hundred years of slavery no matter how much u crackers try to act like ur down with us.i didnt see no white people try’n to help the katrina victims.
    peace 2 all my people who know what time it is.
    red black & green
    revolution is coming and theres nothing yall can do to stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • billybob honky

    who dis dere ‘bove me? bubba is mah pal, farms are great!

  • Ramoth

    I got only a few more things to say…First off, all forms of music, be they R&B, Funk, Hip Hop or even rock is based and influenced by a form of classical music, classical composers were white europeans. Second, I could give a sh^^ about 5000 years of slavery…Slavery was abolished for the United States and England in the year 1780. The abolition was offically amended to the united states constitution in 1863. Your people do not exist, they have been interbred in the nearly 2 centuries since the abolition of slavery, all of us white, black, mexican, american, whatever it is you want to call it are lacking a pure blood line.

    Now, if you want to speak inteligently, feel free, however you need to learn how to speak english properlly before you start will have an argument. Racial slurs aside, what you don’t realize is that my father is black, my mother is white.

    Music is music, white, black, its all music. What you see as theivery, many more view as a melding pot. Have you ever spent time on Burbon Street? I assure you that if you did you could listen to the greats wailing to a blues song, blacks and whites preforming together. Nobody stole one type of music from another, instead it was borrowed, adapted, amended too, and improved.

    With race aside….Bubba’s album is pure crap. He has completely sold out in this album, and makes no apologies about it. He poured out his heart in Deliverance, and it went virtually ignored, gaining no radio play, no club play, and only 350,000 album sales. Bubba blames it on his rap style, but this new album will either become a commercial piece of crap, reducing Bubba to a one hit wonder, or it’ll fail entirelly.

    Bubba has alot of solid flows, but he’s lost his style. Had he gotten more a push from Timberland, and more of a spot light on MTV, Fuse, BET, ect, Deliverance would have sold alot more. Hell, I found the album by mistake when browsing a torrent site, and bought it a couple hours after I had first heard it.

  • Ramoth

    Oh, and One, those Katrina Victims were advisted to leave the city long before the hurricane hit. The “white people” were the government beaurocrats. The national guard was down there trying to keep the levvies from breaking and trying to rebuild them after the break. The Engineering division that was sent to NO was the Maine 133rd Engineer Battalion, how many of them do you think were black? Not very many, but they braved the storm to save a city from certain destruction, but at the same time, the city shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Its what the cajuns get for building a city 5 feet BELOW sea level.

  • http://source one

    ramoth oh my god ur not black ur not white ur confused.i get it.to me u sound like a bush voter.i respect everyones opinion.however yours sounds kind of suspect.how could u not care about 5000
    years of slavery?thats ur heritage u dumb ass.and another thing ,fuck classical music!the men better yet faggots who did that shit were all
    homosexual they wore them stank ass white wigs and barley even took baths.
    what the fuck is so classy about that?
    i guess it’s just the white side of u that makes u have these opinions.and one more thing can u honestly say to your self that that katrina shit wasn’t racist?fuck’n george bush went over and bombed aftganistan and right after they finished blow’n everything up,what did they do?they droped food!
    now if this racist muthafucka can send food around the world in a matter of hours then why couldnt he have helped the katrina victims?why reduce them to looting in the street?why did they shove the victims against thier will
    into the super dome and shoot anyone who tried to leave?there was no windows no fresh air no food,not enough toilets women were getting raped people were walking around with gun and shit.people were loose’n thier minds from this animal like treatment.
    this was in example of a modern day slave ship.it’s racist it’s wrong and it’s as plain as the nose on ur face!!
    revolution is coming………

  • Ramoth

    The simple reason: Bush is a retard. He’s not my president, I personally voted for a libertarian canidate.

  • frog

    F— Bubba Sparxxx

  • proud of my race

    you two need to take your bullshit somewhere else. this is a forum to discuss a rap albulm. one, you are the most racist, ignorant fool i’ve ever seen. all the katrina victoms that were looting, raping and shooting were black. and no one forced them to do it. that was thier own dumbass choice. you said no whites helped them…bull SHIT!!! i know so many whites that went over ther to help rebuild. including my sister and her husband. as for rap, if whites can listen to it, then whites can perform it. if you hate how this country is, and our president, feel free to get the fuck out. we need people to unite us, not try to further separate us. and slavery is the past. get over it. i don’t constantly condem england for butchering the scottish, just cause i’m scottish.

  • http://source one

    anyone who thinks that slavery is really over is a idiot.it may not be as blatant
    but it still exists just the same.just look at b.e.t.(brain wash’n entertainment television)it’s owned by some jewish muthafucka who goes on record say’n that they wont play certain hiphop groups becuase they’re too inteligent.what the fuck do these people know about hiphop?they only play the most ignorant videos because
    they dont want black people to see positive images of them selves.that way we dont ever get out of the rut that we as a race are in.racism 100% still exists in america.there might not be plantations and all that shit but nowadays its more on the corporate
    level.it really alarms me that so many people are blind to this fact.and lastly in never said that no white people helped the katrina victims. i
    said george bush didnt help.next time read my shit completely before u make stupid statements.white foklks always try to act like slavery is over because they feel guilty about thier racist ass heritage.why do u think they always accuse us of play’n the race card.these are just some facts.
    and as far as leave’n the country,why should i? this country was built on the blood sweat and tears of my people this is our country just as mush as the indians. and for the record i’m not a racist. i’m a realist…..
    revolution is coming!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BIG D from harlem

