Illustrator Abel Gray brings Supa Bwe and Chance The Rapper's collaboration "Fool Wit It Freestyle" to life with an animation that accentuates its chill vibes. The animated versions of the two MCs are seen roaming around a beautiful landscape. Chance and Supa Bwe's rhymes help to set the mood for this tranquil visual.

"I go full on when I rehearse, run it back like reverb/Wonder if they care how many cigarettes in each verse/Fee fee on a feature, shaking like a seizure/Sounding like a sea shell, one horse on my t-shirt," Chance raps.

Supa Bwe recently spoke to XXL about how hip-hop could facilitate his future endeavors. The Chicago native talked about his different aspirations, which include opening a magnet school.

"Honestly, hip-hop is college for me," he said. "The best way I can put that is I do hip-hop and I love it. I can make a living doing something that I love. I think I can do something big with this. But its not something I want to do for forever. To me it’s more of a means to an end because I want to be a business owner, I want to open up magnet schools. If I do well in [hip-hop] and do what I’m supposed to do, I can make a significant amount of funds and do greater things. I also want to run a label one day. Music is very important in my life but there’s a lot more to me."

Having a single with someone as a popular as Chance The Rapper could be a breakthrough moment for Supa Bwe. You can find the "Fool Wit It Freestyle" on Supa Bwe's Dead Again 3, which is available now.

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