    ONE u got a point but u cant back it up for shit u da kind a nigga wit a 1 track mind i got tons of white friends most of em are g’d right the fuck up they down wit da niggas and niggas down with them….. bubba sparxxx sux ass wut the fuck kinda honkie farmer trys to rap paul wall and eminem are the only white boys with skill…ems the best rapper alive

  • Stray

    I just need to had my 2cents on this one… u people in the states spend so much time arguing about the validation of white rappers in hip-hop that u don’t even realize that hip-hop has become universal. People in Europe listen to and make hip-hop, over in Asia they make hip-hop. God damn, I’m Portuguese (know where that even is?)and I buy XXL here.. U don’t even imagine how hard it is to get a copy of it here and I’ve been buying it like for ever. Damn, I’m white, I make rap music and I embrace and am embraced by black, white, green and purple musicians everywhere. The only country I know where such questions even come out is in the god damn usa.
    Not hating, I’d be so happy to even live there. U people breath hip-hop everyday of ur lifes, don’t even have to make an effort to acess shit like we do, I don’t even understand how can u even worry about that. And hell, my country was the pioneer country doing overseas exploration, probably the first one to instigate slavery and trust me, noone here even has a problem. It’s past, it’s ancient history… It’s bad, but people went on and we do not pay for what was done almost 600 years ago.
    You know what saddens me the most?
    U see die-hard white fans of rock bands like Bloc Party and noone even thinks about they’re lead singer being white or being black. It just even doesn’t matter. No problem like that in rock, NOT EVEN IN REGGAE. How come it only shows in hip-hop? Hell, DJ Premier shook my hand and took a picture with me a few weaks ago and he didn’t call me no white wannabe be black. So did Damian Marley. We just feel BLESSED whenever someone like that bothers to come to this country.

    Now don’t come asking why the whole world hates America. You have so much greateness u don’t even appreciate.

  • jon longway

    one your a fuckin idiot dog. an ignorant moron! i came to chat bout bubba but when i saw your shit i had to say something. for one eminem rips everybody and 2 he is one of the best ever and has helped build a hip hop empire. so for you to go and say some bullshit like that is horrible. ill bet my life if any rapper heard you say that they would laugh at you. and i know your not a hip hop head cause real ones dont say shit like that so get the fuck of xxlmag.com and write to KING or somethin

  • BIG D from harlem

    johny long way ur a fag eminem is light years ahead of any 1 i nthe rap game well at least was i think hes dun now but he came up battling in all blackl clubs walking in hated coming out loved u are a fuckin fag

  • jon longway

    big d if you read what the fuck i said youd see that i said em rips everybody hes my favorite.so what r u talking about

  • http://www.myspace.com Rey

    Um…I like Bubba Sparxxx. I loved Deliverance. I’m gonna buy this one. I still like rap in general.

    “Sensitive thugs/ya’ll all need hugs.”–Jay-Z, “Heart of the City”

    God First, Hip Hop Second.

  • http://YAHOO 1 K.I.N.G W.A.T.R


    !^&@&%^@(*& ONE I DIG YA PIMP! @#$&##

  • SeanPaul

    Wow how fucking ignorant can you be ONE? How can you truly say you rather rap be an all black thing? Hip hop is a way of life and it shouldnt matter whos contributing to it as long as its making the hip hop nation grow.

    Okay most rappers are black and the hot shit now is to have a cracker on your label why is that? (EMINEM is a game changer) To bring more into the hip hop world and show the growth of the struggles of everyone. Do you even know what rap stands for or where it evolved and why or is all that you know rap started by a black man and that it shouldnt change.

    Your a whack dude for real to get on here and say all this crazy ass racist shit probably because your mad a white boy is more creative and lyrically better than you. In your world a wack black artist should get a deal before a honky ass white boy.

    Many of you who say Bubba is whack are saying so because you cant relate to living in the country so you aint got a clue what hes talking about. Hes speaking of the same shit many other rappers are but in a more creative and country approach.Its his swag its what seperates average rappers from nice rappers. He done seen the struggle…. sold the dope, got arrested, been hurt, been mad, loved broads, pimped bitches. Its funny most rap is about the struggle of how one had to get out of the slums or down and outs to get where they at today. Just because he did his shit in the country dont get it confused lyrically he is very fucking creative and you cant just compare him to Em just becausae theyre white. Dont let ignorance about his lifestyle let you make a decision about his shit just because hes a big country white boy. If anything appreciate that rap and hip hop has such a strong bearing on todays society and youth that everyone from country white boys to asians to hispanics to fucking jewish guys wanna contribute. I mean wake up! Its ignorant fucks like ONE that continue to hate just because. Its sad if a white boy came on here throwing out all that ignorant racist shit its like a crime but for fuck boys like one to get on here and bash a race is okay because the rap culture started in a black community. Use that wasted hate energy and learn about the culture not just what color the guys is who ripped it first. The game has changed man dont hate because hes white. If you aint feelin him cool that your opinion but to get up and say fuck the white race they need to get the fuck outta rap is wack no doubt. A lot of you see bubba as a tractor riding fat white fuck from the deep south but dont hate on the mans struggle and as an artist listen with an open mind lyrically the dude is nice. His fucking projects was a trailer his hustle was home grown his struggle was being poor and staying out of trouble his reason for getting twisted was to forget and cope. Wake the fuck up mane the world is round for a reason. By the way the dude must be nice if some of raps pioneers got him on theyre label. Just cuz you aint get that deal dont be so mad at the world. Just think if rap was all black would it make it better? Diverstity is a good thing because lets face it hip hop and rap wouldnt be what it is today if it was just a black thing. Every white rapper shows his respect to who started getting them interested in rap. Music is a way to relate and enjoy life some people relate different than others but the bottom line is the understanding is there.

    One and Benzino are the type of sorry motherfuckers that the rap world dont need because in the end you just gon embarrass true hip hop lovers of all nations sex and creed. You aint no fan you seem like you listen to rap because its the black thing to do not because you love the art and creativity of dudes who aint never had shit and made this shit work to come up.

    Personally im a Bubba fan and thats what this shit was supposed to be about so the album was nice and it has some hot shit on it. CHeck rub away out its deep if your really love expressions through music he did it there and im sure some of you dudes can relate! If rap was still the same as when it originated it wouldnt have come this far today. Open your minds up even if you dont like that a fat fuck white boy getting more spins than you. It should make you hungrier because theyre are too many wack ass rappers out there affraid to take a chance and be themselves.

  • BIG D from harlem

    lol oh sorry dawg i thot u meant rips their style sorry man i apologize

  • jon longway

    its all good hommie i love em ems my dude. and one ur a bitch. i cant believe u are talkin shit when i know you listen to em and paul wall and i dont even like bubba but dont knock him cause hes white i bet if this was a review about em or paul wall you wouldnt say shit

  • SeanPaul

    K.I.N.G. your lame as hell mane. Dude aint got no affiliation to KKK and if he did it was because of on living ignorance like you and your good buddy one. Rap aint a black thing because if it was it wouldnt be a way of life it would simply be another genre of music. Come correct with some facts or sit the fuck back down. Keep that race shit for the trash. All that slavery shits got no bearing because the only slaves werent black. What about the Irish slaves should I be mad at the world because some shit happened before many of our parents great great grandparents? Get a grip mane. How about the asians should they be mad bout having to build the railroad? This shit is just way too deep to make it just a black thing.

    By the way the song was RUN AWAY. Lyrically yall aint gon feel bubba because you dont get it theres no relation unless you listen to it and do some thinking. On some final shit even your boy paul wall admits hes not that nice he did a good job marketing himself personally kids alright but he repeats his shit a lot but thats a texas thing once again you just gotta understand the shit.

  • http://source one

    this is so funny all these white dudes talk’n shit because thier mad. seanpual
    get it right i dont have to learn the culture. I am the culture.thats the difference between u crackers and black
    people. yall have to learn the culture
    by try’n to hang in our neiborhoods or on the net or watch’n us on b.e.t..the culture is in our blood. and we have
    a birth given right to it.we live this life everyday.so all u little white boys in the suberbs who watch and imulate us because our culture looks
    fun or more interesting than yours need to step off.
    black power!!!!!!!!!!!


    this is what his lyrics speak about. a subdivide of culture, land, and promise. we don’t know about brick cities, but what do you know about homes on wheels? it’s a joining to have others know what our “struggle” is. i’m not gonna entertain one’s comments simply because he gets off on this shit. i hope everyone sees a perfect example of what’s wrong with today. hate breeds hate. enlightenment can change hate by educating those who lost faith…

  • SeanPaul

    ONE your just a sorry motherfucker. I dont wanna be shit I am what I am and for your information ive lived in the fucking hood seen the shit lived the shit it aint fucking cool its a way of life dont get it twisted I dont wanna be you I can just relate to the music and the struggle other that that fuck your bullshit racism your culture aint about hate you ignorant bitch. So take that bullshit black power fuck the whites bullshit straight to hell with you.

  • http://source.com one

    dont comment on the black power movement
    it’s obvious that u just dont understand
    what it’s all about and i’m tired of you idiots call’n me a racist!i’m not a racist
    i just care about the preservation of my people.do you think malcom x was a racist.
    you people call me a racist for wanting for my people the same thing that the latinos the jews asians and everybody else has and thats to have some sort of heritage
    that we as a people can all relate to as black.whats so wrong with that?i’m not the only person that feels this way.asians latinos and even some white people can trace thier roots back to thier home country, talk thier natine language, know thier cultures traditions and even find out
    about thier ancestors.thats a blessing.a blessing that we black folks dont have.we are the only race thats had our whole culture stolen from us from our native language to our customs most of us will never be able to tell you where or what part of africa we come from.all the other
    races will never understand how truly blessed they are until somebody steals
    thier heritage.so what i’m say’n is if you people already have a culture to be proud of then why yall want to steal and imulate the little culture that we’ve managed to put together in order to survive in this racist ass country thats already taken so much from us.now you idiots try to come up with an inteligent response ur shut the fuck up
    black power
    red black& green

  • Sean Paul

    One if I got on this bitch saying white power and all this shit it would offend a lot of people and make me very fucking racist and for you to say your heritage was stolen is fucking wack. As I said my ancestors come from northern irealand and they went through some of the same struggles as every other race. You are a racist fucking biggot and you need to be checked.Your spending too much time feeling sorry for yourself for some shit you didnt even live? Have you ever traced the slave trade shit? DO you think it was a white man who started the whole thing? All you care is a lot of slaves were black and thats enough for you to start a race war over. HOw long ago did all that end anyway? THe only reason you would feel like a slave today is because you allow yourself to feel like one. Your trapped in your own miserable existance. THIs is truly my last response to your sorry ignorant shit. Maybe a lot of people do feel certain ways about your black heritage or their own heritage but your not the only race to make the hip hop movement what it is today and for you to really think it would be it is what it is in 2006 without all the worlds races then your just plain dumb. Rap would have faded out with many other trends in history. Nobody is trying to take shit from BLACKS OR ANY FUCKING RACE true hip hop fans are trying to come together and make it bigger than ever so keep your racist shit to yourself because life is too short to waste it on racism and hate wash your face and get your mind right. Hopefully you can wake up before its too late.

  • jon longway

    hip hop would not be what it is today if it was just for black people! thats what makes hip hop so beautiful its for everyone. and stop saying its for blacks not whites why dont you start knockin the mexicans! one are you sayin big pun was wack! if your gonna say hip hop is for black people then address that to the mexicans and the puerto ricans

  • BIG D from harlem

    man ONE where do u live im ganna come shoot u cuz u are a fuckin retard man kill your self ur too stupid too live sean paul said it all u say shit just cuz ur mad malcom x wasnt racist but dont relate ur self to dat nigga…man wut he was tlkin and the shit ur tlkin isnt the same on any level of inteligence man a mentally challenced 4 year old has a better out look on life then u do god damn nigga…rap is for every 1 and there are legonds in this game in every race

  • BIG D from harlem

    do u want the fuckin list???

    all of nwa
    kool g
    warren g

    slim shady
    marshal matherslol

    i unno too many
    big pun is the only 1 i like

  • rickydme

    first just ignore this little kid ONE all he wants is some attention and all of u are jumpin right into his trap he probably doesnt have anyone to talk to so hes on this forum startin some shit thatll never end and get ur fuckin history right if u really research Malcom X ull see he went to Mecca and when he came back he felt he needed to stop doin violent protesting and all that shit and because of that he probably got assasinated because ppl didnt want to change i understand everyone has their opinion and shit but damn man get a job or someshit u really dont have anything better to do then start some stupid internet shit that doesnt even matter because no one is gonna do anything u seem like a real smart man u know some shit but dont be a hater because honestly thats a sad way to die if u dont like how rap is now ur really gonna get mad because its only gonna get even bigger and more diverse so u might as well just not listen to rap anymore because itll be alot worse for u later on if thats how u really feel and about the whole slavery thing is is true what other ppl are sayin about how everyone basically has been thru slavery and shit like that the only thing is i dont think thats the problem i think its racism still livin to this day and black ppl still bein treated unfairly by the justice system but ppl instead of fightin all the time should learn to understand each other better just because theirs alot of racism in the government doesnt mean the general public feels the same way and thats why intergration is so important im sure that alot of former racist ppl have met a person that they have hated in the past and learned that they were wrong for feelin that way so just like u generalizing about racism u cant say everyone with anything because there’s always execptions im glad most ppl on this forum arent racist and just that how can u talk shit about ppl bein racist and no one besides u his talkin shit like that so that shows u that ur wrong but thats just some little kid shit u need to open ur eyes and not be so close minded hopefully one day ull learn that if not ull just die and the world will move on anyways so its not like it really matters

  • taj

    one u say u ARE hiphop and even relate yourself to malcom X??!! wat makes u more hip hop than me u ignarent bitch!! your fukn skin!! i done lived hard and still stood up and took control of my life i even grew up in a country town were whites were a minourity and blacks and aisiens OWNED every fukn shop ,house and corna in the whole joint! “dam these noungars and nooks got more than me im gonna hate on all there asses, hell yeah” .black white pink purple evry man bleeds red. heres a tip, get of your ignarent ass stop smokin that ganky ass bud wid the rest of your revaloutinary wannabe poofs and get a FUKN JOB, then when people start respectin u see how many people treat u like a fukn slave…. i got nelson mandela tatted on my arm , dude would be disgusted in you for mentioning malcom in that sense. malcom wouldent spit on your carcass……u a straight bitch….

  • http://source one

    like i said all of you must be white cause when i bring this up around other
    black folks it’s all love.if yall really aint trip’n of what i’m say’n then whats with all the anger?there is no point in try’n to argue with people who always try to come up with some excuse or try to bring up that they were slave too. who gives a fuck about ireland.weather your black white or purple everyone knows that you cant know the future without know’n the past.so why would i forget about slavery?i’m ignorant.some of you cant even spell ignorant.like i said when some body has an inteligent response
    then i’ll bother with you but 4 now
    i refuse to have a battle of wits with people who are short on amunition.stop
    try’n to down play what u people did to us.and one more thing i know i aint no slave and i dont walk around think’n that about myself. i’m a grown
    ass man that see,s the truth for what it is.
    black power
    red black & green

  • http://source one

    see i been read’n some of u peoples responses and you all seem to think that hiphop is a way of life.well in a way thats true but not the way youre think’n
    (question)whos way of life is it?it’s the black way of life.yall are just try’n to include your selves with something that has nothing to do with you.i live in the hood.were are all the white people at.i sure dont see any
    around here.so what hard life are yall live’n.what way of life are yall talk’n about.look at all these white folks try’n to school me on my own culture.(newsflash)theres nothing u can teach me that i dont already know
    especialy about hiphop cause i’m a true hiphop head.i live the struggles like so many other blacks in america.
    white boys are even try’n to tell me something about malcom x. please what the fuck do yall know.and since hiphop wouldnt be as big as it is without honkies(like yall say)then lets see you crackers make up your own form of music.i bet that’ll never happen cause it’s too easy to just steal somebody elses. fuck off
    black power
    red black & green

  • Sean Paul

    Hey Harlem I respect your favorite artists but that dont mean that all cultures dont give to the hip hop world. As far as it being divided by white rap, black rap, latino rap or otherwise it shouldnt be; its one. If you dont like the big nasty white boys like bubba and haystack cool. I mean theres too many people contributing to hip hop to just name mainstream dudes. I love fucking hip hop and I can relate to everything that is said in one way or another so lets continue to unite and before its all said and done hip hop will influence everything. Hip hop aint just music and for a true hip hop fan this is a way of life and nowhere does it say that only blacks can be a part of this or relate to struggles in life. Everybody seen a taste of hell mane bottom line I like BUBBA K but its got nothing to do with white or black. I got a lot of homeboys down here in Ga and aint none of em saying hes good for a white dude or garbage cuz hes white. As a hip hop fans we all have our own preferences witht that said its been an interesting few days on this board but I hope one day this hip hop nation grows as one without such stereotypes and ignorance. By the way ya boy fat joe is nice too harlem.

  • http://source one

    big d from harlem shut the fuck up and grow some balls.theres always at least one uncle tom ass nigga in the croud.
    fuck u and your white friends it’s niggas like u that fuck up shit 4 the rest of us.if u dont care about the issues that your people are go’n through then you might as well be white.stop ride’n these honkies dicks and come back home to your culture you’re always welcome.
    revolution is coming.
    red black & green

  • Sean Paul

    Hey Harlem I just reread your comment my bad mane I see what you were saying I thought that was a favorite list of yours. The legends have deff come from all races and creeds. We see eye to eye that this shit is for everyone and thats the point. I see that almost every comment after mine has agreed with me so it must mean something. Wouldnt it be some shit if I was really black though? Ha ha nah ima fucking leprechaun and proud of it but it wouldnt make a bit of difference unless you livin in a world of ignorance and fuckin racism.

  • BIG D from harlem

    yo u irish man dats sick and u luv rap see dats races coming together on some good music man one is a bitch nigga i aint ridin no white boy dick dawg i just aint a fuckin racist like u…i think u got fucked up da ass buy some big white guy named bubba in da joint and now u all angry and shit lol ahahhaahahaaaaa

  • Get Live

    Bubba Sparxxx’s shit is weak as fuck. His last two albums was shitty as hell. He just another haystack.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com mark-1

    the album was kinda gay
    Ms.new booty was da best song up there and dat in my opinion wasn’t a hit.
    pretty much all da songs sound exactly the same
    bubba jus like baseball 3 strikes your out!! dont ever rap again! sorry!
    that video was hallarious
    u look like a broke construction worker yo fat ass!!

  • http://www.yahoo.com Tha KING

    Mark 1 shut the fuck up and Bubba keep doing your thing

  • southern

    1 K.I.N.G W.A.T.R and ONE. You must be two of dumbest poeple on the internet. You two are the reason black folks are looked at in certain ways. You both lack the articulate part of you brain. the way you speak makes me want to tell people I’m white so the son’t put you and I in the same circle. You can represent black people without the getto language. Maya Angelou, Dr. King, Malcom X, and many other great black men and women who fought the fight to make blacks equal never spoke this way. I will say this, you are right blacks had a hand in just about everything thats great in the country, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be shared by all. Now to Bubba. If you hat this album let it be because you hate southern Hip Hop not because he’s white. For someone like myself who loves southern hip hop this album is one song from perfection “on southern hip hop terms”. Its ok to fight a great fight but don’t do it for the right reasons.

  • jim

    this guy sucks ass his cd sold like 5 copies to prove it

  • dope luke 1

    never heard an idiot like “one”. dam. what is that guy thinkin. why shouldnt a white (or asian, or latin……) guy “be allowed” to rap just because black people invented it? i mean if things were like that black people shouldnt “be allowed” to play basketball because a white guy invented that sport. but thatd be ridiculous. or imagine b-boy contests without asians. i mean these guys killers when it comes to b-boyin. they win all the international tournaments. im sure “one” doesnt know anything about the international hip hop. in french rap half of the mcs are arabians. or in german rap most are turks. they aint black either but they still got skillz. and thats what matters. hip hop is art and art is an international language. a hip hop activist is an artist because he/she develops an individual style in rap, graffiti, djing or b-boying. an artist would never say ignorant stuff like one does. one doesnt think like a artist and because of that he aint hip hop. he says that black people who sympathyze with white rappers aint real. but that means that dr. dre is one of the biggest toys ever because he signed eminem. and i think that every hip hop head who says that dr. dres a toy should burn in hell because without that guy hip hop wouldnt be what it is today. one is just an ignorant hater and jealous because guys like em or paul wall got skills and deals he couldnt even dream of.

  • Tracey

    You people listen to Eminem and your praise him. For the life of me I can’t figure out why.

    Bubba Sparxx is a unique talent. He is a natural at his game. He deserves respect and you should give it to him.

    I hope The Charm grosses millions in sales and puts Bubba up there with the well known rappers today.

    You can take anyone and make them a studio success. It’s harder to achieve success when you are truly talented like Bubba and I hope the third time is definately The Charm for him.

  • T. Okes

    Bubba sold out with this ‘Ms. New Booty’ nonsense and sold 51k his first week…I dunno what he’s going to do now, since he can’t sell being himself or being more commercial. Deliverance was a lot better IMO. And Em is garbage now, I don’t know why people still praise him…I can’t believe Dre let him put out Encore. He was real talented back in the mid/late 90s, but he’s past his prime now.


    fuck hatein on white rappers.em and bubba,haystak keep spitin that shit.for all u hateas,suck a dick.black folks r just hatein cause white boys r comin up.tell all u black folks 2 stop tryin 2 b ganstas.the first real gangstas werent black.stop frontin,hip hop is 4 everybody.AND WHITE BOYZ IS LOVIN IT.

  • jon longway

    t. okes your a moron! em is the best he took over the game! nobody can fuck with him he ruined peoples careers! and if you really listen to encore you will find out why its a different album than the others. he’s a multi-platinum artist who brought in 50 and g unit! eminems a fuckin legend hip hop needs him!

  • A.T.S.

    OK I done had enough. White rapper, Black rapper blah, blah, blah. I’m gonna say it once and for all. Hustlas hustle, bitches bitch. All you hustle knockin ass cats on this review board need to take a long hard look in the mirror and see the true reflection of a hater. Rap ain’t about black and white, it’s about expression. Just like every other form of music on Earth. You get in where you fit in. Who is anybody on this site to say what somebody should and shouldn’t do? If everybody liked all the same shit, diversity and talent would hold no meaning. Too many people died because of all the dumb racist shit you idiots are talking about. And don’t nobody ever call eminem a legend again please! He blew up for far too many other reasons than his rhyme capability. Remeber record sales don’t tell the true ability of an MC. And last but not least, Eminem did not find 50!!! 50 was doin his thing back when EM lived in 8 mile, pussies. Em was just the only one who had the courage enough to sign him to a deal.

  • Mozeek

    That’s true. 50 put out an album on Columbia the same time Em did
    his thing. I liked Em better when he
    wasn’t trying to sound thuggish. I got Bubba’s DELIVERANCE CD. It was his best album. I haven’t heard THE CHARM yet, though.

  • bubba sparxxx

    ok im sick and tired of people hating on me , look im just trying to make some money here ok! white boys have to eat too, im trying to sell albums i have to feed my belly im hungry! i i lost 100lbs im gonna starve i need to feed myself , so what i put out a booty shaking video, if i put out a country gangster album who would really believe a fat white boy like me is gangster?? yall need to show some love and stop hating! ONE you just can’t except that white people are making hiphop music and you being black can’t do it , it just hurts you so much inside that you have to let out ur hate for me imma put out a song called ” BIG OL BLACK BOOTY” and have a bounch of black girls shaking BOOOTY BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY EVERYWHERE!!!!

  • Chris

    Ok,malcom x was a muslim, im a muslim, i like rap, and im not white, im hispanic.what ONE is sayin is mostly true black people invinted it and all that but I believe anybody can be a rapper.And no offense but most of the black people only get rich out of going in a sport , or bein a rapper. I believe white people are way ahead of blacks because blacks dont realize if they dont start going to school and graduating and going to college they arent going anywere in the social status list except were all most black people go:The Ghetto. thats all black people know.Im from the streets, well yall know what theres a street right in front of my house does that mean im from the streets to? you guys think your so cool cuz your from the streets. somtimes i honestly laugh at you guys. And why do yall call each other niggaz? white people gave yall that name long ago and now your calling yourselfs that?lol, your guys are pretty fucking redicoulous. well all you “mark ass bitch niggaz” need to get a life. Wake the fuck up!! you guys are like the rats of the country dat come out at night and think yall so gangsta and shit. you guys arent gangsta, and you guys arent hard at all! i saw this fight and this hispanic guy beat the dog shit out of this black dude that thought he was so hard.lol, it was so funny seeing him on his bak while the othere dude beated his fucking face in and seeing all that blood leak out of his fucking nose all over his face and him tryin to block the incoming punches.his eyes got fucked up just as bad as his nose that bitch couldnt see a thing when he got bak up after like 10 straight min. of getting a fist beat off his face. that will teach his cocky ass to stay calm next time and not think he is so hard.lol.
    but of course no offense though.

  • Stiz

    Hey One, I’m white and I probably have more black friends than you do. How does that make you feel? I rap too and I could probably rip you to pieces in battle, I bet that pisses you off huh? See people like you ruin music and what it’s all about. I’m not even gonna go too deep into this because it’s a complete waste of time to argue with someone so narrowminded and uneducated, I’ll just be dumbing myself down to your level. Just know that hip hop music has bridged more racial gaps than the amount crack you’ve smoked…..Have a nice day

  • ROOZ


  • Bohwe

    Rap or Hip Hop was created by a Dancehall Artist, called Kool Herc, when he came from Jamaica, he brought that style. But Rap music is the son of reggae music, which came from the African slaves. So in reality, Africa created rap music. And as far as classical music, well anyone who studies History will know that Europe was an uncivilized land, until the Moors, or Black Muslims conquered Europe and gave them culture, so in reality classical music has been influenced by African peoples. Also, an classical composer Stravosky used African beats in his music. So, in reality, even if Rap was influenced by classical music, it’s still African. Also, about the contury music thing being white. People need to study the history of the genre before claiming it to be white music. Country music came out of the Blues music. Blacks were creating country music way before whites and Charlie Pride or Parker is a black man, who sold millions of records as a contury artists. And as far as Latin music, this genre is basically African music. Ask Carlos Santana, who let everyone know last year, that he plays African music. At the end of the day why can’t we just accept the fact that black music is universal and always have been. But, I can understand where the brother is coming from, about wanting to keep black inventions in house, because during the Moors or Saracens era in Europe, they believed that the whites should not be allowed to read their books, because , they said that the white Christians had the habit of taking other people’s ideas ,etc and taking it as their own. So, although trying to keep white artists like Bubba Sparxx from rapping, the belief that whites will steal this genre is understandable. However, why would anyone care about rap music, anyway. it makes black people look ignorant and classless. Rap music has done nothing positive for the black community.

  • Bohwe

    Also, about Malcom X , well how can we put Malcom X and rap music in the same category. That’s a slap in the face to Malcom. First, he was a man that believed in the uplifting of black people. So, he would not endorse a genre of music, that depicts black people as gangstas killing each other, buying and selling drugs. Nor would he endorse the idea of black Queens in music videos being called every derogatory name imaginable, while dancing to tacky songs, while being doused with champaigne. He definitely wouldn’t promote a genre of music that glorify white people making money off of misguided black youth. We need as a culture should stop saying that our leaders like malcom and the Black Panthers would stand for this genre, when Rap music has destroyed everything that Malcom X and the Black Panthers tried so hard to accomplish. When rappers are talking about being beaten and harrassed by cops, well if you are a criminal, you deserve a beating.

  • wyteout

    yo man to all dem people hatin on bubba its cuz yall dont know what hes talkin bout…yun’z cant relate,me, i can i live in a little bitty town called long creek,sc everything he talks of can be applyed out here i get up every morning to go work my ass off in a field hoin’ pickin’ and weedin’ makin my own food cuz i aint got the money to eat otherwise so hataz like one and k.i.n.g. can do one of two thangs 1.they can go live in the country for a year,and see how hard it is out here , or 2.they can kill each other long creek stand up!

  • allnice

    This white dude ain’t all that bad and they played him by giving dude an L. That Ms. New Booty song is actually wassup, prolly better than almost every song on TI’s album. He might be white, but he from the gutter too, so I can kinda let him slide on being of the fair skin. I think XXL fucked up by giving dude a low score like that when they give bitches like Shawnna a XL. They need to get their review staff under control with some stricter criteria cause they are fucking with dudes lives giving them low scores if the album is actually worth a listen……

  • http://xxlmag.com wigga_hata


  • http://xxlmag.com DARK

    man i agree wit wigga hata and one fucking crackers go get your own culture and leave ours the hell alone rap is black american culture other races need to fuck off our shit for real

  • http://xxlmag.com wigga_hata

    look i’d like to say thanks DARK.and i would also like to say fuck all off u arguing wit ONE i live in east cleveland hmmmmm where are da honkeys at i see notin but black folks. when i was liven in inglewood cali where was da crackers at.stay off are rap.BLACK POWER

  • http://xxlmag.com wigga_hata

    i don’t think anyone will read dis blog again but if someone does i would like to say dat i think its pretty fucken sad how only ONE is repen us black folks we black folks got to unite and protect our culture.

  • http://xxlmag.com wigga_hata

    harlem ain’t ghetto anymore either stop acten like it ghetto blacks are moven out due to high rent and whites and asains are taken over so it can never be ghetto anymore it just full of wannabe blacks and uncle tom niggas dat ain’t hard at all and wannabe gangstas fuck harlem being hood.

  • http://xxlmag.com DARK

    yo just like to say this when a black man like ONE speaks the truth you honkys want to tell him to go back to africa and to take a trip out the hood and call him racist you honkys are a bunch of fucking hipycrates.

  • blackmnyn

    i know this racist is probably old but i got something to say. rap or hip hop was made by black people. any race has the right to make rap music no matter what the race. i agree with one with some things like black people shouldn’t forget slavery. slavery was terrible and black people endured to bring us where are today. now our people are stuck in the ghetto and thats all we know. other races listen to rap but they dont live like black people do but some do. white hispanic asians etc. live ghettos. alot of music was created by black people and stolen but that doesn’t mean rap will. black people need to try to get out the ghetto instead of singing about it. but we do need to embrace our culture. i agree with some of what you all are saying. one you are not racist and the rest of you are wrong about him. rap continue to florish and black people do what you can to get out the ghetto and i dont mean sell drugs, go to school and graduate. im am 15 years old and i am black who lives in the hood
    red black green

  • http://xxlmag.com DARK

    young brother liston to me we don’t need to open doors for other races.you got these wiggers who run around acting like they us and they freely use the word nigga.
    same with latinos and shit you got people like fat joe and pittbull who are lighter than most white people saying the word nigga witch is bullshit.
    and you are right they’re true white folks who liston to our music but don’t act like us or try to become apart of it.
    white people that actualy live in the ghetto don’t try to act like us they act themselves.
    you made alot of good points young brother.
    red black and green.

  • http://xxlmag.com hoodG

    yo dark what up again.

    damn i wish i would have discovered this blog months ago i could have backed that brother one up.one speaks nothing but the truth fuck them mark ass bitches arguing with him.black love

  • http://xxlmag.com DARK

    hey hoodG you right brother i think ONE just gave up this blog cause of all these honkys that want to be black and little D from harlem uncle tom ass.red black&green

  • http://xxlmag.com hoodG

    yeah i hear we black folks is finally starting to stick with eachother and protecting our heritage istead of opening doors.

  • http://xxlmag.com DARK


    Yo brother ONE if you ever come back on xxl I just want you to know that everything you say is the truth.ONE your not a racist your a realist and I believe in everything you say brother black folks don’t like wiggas or white people raping at all and don’t feed me the racist bullshit because I ain’t and ONE ain’t.Hell when you wiggas run around saying the word nigga like your black yourselves ain’t that being racist?And good looking out hoodG.RED BLACK&GREEN

  • http://xxlmag.com DARK

    AND bubba sparxxx to by the way ain’t from the hood or even tasted the hood.He is from the country and he had no neihbors he even told interviewers so I don’t know what hard life you white folks are claming to have nowadays.

  • crizzle

    ok your so interseted in your heitage why don’t you stop speaking english and speak that gay african clicky shit

  • r

    can i just say this to all these black bitches one, wigga hata, hoodg and all the other faggots.

    you seem to think that being black makes you a gangsta. it doesnt nor does it make you from the hood. you have a computer and you go on this site every day.

    you makes suburbs look like a bad thing when they are a hell f a lot better than ghettos.

    how can i tell ur fake, well you seem to act like ur cool and love living in the hood. people who live in the hood for real hate it there and want to live in the berbs.

    if it wasnt for white people there would be no studios for 2pac and others to record hip hop in at all

    and there wouldnt be no computers for you to talk shit on.

    studios, technology and computers. that is the white man’s culture and you have raped it too the extreme.

    take spike lee for example, wanting to become a director. what a Nhite (N**** – white)

  • http://xxlmag.com hoodG

    shut the fuck up you dumbass faggots you two are fucking stupid fucking this crizzle bitch saying speak your african click language see this is what i mean you white boys get so mad because you want to be us but you can’t so you lower yourselves into talking stupid racist shit.no i don’t want to live in the hood i get mad because stupid white boys like you two want to be here get real.

  • r

    yeah yeah shut up and get of the computer. thats the white man’s culutre. invent ur own technology

  • http://xxlmag.com hoodG

    aight then tell bubba joe to quit rapping and go make your own form of music what music did white people make?classical music?that wasn’t JUST created by white people as one said it was created by faggots who wore stank ass wigs and didn’t take bathes very classy.god you white people have to think of every reason as to why you have to be black.

  • r

    we have, white hip hop. and it is a hell of lot better than gay ass black club banger shit. now get of the fukin computer. and shut up bout classical, black people had even heard of a bath, they fucked around beating drums in loin cloths and wailing round fires. very classy NOT

  • r

    stop stealin our culture, language and religon

  • r

    plus hoodg i know your a spic/latino so dont talk about black culture

    i also no wigga hata and dark are the same people

  • http://xxlmag.com hoodG

    yeah right dumbass 100% black man here.your a dumbass and that’s all i have to say.fuck xxl i’m gone.

  • http://xxlmag.com DARK

    R or should I say faggot scribe I know that’s you bitch go bump your gay ass bubba sparxxx shit you stupid fuck.

  • r

    Dark or should I say faggot hoodg I know that’s you bitch go bump your gay ass bone thugs if u can afford it shit you stupid fuck.

  • http://xxlmag.com DARK

    Hey R as in the butt pirate who says rrrr fuck you lil wigga bump your homo bubba sparxxx shit lil wigger suck a dick.

  • http://djkillawali.8m.com da pimp




  • White Bread Grilled Cheese Cracker Ass Cracker

    I wish that everyone who has posted on this forum would spend there energies trying to make changes to what they believe is wrong in this mixed up world instead of bitching over and over again on this silly forum which is supposed to be commenting on Bubba’s album. Nobody is gonna give it to you, you gotta take it. I know both sides of the story growing up for 5 years in between two sets of projects and trying not to get the shit kicked out of me for being the only pasty white kid in the neighborhood. Then the rest of my childhood in a trailer park in the middle of nowhere country trying not to get the shit kicked out of me for other reasons. One thing you’ve got to realize is music has been ripped off and rehashed millions of times over by multiple races. Country music, let me rephrase that. Real country music and rap share a lot in common in that they’re usually made by people who write stories in their songs about living broke and knowing nothing but where they came up and how fucked up it was. I recently took a trip to NYC and met two black twins at a honky tonk bar who were born and raised in Brooklyn but loved country music because of the stories that it told. I do agree that most popular music was done first and done best by blacks; blues, jazz, soul, rap, etc. But I disagree that music should be limited by race. That’s like saying you can’t paint with oils on canvas because you’re not some European guy from the sixteenth century. I’m gonna quit wasting my time trying to educate a bunch of idiots and go do something productive. Like write a rap song about spotlighting deer in my four wheel drive truck and shooting them with and automatic weapon. Hah.

  • pops

    one of the master mindsbehind rap from the start is a white guy named rick ruben heard of him